Caching On Building Email Marketing Business from A to B. First session FREE
Lex Hayball 1 year ago

Coaching On Building Email Marketing Business from A to B. First session FREE

1-1 coaching to help you make your own email marketing business. Limited spaces available. I've included all the details of the offer.

What is the offer? What do I do?

Important: I did my best to include all the needed answers below. Please read everything before you ask questions.Thank you.

Hi! My name is Zoia Hayball. I offer coaching sessions. I guide how to make an email marketing business from A to B.

A is the beginning when you have nothing done. And B is when you send first traffic to your funnel in autoresponder.

First coaching session is free.


What will you learn and achieve with my coaching?

What will you learn and do:

You will learn about the email marketing business model and rules.

You will create your own products line for your business.

You will learn how to write emails for your automation set up.

You will write 40 emails.

You will create a freebie and a landing page.

You will write the text of 4 sales pages and create 4 sales pages for your products.

You will set up the needed services for taking payments and deliver your products.

You will set up your automation in autoresponder.

You will drive traffic to your funnel.

What business expenses needed?

You would need a domain name.

You would NOT need a website.

You would need monthly payment for services like autoresponder etc = $55

You would need to pay for your domain $15 per year.

You would need to pay for the equipment like a microphone etc $10

You would need to pay for traffic after you've finished the automation set up.
Traffic can be also free, but it will not be as big as paying one.

Paid traffic may cost you = $30 a month to start with.

You would need a laptop or computer and internet.

You would need Skype or whatsap for coaching sessions.

Total business expenses without a laptop and internet is about $85 per month while building the business. Plus $30 per month for traffic after it's ready.

How long is the making process of your business from A to B can take you?

Depends on how much free time you have, how much you will take needed actions.We are all different. Someone is slower than others.

Building this business is not a fast thing to do.

Product line creation can take you 30 days. Emails writing another 30 days. The automation set up will be in parts and will go along with your emails creating. May have extra 30 days to finish it up.

How much time per day would you need to spend on building your business?

It's best when you spend 3-6 hours a day. If you can only afford 2 hours, it's still productive.

How fast can you see the earnings?

Usually after the flow of traffic and growth of subscribers list. First earnings come within a week or two after you send traffic.

What is the earning potential?

If it's a monthly earnings, it grows with the amount of traffic sent monthly and the quality of it. Can start from 0 and go up 5 digit income per month.

For a much bigger income, the owner has to offer coaching programs. I teach the model of an automated business with 4 paid products.

Am I offering coaching for any business that you work on?
Or would I coach you to learn how to create an online email marketing business from the start?

I offer coaching to learn how to make an email marketing business from the start. If you'd like a coaching for your current business, send me a message.

You make quite a lot of money online, and you are not a newbie. Would this coaching be useful to you?

Depends what you want. Message me, so we can make it clear between us.

Do you need any skills to work on the business model that I teach?

The major thing you need is the will to help people. All the other skills you will gain on the way when you build your business.

Can you sell other people products instead of making your own ones?

You can but I don't teach that.

If you don't want to create your own products this coaching is not for you.You would need to find another coach to help you.

Why is the first session free?

I need to know your situation and what you can teach people to achieve. Need to know if we understand each other well.

All this I need to make sure we are a good match, so my coaching will help and you are a good fit for me and this journey.

What type of coaching sessions or programs do I offer?

At the moment this offer is for 1-1 coaching sessions. You can choose either:

A single 1-1hourly session for 60$ per session. Can be booked up to 2 times per week per person. I only can coach a limited number of people.


You can buy a 3 months 1-1 coaching program for 2000$ where you pay 50% of the price upfront. This option is for 5 people only at the moment. 2 hourly sessions per week plus ongoing chat support.


I might do a group coaching option if you are interested. It will cost 1000$ per person for 3 months. Unlimited number of spaces. Two times hourly group sessions per week.

Why should you trust me?

I know I don't have testimonials yet as this coaching idea is a new thing I offer. You can check out my coaching in a free session with me.

I have a good will to help you. But you have a full right to trust me or not. I'd rather have you make up your own conclusions.

Instead of persuading you with a lot of loud noise about how great I am and what a seamless system I use and how you will succeed with a tiny bit of effort in no time.

I know you will need to take action. I know 100% it's doable. I know you will have business expenses and coaching expenses. I know you will need motivation sometimes too and a leader to guide you.

I know that on your own it will take about ten years to learn this stuff and overcome your fear.

I keep my word to help you with my best effort. Is it worth giving it a go or not in a free session with me is up to you.

I will show you the truth what email marketing is made of and how you can build your own business. Decision is yours.

How do I do a coaching session?

Me and a person I coach need to be on a video call at least a few times. After that we can do audio calls if you prefer audio more. This way I will make a better connection with you for the coaching to work.

How do you pay for coaching with me?

You pay for coaching using Stripe. I might add a Paypal payment option if needed. The payment is set up in Pounds GBP.

What happens next if you want a free coaching session with me?

First, please write in comments that you would like a free coaching session with me.

After your comment I will PM you with a link to a short form. You fill up your details and answer a few needed questions.

After reading your answers from your filled form, I will decide to give you a free session. Or kindly offer you an option to consider other coaches.

If you are chosen for a free coaching session, you will receive an invitation to book a date and time for your free session with me.

How many single coaching sessions would you need to make your business?

I don't know how much time you have to take actions and how fast you can do the tasks. It's all unknown until you are doing it. From your progress you will know the answer.

If there would be too many people the prices might go up at some point.

Limited spaces available.

Before you ask questions please read the content of this offer. If you still have questions, ask in comments.

Thank You