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Unread 3rd Jan 2011, 02:34 AM   #1
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A Bargain Web Host That Actually Cares About And Listens To You!
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For much of the past 15 years, I've had my own websites,
hosted on my own domain names. My very first sites were
on free hosting accounts (Angelfire, FreeYellow, etc.)
and then I had caring friends email me and personally tell
me that as long as I did that I had NO credibility.

They pointed out that using free web hosting accounts and
free email accounts not only branded someone else... but
more importantly... they showed my potential customers
that I did not have enough confidence in my long-term
business success to even invest in my own domain name.

They told me that I appeared too fly-by-night.

I listened, began buying my own domain names, and 15 years
later, it's obvious that I'm here for the long-haul.

I do currently use a Gmail account as well as numerous
emails on my own domains. I like many of the email
handling capabilities built into Gmail but that's not
what this post is about.

This post is an open invitation for you to start expecting, even demanding, more from your
web host.

For much of the past 15 years, I felt sort of like I was
being held hostage by my hosts. If I needed help with a
problem, I'd submit a ticket, and they would eventually
get back to me. At several of those hosts, I actually had
to visit customer support forums where OTHERS
CUSTOMERS sort of helped you to trouble-shoot.

I learned the hard way that when you buy really, really
cheap hosting, typically they can't afford to have tech
support personnel sitting around waiting for your "trouble

So when I got really serious, and acknowledged that I
could NOT afford to have my websites offline even .01%
of the time, I moved to dedicated servers with my own
support team.

At some point, you may be ready for a dedicated server,
but most of my subscribers and friends aren't.

You probably just need shared hosting with a company that
also offers world-class hosting at an affordable price.

That's NOT an easy feat to accomplish since there are so
many variables in the hosting businesses. There are as
many possible server configurations as there are
imaginative individuals.

Most hosting companies, in an effort to maximize profits,
simply pack as many accounts onto each server as possible.
They know that they’ve overdone it when a server bogs

I’ve caused more than one server to bog down, because I
build some fairly resource intensive sites. When that
happened, my hosts wisely asked me to consider a dedicated
server… as they should have

Despite what you want to believe, there is no such thing as
shared hosting with unlimited EVERYTHING.
impossible since just ONE customer could hog all of the
server resources… slowing his and all of the other customers’
websites to a crawl.

Still, in 2008, I found what I considered my ideal host.
The company was run by my good friend, David Perdew, who
shares many of the same values and beliefs that I do. I
became one of David's customers but also held on to two
of my existing dedicated servers.

David owned which is where I set
up more sites than most people would ever consider
setting up, and NEVER had a problem with any of them.

When I had questions, I'd sometimes "ping" David on
Skype, and he would personally take care of my questions
sometimes handling tech support issues for me.

David did that because he was (is) my friend, because
he wanted me to be a happy customer, and perhaps even
because I was one of his top affiliates... and he wanted
me to be able to confidently recommend Niche Simple to my

I did continuously recommend Niche Simple because I knew
that David and his team would take good care of them.

Around November 2010, David told me that he was considering
selling and asked me to put out
feelers for potential buyer. I do periodically broker
websites and entire businesses.

After looking at all of behind-the-scenes data, I decided
that I wanted to own Niche Simple, and in December David
and I struck a deal.

Since I liked the way David and his team was running things,
I decided not to change anything, except that I decided to
emphasize a $9.97 starter package, which David hadn't
previously showcased.

So, as 2011 kicks off, I want to invite YOU to become one
of my satisfied customers.

Like David, I will be VERY hands-on as I confirm that
things are running very smoothly, and that there are no
smoldering problems below the surface.

I even monitor the status on my company via an iPhone app
while out at holiday parties.
I would expect nothing less
from someone totally committed to his company’s customer

This is "dangerous" but if you are my customer and you have
any problems, I do request that use my support desk, where
highly trained experts are available 24/7. At the same time,
if you are on my newsletter, follow me on any of several
forums, are a contact on Facebook or Twitter, etc., then you
know that I am VERY accessible.

I want to be your host, and I want you to know that as my
customer I take a personal interest in the success of your
business. I run several web businesses which are probably
not too different from yours.

I am one of you. I honestly believe that you deserve and
should expect the best.

I'm raising the bar in the world of web hosting...

Please take a minute now to check out:

The packages described on my site are available in limited
quantities simply because I can only fit so many clients
on a server without adversely impacting others. As I bring
new servers online, I have to negotiate for pricing... based
upon more factors than you can imagine :-)

Partner today with a host that understands your needs and is
committing to exceeding your expectations!

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Re: A Bargain Web Host That Actually Cares About And Listens To You!
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Where is It appears to have disappeared!

And so have all my websites!
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