Score your traffic with Score™
Densys 2 years ago

Score your traffic with Score™

12 years of traffic buying and analyics have gone into our new product called Score™ - Claim your free account today for a limited time.

Hi everyone

For the last 12 years or so, my colleagues and I have been buying traffic from anywhere and everywhere - and of course some sources are *way* better than others. During this time we discovered more and more ways to detect the bad stuff.

For us, and I am sure for you too, the better the traffic quality, the better the ROI.

Two years ago, we embarked on a new project - we wanted to bring all our tech together in one place and created a product called Score™

As we're in the launch phase, we have created a Free (forever) subscription. We want people to use our system and in return hope to get lots of feedback. Over time it will be the feedback that drives new releases.

On top of this we also offer a Starter package free for a month for those who might want more features but still try for free.

We'd love for everyone to join and start benefiting from knowing who is selling you the best and worst traffic.

From experience even the best of the best traffic has questionable sources.

Once you sign up all you need to do is add our analytics code to your website - just as you would with Google Analytics. With less then 100 visits you will be able to see how your website is scoring - with 1000 as the best quality and 0 as the worst.

The system has "filters" which allows you to delve deeper into the stats and see just where the problems lie - sometimes it might be as simple as blocking a particular browser - and in more advanced cases you can tag your incoming traffic per "sub id". As most traffic suppliers are resellers they tend to offer URL TAGS such as "target", "publisher" or "source" - and these can be added to your landing page URL. From thereon in, you will start to see which sub id's of your traffic are scoring the best and worst.

We were recently nominated for the UK's National Startup Awards for Innovation - so you know you're in safe hands!

Give us a try - claim your free account - and please let us know how you get on!

Click here: Score

The team at Traffic Matters Group -

  • How does Score™ work?

    Just like Google Analytics - you simply add our html tag to your website. Within a few hundred visitors you will see your score. And if you tag your incoming traffic, each tag will be scored too.

  • Is Score™ really free?

    We are giving away limited edition free accounts during our launch phase. We want people to use our system and start benefiting from it. And what's better than word of mouth? We're so confident that Warriors will benefit from our product and start saving money that we have earmarked a few thousand free accounts. On top of this we know how vocal Warriors are - we need as much feedback as possible - good or bad!

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