The 301K Epic Challenge
Jon Condit 7 weeks ago

The 301K Epic Challenge

If You Are A Student of the 301K Challenge, Listen Up! 3 Optin pages, Bridge Page, and Connection to Affiliate VSL. Just Buy Traffic From Me

Hey, Are you a student in the 301K Challenge course, or have you recently finished.
This one is for you.
Partner with me on traffic to your offer and I will provide for you 3 option pages and
a bridge page to the affiliate vsl.
I will review your setup with you ensuring all the links are working. We will also
review your followup email sequence confirming you are indeed ready for traffic.
I will suggest additional methods to increase your options and to gain more efficiency
with your funnel.
So if you have not completed your setup or you would like me to review the one you
already have. Find your way to my website and inspect my prices and more details of
this offer. Drop me a line and let's have a conversation.

  • What is this for?

    This is to help 301K Challenge students complete their affiliate funnel so they can begin collecting email subscribers and promote the 301K challenge offer themselves.

  • Why are you Offering this?

    I am offering this assistance to help students finish the study course they enrolled in. I also want to help them get traffic to their offer at a fair price.

  • Who is this not for?

    This is not for you unless you are or have been a student of the 301K Challenge. If you would like to become a student and enroll in the course. Please contact me and I will assist you with that.

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