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My Lead Gen Secret Review - B污Bonuses (Priceless!)
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My Lead Gen Secret Review:

Transactions Speak Louder Than Words

The Money Is In The List. You know it.

Everyone in this WarriorForum knows it.

Why isn't everyone doing it?

It's hard.

First you need an autoresponder.

Next, you need a landing page.

You need to buy hosting.

If you use Wordpress, you need to grab a theme and grab a nice plugin.. make it look like a squeeze page, and not a blog page.

You need to come up with a lead magnet, like a report or a software

Next you need to figure out where to get the traffic.

Finally, you need to think how to make the traffic goes viral.

Done? Not so fast, tiger.

Let's see if you are lucky enough to get 10 leads a day.

And that only if you have been doing it right.

Hard. Way too hard.

No wonder you can't build a huge list and profit from it, like the gurus do.


In this post, you will read/ watch my no-BS review on MyLeadGenSecret.

You are going to learn how to build your list fast and easy.

Also, I will also give you amazing bonuses which you cannot find anywhere else, should you
decide to buy MLGS through my link.

WarriorForum is boring and may limit your viewer's experience.

If you want to see my video review and would like to see more graphics, go here:


If you prefer to have the text version, continue reading below:

Before I go into the details of MyLeadGenSecret, may I come clean with you?

Online marketing depends on 2 things and these 2 things only.

If anyone tells more than these, they are selling you some shiny objects.

Yes, there I said it.

Ready for the "Secret?" (if i could call this a secret at all)

Lead generation and Conversion

Online opportunities are dime and dozen.

However, not many people have succeeded.

Why is that? Everyone has the same opportunity and compensation plan, and resources.

Why someone makes millions, while others make zero?

What's the key to success?

It all boils down to one thing and one thing only, list building, and whether your subscribers trust on your recommendations.

In marketing term, we refer it to: lead generation and conversion.

For newbies who have no experience with online marketing, they get overwhelmed easily because they don’t know how to generate their leads. Once they generate the leads, they don't know what to do with the leads.

Heck, it's all simple to understand, right? It's because many of the newbies have no ways to generate leads to sell to! That's just plain truth.

People have become very skeptical when it comes to online marketing.

You need to ask yourself, "why should you trust me?" Once you figured that part out, then you should figure out where you may get tons of traffic.

Generating Visitors Online

Most marketers teach paid traffic strategies, like solo ads traffic or pay-per-click, but they ignore the fact that these traffic methods work only if you know how. There is a steep learning curve when it comes to Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

You need to buy some courses to get the insider tricks/ tips, before you know it, it's couple thousands dollars down the drain and months of your life has swifted by.

More importantly, who can afford to pay $0.5 to $1 for a single click to see what you have to ofer?

Barely none and that's why most newbies fail.

What's the solution?

Email marketing is still king in 2019.

It is perhaps one of the cheapest traffic on planet earth.

More importantly, it has worked for me and other marteters.

Just yesterday, I sent out 3 email promos which gives me instant $194 and $60 monthly recurring income.

Yep, by 3 simple emails.

“Roy, email marketing is hard. It’s not easy to build a list of thousands, like the gurus....”

I hear you silently saying that...

That’s where MyLeadGenSecret comes to play.

Key Benefits of My Lead Gen Secret:

- You don’t need to Build your list. It gives you 100 leads everyday.
- You don’t need to have an autoresponder. It gives you a built-in emailing platform.
- You don’t even need to find an offer. It comes with an awesome affiliate program with 5 tier commission, which pays out 83%.

The program is $30 per month and give you 3,000 leads every month and you can email them with their built-in email system every 24 hour.

A tip for you:

You can double the list to 6,000 per month, by simply referring one paid member to the program.

If you have an autoresponder, you may download these leads with their first and last name and their email and IP addresses.

They are yours to keep, yours to email and market to!

Finally, you have a list of people who are willing to be marketed to, ... by YOU.

It solves the biggest problem of online marketers.

What is the bad point of the system? Yes, there is one.

The system only allows you to email once per day, which is quite sad.

However, I have rectified this problem by the bonus I will offer you ...
(that in a second below!)

Just before I tell you what my bonuses are, there is an elephant in the room.

You may be wondering, "if the system is so good, why is the owner selling it to you and me?"

The answer is simple, because the market is so huge that he does not have all the offers in the world to sell to.

Why not share it with other marketer, while utilizing the leads?

Still skeptical? You should be, and that's a healthy thing to do.

Here is My Experience with the My Lead Gen Secret:

I've made $431 during the 21 day of using and promoting the program.

But wait, that’s just the beginning! It’s just the first 21 days of using program.

The asset is in the leads:

In a 3-week period, I have got 4100 leads in my account!

What about the quality of the leads?

If you think MLGS is a SPAM program, think again. I have more than 4 persons who

have emailed me after they bought the program.

Proof is displayed on my review site, please check there.

You can actually see a real email where I received from one of my MLGS customers

after the third day of usage of the program.

She bought the program and came back thanking me for the emails. Insane!

When was the last time that you sent out a “SPAM” email people actually read and replied?

Not only that… she actually told me that she whitelisted my email so that it will go to her inbox.

This is crazy....

You may think that could be an exception, but let me tell you that is not the case, especially

I have 4 customers coming from MLGS list itself.

(If you want to see the proof, go to my blog to read the complete review!)

Is there any upsell after the $60 purchase?

You will be presented with an one-time offer of $29.95 whereby the vendor will give you

30 email swipes which you can use for your campaign. If you skip the offer, you will have

to buy it for $59.95 once you go inside of the program.

It gives you the convenience of importing your email swipes and send an email quickly.

If you want to save $29.95, my bonuses will help you to do just that, you just need to copy

and paste my email template then, you are good to go and save yourelf $29.95.

My Exclusive Bonuses:

Email Manifesto
Bonus #1: The 10K Email Manifesto – How to earn 10K Per Month with Email Marketing
Created by a professional email marketer who is constantly making over $10k per month,
by simply sending out emails. I will send you the course and get you up to speed to become
a professional email marketer.

Bonus #2: 160 Day Email Swipes
I joined a $4000 coaching program last year. I was provided a set of email swipes which flip
products like hotcakes. I will include these email swipes for you as a gift. If you were to go out
and buy the swipes, they will cost you at least $500!

Bonus #3: How To Write Headlines/ Subject Lines That Sell

When you have thousands of subscribers, your only job is to email them and have them buy your offer.
The first job for you is to make them click on your headlines. In this bonus, I will show you how to do it.

Bonus #4: Undisclosed bonus. I can't disclose this one. Just let me say that this bonus will solve the only
disadvantage of the program. I will keep it as that. This one is selling @ $97 alone.

Bonus #5: Facebook Group where I and 20+ aspiring marketers share insider tips of how to do email
marketing professionally and profitably. You will be amazed by the sheer amount of quality content
shared within. Priceless!

My Verdict of MyLeadGenSecret? An Excellent Program to Use and Promote.

To get started, click here:

If you want to have a complete review of the product, go here:


Go here if you want to get my tips about this amazing program:

​​​​​​​ Free and Easy Does Not Exist? What if there is an exception...​​​
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