DFY PR Agency
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DFY PR Agency

Discover how I make 5 figures per week selling high demand service to business owners, musicians, e-commerce stores etc

You have probably wondered how PR & press release distribution service works and how sellers are
able to get their articles published in such major news networks like FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and Telemundo.

Today, I'm offering you two things: the opportunity to not only start this business yourself, but also the
opportunity to get a custom-made agency site that is ready to sell these services with a minimum of 700% profit margin.

This is the rare opportunity for you to get the information and sources that have been well hidden over
the years. The market for press releases is booming; the higher the number of people start their online
ventures, the greater the need for press release distribution services.

There are millions of businesses on Instagram alone, tens of millions of blogs and websites all over the
web, and hundreds of thousands of local businesses around you who are all looking to get publicity for
their products and services. It goes without saying that the need for PR services is growing daily.

Huge companies charge insane amounts for a single press release distribution and make profits of up
to 10,000% or even higher. That's correct. Let's look at the price chart below for the cost of a single press release:

As you can see, something that costs the company $10 is sold for $1,000

They are able to charge these ridiculous amounts because of the huge market demand and the poor supply.

Keeping our prices around $90-$100 per press release will help us to acquire a huge chunk of the
market from the already established players and make more ROI than we can achieve by selling
anything through our dropshipping stores and other businesses.

The items are digital, the delivery is simple, satisfaction is guaranteed and there are no huge upfront
investments required to test the market and the products. The market is there and is looking for the
product already, you just need to supply it.

This is a great opportunity to start your own press release agency. In this business, all you have to do
is to forward the orders and collect your profits. All the work is done for you.

This offer includes:

Professional Custom Made PR Agency Website
Private Top Sources for PR Syndication
Guaranteed FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS Syndication
Agency Domain & Logos
Business Emails
Minimum 500-700% Profit per Sale

The Agency will be developed on Shopify platform for quick and simple use, you don't need to update
your site constantly and no need to worry about security.

Besides the Agency Development You need about couple hundred dollars to start.

The PR's writing will be outsourced.
The PR's distribution system must be paid.

You can obviously cut the costs in half if you are a native English speaker and can write your own PR's.

This is a small-time investment for a huge business opportunity. These profit margins allow you to
easily make your investments back within the first month if you play your cards right and are able to
sell just 15 press releases per month. For example, there are days where we sell 5+ press releases a
day only on one ad source
Then why are we selling this? Because this does not get saturated. I need 3 full-time writers to provide
press releases on a constant and daily basis. I'm always packed with orders without even touching any
paid traffic source. As an established seller, it might be a privilege here, but I started from nothing like
everyone else, and today I run 3 different websites just for PRs.

If you are tired of dropshipping and testing products to sell, or maybe you’ve even spent thousands
and still failed, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Your target audience is any business, any
website, and any blog or dropshipping store, no matter their size or revenue. They are there to buy
from you. They are not only looking to get publicity at a reasonable price, but they are in constant need of it.

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