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How I Earn 24,800 monthly With SEO in a BOX
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“Confession of a Super Successful SEO Business Mogul - Daniel Tan Finally Unveils How His Business Earns Over $24,800 A Month In Net Profits And How You Can Do The Same With His Trade Secrets!”

"$24,800/Month Running SEO Business, Would You Earn More If I Show You How?"

All these happened within a year, from scratch!

Compare this to a traditional business entity that requires a pool of employees, a physical location in the form of a building, other assets and liabilities and which require a bundle of money to start and keep going.

And the greatest thing about it all? You can potentially earn as much as their CEO does!

Look at my qualification, I was supposed to be a Registered Financial Consultant, but I ended up running an SEO company! I started with ZERO background in SEO, YET, many of you know I am running a very successful

SEO business! No prior experience in running a business is required. I will guide you, step by step, through the setting up of a business, from finding a suitable name for your business entity to outsourcing the work.

You don’t need a degree or certificate to benefit and understand this course. When I first started my journey in SEO, I was a banker holding a Financial Degree! I was also a Registered Financial Consultant!

I have all bases covered with this course. You don’t even need a high school diploma to understand the contents of this course. I have broken down the contents into manageable modules that explain things clearly, concisely and with no fluff.

No expertise on SEO is required to run your own SEO business! I will show you what to do and where to outsource! That's all you need!

You will also learn my unrevealed 6 everyday strategies on how I find an endless supply of clients. I attribute my success to these 6 strategies. Thanks to them, my business grew like wild-fire.

I will show you how, and where, to find top notch outsourcing services! And keep your customers happy, even if you have no knowledge of SEO whatsoever.

Best part, you don't have to quit your day job! Do this part-time, an-hour a day, you will still make a healthy side income! This was how I started:
"How Much I Was Making Starting From Scratch
With A Part-time SEO Business"

Month 1: First Month, I made a little over $600

Month 4: Then, I made $2,600 on the 4th month!

Month 7: $8,800 this month, wifey and I celebrated!

Month 11: My business grew to $18,100!

To celebrate, my wife and I went for a premium vacation!

Month 14: Getting serious, we made over $25,000!

Wifey and I came to realize, this is not a game. This is a REAL BUSINESS. It only took me 7 months to earn $8,800+ in net profits and a year to have 5 figure income! This is what I call a solid business, a business that you grow overtime, building a layer upon layer of income overtime!

This is a real solid business that you know you can rely on, that will really make you a Businessman!

The day I took my brand new ride, a BMW 325i. This car is extremely costly in my country, costing me RM309K, which is equivalent to USD$103K due to our hefty import duties! Imagine the wonderful things you can personally own that now you are given a proven business plan in your hands!

"What's Inside The SEO Business Box?"

1) The Proven Process - A Critical Success Factor!
No stone is left unturned in this course. I lay out all of the good, the bad and the beautiful of creating and running your very own SEO business. While I should remind you that creating and running any business requires effort, time and practise to reach the pinnacle of success, I am here to guide you along the way through the whole process so that you save on time, money and effort and avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes made by most new business ventures.

2) Branding from the start
We show you how to create the most appealing name for your new found company, based on 4 proven and effective marketing methods. Remember, having a brand name that reflects your business style and uniqueness goes a long way in making a convincing impression on the market. Not only that, but we take you through the process of setting up your company domain name as well, and recommend to you the best domain name registrars to do it.

3) The Technicals User-friendly
We cover everything from domain name registration and contact setup to web hosting, software tools, autoresponders and more. We want you to thoroughly experience and understand the whole company setting up process, so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

4) The Trade Secrets Handed To You - Secrets To Obtain Google #1 Ranking!
Now here comes the juicy part. We will cover all of the important aspects of SEO, from on-page leverage to off-page optimization, utilizing everything and anything in our extensive arsenal to let you dominate your local competition and come out on top.

5) The Veteran Processes Revealed
The material that we offer you here alone is worth an entire course unto itself, valued at $497. We are offering this as part of the course so you can get a head start and get an insider’s glimpse at how the big guns of the business perfect their SEO art. We are not giving you just the basic SEO stuff (though that is covered as well) that you can probably get for free just by searching online. We are giving you the BEST strategies, technics and methods used by myself and other SEO veterans that will have an immediate impact on your business, guaranteed.

6) The 2 Pillars Exposed
Learn about LINK ACCELERATION and LINK VELOCITY, and how this 2 concepts can easily juice up your backlinking campaigns.

7) Taking On The Giants
We show you the only PRESS RELEASE SITES that matters for building an effective backlinking campaign, and why the so called tier 1 sites have little use at all for getting the job done.

8) Presentable Whitehat Backlinking
How to utilize blogs and web 2.0 sites as effective backlinking sources! And we also show you how to maximise the opportunities presented here, without having to attend to each site, forum and blog personally so you can focus on growing your business (No, we are not talking about using cheap, spammy comment generating software)!

