IM/MMO/BIZ OPP-100-2000 Clicks-90% Tier One-High Quality Solo Ads Email Traffic-24 Hour Delivery
Ryan Schneck 1 year ago

IM/MMO/BIZ OPP-100-2000 Clicks-90% Tier One-High Quality Solo Ads Email Traffic-24 Hour Delivery

Use high quality targeted email traffic from top tier countries to grow and scale your business.

High Quality Targeted Email Traffic That's Ideal for Internet Marketing, Make Money Online and Business Opportunity Offers

If you are trying to promote done for you sales funnels, business opportunities and affiliate offers then try out this targeted email traffic and be amazed with the results!

If your affiliate offer is a good fit for my traffic, I will send trageted email traffic to your link. My traffic is interested in IM, MMO AND BIZ OPP ofers: Internet Marketing, Make Money Online and Business Opportunity.
  • 90% top tier-traffic from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Traffic filter included-I am using a precise traffic filter to eliminate, bots, spiders, crawlers, fake injections and more. Rest assured that your link will only receive targeted and real visitors. If any fake traffic does get through I will resend those clicks for free until the order number is met.
  • 24 hour delivery-I will deliver traffic to your affiliate link within 24 hours once tour order is received.
  • First time customer bonus-as a first time customer with me I will over deliver on your order. If you order 200 clicks then expect about 220. If you order 500 then expect about 550. My way of saying thank you for being my customer and to help you grow your business at the same time.

If you would like me to review your offer or if you have any questions about top tier percentages, email swipes etc please feel free to email me at:
  • When will my order begin?

    Once your order is received I will check the link you provided. If the offer is a good fit for my list I will send the traffic within 24 hours.

  • How will my order be tracked?

    All tracking is done for free. I will set everything up for you and send you a tracking report once the order is complete.

  • Do you count raw clicks or unique clicks?

    I only count unique clicks which means you pay per visitor and not per click. If a visitor clicks on your link more than once it will only count as one click.

  • Do you offer USA only clicks?

    My traffic is mainly 90% top tier but for an additional charge I do hold a section that is 100% USA traffic.

  • What is the source of your clicks?

    Your order gives you exclusive access to fresh email lists filled with engaged solo ad prospects.

  • How can I track opt-in rate?

    AS the owner of your capture page, you are the one tracking the opt-in rate. You will be able to access it on your end if you are building your own list, or with the product provider if someone else is following up with your leads for you.

  • Will you provide ad copy or do I need to provide one?

    I will analyze your offer and write an email that will resonate well with my list. If you insist upon using your own please message me and I will consider it.

  • How much of your traffic is mobile?

    I have different list segments with both mobile and desktop traffic available. If you are specifically interested in one or the other, contact me and I will get you the segment you are looking for.

  • Will I get sales?

    While no one can guarantee sales, I can guarantee access to a fresh, high-quality source of leads that is well known for the sales it scored during previous traffic campaigns. To increase your chances to score those sales I will also provide you with an extra 10% over delivery.

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