[CASE STUDY] How I Make four figures In A Month with 30 min work per day
mtonev 18 weeks ago

[CASE STUDY] How I Make four figures In A Month with 30 min work per day

[CASE STUDY] How I Make four figures In A Month with 30 min work per day

This is not a quick get rich scheme and requires hard work and time spent at the beginning.

But after the hardest work, you really can work only 20-30 min per day and have free life with monthly income on autopilot.


I've seen various articles on how to make money with an email list, hardly have I come by one that really digs deep into the topic.

*I'm going to be showing you the secret I used to make four figures in a month just by doing 20-30 minutes of tasks every day. Not only that, but I will also be sharing my 100+ personal email autoresponder sequence with you.*

By the time you finish reading through this short guide, you will have known how to build your own email list that generates profits day after day.

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    Sounds good...

    How much time is needed daily intially?

    How high can it be scaled?

    Would investment money help move it faster and bigger?

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      As I said there is no strict formula, if you work more you will go there fast.

      Also money help overtime and yes they will help you go there much faster
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        Ok that helps,,,thank you.

        So if i follow your method and provide investment capital I should reach $x,xxx monthly within 6 months?

        What do you think it will cost to create a list of say 5,000 people in 3-4 months? and how much would that make per month on average following your mailing strategy?

        This sounds good, but I have bought some really crappy email methods over the past 2 years.

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          Everything here depend on your chosen niche and your marketing channels. If you push very hard you can have 5000 within a month.

          I build list of 1000 people just with few articles for 6 moths - all without any other work than to write the articles and put them in my blog (which dont have a lot of traffic)
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    About how much time is required at the beginning?
    Plus, if I follow your instructions step by step, what's the guarantee of making some money from it?
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      It all depend on how much time you spend, as it say in the beginning of the post, this required a lot of work at the beginning so you can have this numbers later and without much work.
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