1 on 1 Coaching - 2k to 5k a month - Easy Method
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1 on 1 Coaching - 2k to 5k a month - Easy Method

Only work 20 minutes a day

Give Me 30 Days... And I'll Teach You the Bullet-Proof & Fully Guaranteed System I use to Make Up to $20,000 Per Month...

In my 1-on1 MENTORING PROGRAM, you'll learn 3 ways to make money online. Even BETTER... you'll learn to MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT by using ALL THREE METHODS AT ONCE!

I'll teach you the ropes of internet marketing and hold your hand while we put these systems in motion:

=> Solo Ads: You'll learn thay, once you build your list, you can sell email ads (AKA, soloads) and make super-easy PROFIT. (I've been doing this since 2016. And, after my training... so will you.)

=> Affiliate Marketing: Discover how I make EASY MONEY be selling offers that I don't even create. (Just imagine... No Customer service or product creation work AT ALL.) I love PASSIVE INCOME.

=> Email Marketing: See how I make approximately $1.25 per opt-in, per month by sending simple emails. (This requires some set-up... but I'll do it FOR YOU.)

What you get with my coaching program.

1. Four ZOOM classes 60 minutes long to answer ALL questions along helping you set up EVERYTHING to get you making MONEY DAILY ASAP. Videos will be recorded for you to keep.

2. Teach you how to Build a TARGETED Email List 100% FREE without spending money.

3. Teach you how to make MONEY DAILY along with selling SOLO ADS at the same time.

4. List of TRUSTEE suppliers "That I Buy From" to Buy Solo Ads from.

5. Videos of looking over my shoulder to COMPLETELY set up your AUTORESPONDER & ROTATOR

6. Life Long HELP! I WON'T disappear after the coaching program is over.
List of Monthly Expenses for Tools That You Will Need.

1. Autoresponder: $29 Month - 100% NEED - I HELP YOU SET THIS UP. No it's not "Aweber, Mailchimp, Bluehost, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, HubSpot, Convertkit" Guarantee 99.9% never herd of this AUTORESPONDER before.

2. Rotator: $20 Month - 100% NEED - I HELP YOU SET THIS UP

3. WEBSITE: $26 MONTH... "Not necessary but I would recommend it if you Plan on selling SOLO ADS" Super easy to set up. I use Squarspace.
Number 1 Solo ads FACEBOOK GROUP.. I'm one of the TOP VENDORS -

I'm Also a SoloAdsX Provider
FREE Initial Consultation...

If you would like a FREE 30-Minute ZOOM CONSULTATION before joining my Coaching Program, simply click the link below.

During the call, you'll be able to ask any questions you may have...

And, I'll be able to determined whether we're a good fit.

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Have A Quick Question Before Joining?
No problem. Simply contact me through Facebook messenger -- or any of the methods below.

I'll usually get back to you very quickly. Especially, on Facebook messenger. (I try to get back to all messages within 2 to 3 hours... unless, of course, I'm sleeping.)

Facebook Messenger:Message me here

Email: j.turrey89@gmail.com

Google Number: (657) 229 - 1042 (Text Only)

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Yours For MASSIVE Online Success

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