Nomad Life With Email Marketing
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Nomad Life With Email Marketing

eBook to learn email marketing from scratch. With this book, you will be able to set up your own bulk email outreach campaigns & make money

Hey Warriors!

This is Rushi, author of `Nomad Life With Email Marketing`! I hope, you are living your life to the fullest!

I own a web design agency and since its inception, we have been using email marketing as one of the primary sources of marketing. I mastered the email outreach skill well before getting into a professional career. I was the founding member and public relations head at the Entrepreneurship Cell of my University and used email outreach to connect to tons of successful entrepreneurs.

I then used the same skill (email outreach) to get my first dream job wherein I applied to 325+ companies, scheduled so many interviews, and finally decided to go with one out of 14 (decent) job offers I had. This looked so tempting to my University Placement department because I was the only candidate in the history of the University to have 14 offer letters before I finally took up a job. I was invited for a 2-day workshop at the university where I thought the same thing to junior batches.

To be honest, I wasn't the best scholar student at the University (rather I was an average student if you consider only my exam score), but the secret to receiving 14 job offers, as a fresher, was the email outreach strategy and excellent communication. The same email outreach strategy helped me get clients for my web design agency and for my consultation service as well.

However, all this didn't come up in a single day, but it is a result of learning, practice & enhancements for years. That's where I decided to write this book so I can put in everything that I have learned in one book of 70 pages. This book has a lot more than you will expect at this price and guarantees that if you follow everything mentioned in the book and if you implement it, you can start your email outreach campaigns within a week. No prior knowledge required; that's a gentleman's promise.

If you believe, you have basic/intermediate knowledge of email outreach or email writing, then you will be for sure on the top of your campaigns after reading this book!

You can now stop searching for "Best email marketing course" or "Best email marketing book" or "Best email marketing software" once you get this book here.

The book is drafted in such a way that it will help you learn how to write good emails and how to write good subject lines that ensure your mail lands in the primary inbox and gets a good open rate. I have also discussed various case studies where I used the email outreach strategy and what were the outcomes of the same. What works and what doesn't!

In this book `Nomad Life With Email Marketing`, I have also provided tens of subject lines and email templates that are proven to work. You can make minor changes to it as per your company/service/audience and you are good to go with all proven templates.

I have also discussed how you can find out emails of your prospects, automate your bulk email outreach campaigns, customize all emails, take followups and everything can be done using free tools available in the market. These are the same tools that I and my team use for all email outreach campaigns for my agency and for my clients.

In the book, we will also discuss various proven businesses that can be started with email outreach. I have discussed the exact details and also provided the subject lines, email templates, and message templates that you will need for the same. This section will be helpful if you do not have your own services/products to sell with email marketing or if you are looking to set up a side hustle.

  • Does email outreach still work?

    Yes, it does! 100%. I have discussed the same in the book, in detail along with case studies.

  • I don't have my own products/services to sell. Is this book still useful?

    Yes, definitely! In this book, I have discussed how you can utilize email marketing campaigns to make money even if you don't have your own products/services to sell.

  • What is the cost of email outreach campaigns after I purchase this book?

    You won't have to spend anything for email outreach campaigns as I have mentioned all free tools that will help you automate and customize your bulk email outreach campaigns. There is one tool mentioned that costs no more than $5, but it is only if you want to further automate stuff like taking follow-ups. However, this can be done manually as well, but once you scale up your processes and start making money out of your campaigns you can then use such automation. However, the bulk email outreach campaigns will be for free and only the further automation of taking follow-ups is no more than $5.

  • When do I get access to this book?

    Once you place your order here on this page, you will get immediate access to the book!

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