Email Traffic(Solo Ads) For Affiliate Marketers 90% Tier1 Unique Clicks, 25% Opt-in Rate Guaranteed
Jignesh86 19 weeks ago

Email Traffic(Solo Ads) For Affiliate Marketers 90% Tier1 Unique Clicks, 25% Opt-in Rate Guaranteed

Build Your Email List With 90% Tier 1 traffic And Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Business. Packages That Fits Any Budget.

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"Are You Looking For Fast,Hands Free And High Converting Traffic For Your Affiliate Offers?"

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You Have Come To Right Place

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Dear Affiliate Marketers,

My name is Jignesh. I have been doing affiliate marketing for 4 years now, So I understand the challenges that you face every day in your business.

And Biggest challenge for every affiliate marketer is sending targeted traffic to their affiliate links.

Because clicks are getting more and more expensive now, Plus facebook and google hate affiliate marketers baning their accounts before they even start their first campaign.

How Do I Know This?

I've spent $8000 on facebook advertising but never able to break even or make any profit, In addition 30 of my facebook account got banned. It was a constant struggle to open a new account with a new credit card.

Oftentimes I would spend 3 to 4 days creating an ad campaign, And as soon as I launch the campaign, It would either get rejected or my account would get shut down.

It's been years since I started, But traffic continues to be the #1 problem for most affiliate marketers today.

For almost all affiliates who never make anything online, Traffic is the reason why they fail.

Ok... Jignesh, I understand That But How Can You Help Me?

Here's How I Can Help You

I am a new solo ads seller in the market and that gives me the big reason to go the extra mile to win your business and score positive feedback to build my business long term.

I guarantee satisfaction...

Here is what I will do for you....

I will send targeted affiliate friendly EMAIL traffic to your landing page without putting extra pressure on your pocket.

Now you don't have to spend most of your time thinking about how to create ad campaigns and worrying about account bans anymore.

All you Have To Do Is...

1 Send me your landing page URL

2 I'll write an email swipe (aka creative) to promote your landing page (optional)

3 I'll load this email swipe to my autoresponder and blast it to my subscribers, Who are interested in similar products.

4 I guarantee you'll receive real & unique visitors to your landing page or I don't want your money.

Why Should You Work With Me?

My traffic is 90% Top Tier:

My traffic is coming from english speaking countries where people have credit cards, Good exchange rate and a banking system that encourages credit. Perfect for affiliate marketers like you!

Clean Unique Clicks Guaranteed:

My heavy duty traffic filters block any and every fake bot that may get in. And if any fake clicks slip through,I'll resend those clicks again- for free. You get real clicks or you don't pay!

25% Opt-in Guarantee:

I do guarantee 25% opt-in rate but in order to qualify for 25% opt-in rate guarantee, I will have to analyze and optimize your landing page to make sure it converts at 25% or more. Plus, To protect my self from fraud I may ask you to add my opt-in tracking pixels on your landing page so I get to know whether you received 25% opt-in rate or not, If you don't get 25% opt-in rate I will keep delivering traffic untill you do

For Example: Let's say you bought 100 clicks from me and for some reasons you don't receive 25% opt-in rate(25 emails in your autoresponder) then, I will keep delivering traffic untill you get those 25 emails in your autoresponder

Detailed traffic report:

You get a detailed breakdown of your traffic campaign ( And conversions, if you ask me to track them) at the end of each campaign, So you know exactly what you paid for!

On Time Delivery:

Your campaign will start and finish on time.

Free Solo Ad Swipe:

Don't know how to write a great solo ad creative? I got you covered. Just tell me what you're promoting and I'll put together a high - CTR email swipe for you at no extra charge.

Top Notch Customer Support:

I support you beyond "clicks" if you need help with your marketing campaigns,email swipes,landing pages and more-let's chat, I can help.

Ready To Test Drive My Traffic?

Have Questions or concern before you order?

Reach out to me at:

I highly Recommend contacting me to find out whether your offer is right fit for my audience or not, And to get better deals

Note: I reserve the right, whether to accept or reject your order
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