9) PageRank Debunked
No doubt you have already heard about PageRank and its supposed primary importance to SEO. Yes, it was so hyped up that people would only focus exclusively on PageRank for SEO. Well, this is a MYTH and I’ll debunk it in my course and show you why.

10) The Registry Has Spoken: Right from Google's Patent!
Will Google penalize my site for unleashing a salvo of backlinks in a day? Will Google discover all of these backlinks in just a single day? How do I make sure that my client’s site continues to rise in the Google rankings even after I had closed the project? Does a site that never updates still retain its rank? All of these important questions are addressed in this course.

11) Sandbox Misunderstandings and Exploits
The Google Sandbox effect: Will too many backlinks hurt my site’s rankings? There was a concern by Google that a site that suddenly spawns too many backlinks is trying to manipulate the system. So is this so called Google Sandbox effect true? The actual answer may very well surprise you!

12) Abundance of client sources
Finding potential clients in real life a hassle? Not sure where to start and build a name for yourself? Don’t worry, I’ll address this issue with a simple action plan that is sooo easy in its implementation, yet is definitely guaranteed to bring you the people that you want to start your business with!

13) Getting Online Clients
How about finding clients and projects on the web? We’ll show you how to do it here too! Finding clients anywhere is one thing, but what I found to be KEY to actually gaining new clients and earning their trust is your MINDSET. And I will elaborate in detail what this mindset is.

14) Pricing Models And How To Charge Them
Pricing models are also given an in-depth analysis and look at as well. We understand that not all businesses run and succeed by any single pricing model, and we want to present the available options to you and let you decide for yourself which one best suits your needs and objectives.

15) Outsource Everything So You Do Nothing! Critically important for expansion!
We show you where to find quality outsourcing services. We even provide you with sample ads that I used to find the best people to work for me. Not sure whether a project is better suited for an individual freelancer or a team of professionals? Don’t worry, we got that covered. Not sure whether a freelancer or team is top-notch? Don’t worry, we will show you how to test their abilities.

16) Plus A WHOLE LOT MORE I can't possibly list all!

"I am sold, but...what is the price?"

Many webinars and online courses out there offer SEO business modules for $1,997 at least. And yes, I do have to agree that this is a very reasonable price for the investment. Just imagine, with $1,997.00 now for the course, you CAN certainly see yourself potentially earning at least $5,000 a MONTH in the near future! And all this for just a month’s training and $1,997.00! It is really a low investment and the upside for it is HUGE.
"$1,997?!! See below for introductory price!"

I know that even if I charged $1,997 for this, I will still make a lot of sales. My full personal coaching, now at full-seat, is at $2,997. My 30-minutes SEO phone consultation fees are $500. Well, a dinner with me and where we discuss SEO, is $2,000 itself. $1,997 is a crazy low price for a World Class SEO course.
However, I am NOT going to charge $1,997. The purpose of me crafting SEO Business Box is to allow everyone to have their hands on this proven and tested course, backed by my personal success.
Therefore, the price will be EXTREMELY LOW. Before I go on with the crazy low introductory price, let's first look at the bonuses you will get when you purchase today:
"PLUS: You Also Get These TWO
Critically Important BONUSES"
1. Services Agreement Template
2. Independent Contractor Agreement Template
That’s right. 2 documents that are very important for your business that you CANNOT run an SEO business without! If you were to source these legal documents yourself, they would require a princely sum of 10 grand to make!

You can now use my sample Services Agreement and Independent Contractor Agreement templates to run your SEO business the professional way! Just insert your details into the blank spaces and you have a professional agreement to seal!
"PLUS: Private Real-Life Case Study
With Mervik Haums"

Mervik is a young ordinary guy from India. He started with only $15 in his pocket, with no knowledge in SEO, but is now making over $3,000 a month running SEO business from the comfort of his home!
In this extensive module, Mervik will share with you:
- How he started his business
- How he found his first client

- How he charged his client

- How he run his works and now, outsourcing most of the works
- His 6 sure-fire strategies on getting clients, globally!
- His Top 3 Client Building strategies
- How he is making $3,000 a month now, and is growing every month!

More about Mervik's 6 sure-fire client building strategies, these are proven to make anyone succeed in this business by getting lots of clients, especially if you have no experience or zero business relations.
"Mervik's Very Own 6 Sure-Fire
Client Building Strategies"

1) Stomping Google Places For Endless Supply of Clients
2) Turning Social Medias Into Client Generating Machine
3) Capitalising On The Forums For Mass Referrals
4) The NEW Micro Markets - Instant Client in 5 Seconds!
5) Google News - Using This Magic Word To Attract Clients
6) Using Twitter for Branding and Referral Building
This is a very important module. It not only shows you how another person runs his SEO business, but also gives you the permission to do the same!

