CRESCENT WOMB - baby health product
Marcin Lewandowski 1 year ago

CRESCENT WOMB - baby health product - 40% commission for Affiliates

The first-ever Infant Support Device that is providing healthy support to decrease pressure, increase airflow, and eliminate stress.

We Offer 40% commission to affiliate marketers. Product price is $199 and your cut is $80 on each item sold and not returned within 30 days. Inhouse fulfillment and shipping. The prodcuct gets dispatched within 12 hours from purchase. JOIN US !!!

The First-Ever Infant Support Device! Our patented design ergonomically cradles babies to mimic the feeling of being held. Providing healthy support to decrease pressure, increase airflow and eliminate stress.

The first + only Infant Support Bed
Crescent Womb’s ergonomic design replicates a swaddling environment while maximizing breathability. The medical grade elastic mesh relieves pressure on the infant, alleviating some of the main causes of flat head syndrome and reflux. It also helps to self-soothe after startle reflex, decreasing the likelihood of waking.

Patented design adheres to American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, eliminating factors that could increase temperature or contribute to suffocation.
Machine washable and suitable for use on any crib.
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