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fracti a Social Crypto Coin is paying forum users for Signature Ads
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If you are a member of busy forums with a SIGNATURE file that shows in posts like BitcoinTalk a busy crypto site, or NAME PROS a busy Domain Site, we are paying people in fracti our coin to put our info in their signature area.

As it is, we give away $3000 in fracti to any new user, it spends in the fracti store immediately to buy digital stuff (books, music, films, etc) It buys big time domains, it also buys NFT art tokens as well as real art.

The reason we give away $3000 is we have an exclusive deal with a big name artist to do a NFT for our users that is worth $3000 in NFT markets like opensea and rariable.

Originally it was get X to join and it's easy to earn $500 a day it pays $10 a login 24 times a day, so that's $240 to anyone to go to site and login, then when they read articles, watch videos and click links, each action generates $10 in fracti for them to buy stuff.

NFT Art is the key, most is big money, but we have a minor work, only $3000

Anyway, the site is real, in less than 100 days it took off, we went from zero alexa to top 20K in USA within 100 days, that means we will be one of the busiest sites in the world our first year.

So now we are looking at SIGNATURES and we will pay forum posters $100 a day to put our ad in their signature, it's a simple text ad, it does the job.

You make at least one post a day in the forum you are in, send the link to our ad manager and he will put $100 in your fracti wallet everyday a new post appears.

why do you want fracti?

A. it buys stuff now, you accumulate it and you can get really valuable things.

B. it gets you NFT tokens and as soon as you buy one with your fracti, it will show up in your FREE metamask wallet and be automatically listed on the top NFT markets that you own a famous NFT and it will have a MAKE OFFER sign on it so you will get offers to sell it and trade it into ETH the main crypto now, and that goes right to cash

Oh, several big exchanges already want to stake our coin, but we have our own exchange, we take all coins now for a whale that wants to buy mega million domain names and art in our store

We honestly don't need exchanges

We give it away all day in minor sums, and yes $500 to users is minor since the network creates 3 tokens each transaction, users get $10 the creator wo created what they're looking at gets $10 and the network get $10 so any transaction creates $30 bucks split 3 ways.

Lets just say the Network is printing MONEY and we PRINT NFT ART that has huge value since a famous name is on it.

So if you want $100 a day put this code in a signature on a major forum like NamePros or BitcoinTalk or DNForum, etc.

Post something in the main forum and send our manager an email with your fracti wallet name and a link to your post that day. You get $100 easy.

If you visit the site it's easy to make $500 a day.

The creators are making millions the network billions.

Users are kinda limited to $500 a day

A creator makes an article, 1000 users see it, 1000 users get $10 each, the creator 10K the network 10K

As long as the network has high end items in it's store, people are motivated to create it, it's a social coin, imagine if Zuckerberg had to pay 3 billion people $10 everytime they did something on FB


This could be the crypto that takes over the world

DM when you have the signature on a post in a big forum, then you get the managers email and start to collect $100 a day

You can make multiple $100 by posting in the top 3 or 4 forums a day

I know they have a signature here, but as far as I can tell, it's on a members page, that's useless to us

We want posts in busy forums with a hot link and fresh copy everyday for lots of people

Here is the SIG info



__________________________________________________ __________

All you need now is a fracti wallet, it's free to create and once it exits we will be happy to pump it every day with $100

To get an NFT just join and setup a free METAMASK wallet to get the NFT in

They will be in the top markets for NFTs as soon as the artist mints your #

Then that wallet address automatically gets a page on the top markets showing any assets it owns with MAKE OFFER

NFT's are the exit to cash today, so let's get it done gets you a free fracti wallet with $3000 in it and the ability for me to pay you $100 a day in fracti
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