"The Shortest Path To Success Is To Model A Successful Example, Now You Have TWO!"

That's right. From within SEO Business Box, you not only learn from my extensive experience, but also from a case study with Mervik Haums. These 2 success stories are going to add MONEY into your life!
I want to start a real SEO Business right now and start making money from the comfort of my home!

I understand I am covered by your 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Click Here To Buy Now!

Delivery is instant. You will receive login information to the member's area right after purchase.

"Customer's Feedback"

Joshua Garrett

"I have been doing internet marketing and SEO on my own for over 5 years and SEO Business Box came along at just the right time.
I am starting my own SEO business and really didn't know how to go about finding clients, setting up my business and creating processes to make things easier.
Not only was this course able to help me with those things, but I also learned a thing or two about SEO that I had not really considered before. For anyone that is looking for a great and low cost way to start up an SEO consulting business, this course is a must have!"

John Hacking

I've been in the SEO industry for over 8 years. What I've learned in that time is that there is always something new to learn and nobody knows it all.
The content in the SEO Business Box opened my eyes to some new possibilities, especially the stuff about pricing models and getting new customers."

Ryan O'Meara

The SEO Business Box training is genuinely helpful and insightful.
I like to think it's always a smart move to learn the methods and models of those who have accomplished success in a given field already, it can be worth thousands in potentially squandered investments to have a route map and strategy for achieving your business goals if you follow a proven system from someone who has already been there and done it.

Darron Hodgkinson

Hey Daniel I just got through reading SEO Business Box and I have to say it's awesome! Some of the techniques you explain I've already used to get my client sites to position one in google.
Your course takes things to a new level with (Module 4) the outsourcing module so I'm looking forward to working much less and making more money. It's a no brainer just buy it.

Edward Cullom

Hello my name is Ed Cullom and I own an SEO company called "Local Search Leader" in Tampa Fl. I have been working online for a little over 1 year. When I first started like most people online I was lost. I received about 10 emails a day on different ways to make money online. Needless to say I spent and wasted allot of money on useless scams that never worked.
The first Daniel Tan product that I purchased was the SEOPressor. I figured with a money back guarantee there was not much risk. Daniel Tan's SEOPressor literally taught me how to do on-page optimization. I have been able to school my outsourcers about on page optimization because of the SEOPressor plugin. As soon as Daniel came out with the Backlink Syndication 2.0 I purchased it. The processes I learned here I still use for my clients. The next was the Keyword Qauntifier which taught me how to gauge whether or not I could rank for a term without to much trouble.
When I saw the SEO Business Box I wasted no time in buying it. Here's what I can tell you about this product. There was info in this module that I already knew, but with that said there was content and knowledge that I did not. There is one module in here called "The Process", it's worth thousands of Dollars! I am actually changing my SEO process to match "The Process" because it is pure genius.
I was making over $200,000 a year before the market crashed, then lost everything and had to scrap for almost 2.5 years. Thanks to the Daniel Tan's products I have a solid SEO business that makes around $5,000 monthly and it's growing. I don't care where you are at in the SEO business or if you are just getting started. DO NOT HESITATE, BUY THIS NOW!

Carolyn Holzman

I have been a fan of your training for a while because of the practical nature of your information. One of your other projects radically changed my keyword research so that I know before doing one thing what I have to do and how many weeks or months I can expect for my SEO efforts to pan out. But SEO Business Box is an exception.
You've gone way above and beyond ANYTHING that I thought an SEO expert who is making their living at SEO would share with someone outside of their organization. Plus "The Process" you provide as an example has given me the ability to scale my efforts. This has already had an impact my effectiveness. Not only will it help me bring more business to the clients I currently have, but also to help future clients I might have had to turn down because I just didn't have enough time in the day to help them to the same degree.
Thank you for helping me help my clients bring more food to their table, have more time with their families, and enjoy the time to make the difference in life that they choose to make because their business supports their lives.

Garret Acott

What can I say, Daniel has knocked this out of the park! I have been watching Daniel for quite some time now and have always been impressed with his products, but SEO Business Box takes it to a whole new level! The truly great thing about this product is that it works and holds massive value for everybody. Meaning you don't have to be starting your own SEO service for this product to make sense for you. I got SEO Business Box primarily for my own projects.
I've been watching Daniel reach the top of the SERPS time, after time, after time, after time. I can't express enough to you just how good he is at this. And to finally have the complete details on how he does this for himself and his customers . . . well, it's priceless honestly.
There was no way I wasn't getting my hands on this product once I found out it was being released . . . and you should be feeling the same if you want to rank for your keywords. I would have paid 10X the cost for this product and would have been just as happy with what I received.

Craig Sowerby

Offline marketing is such a lucrative business to go into. There are so many brick and mortar companies that are looking to use the internet to open many doors to find more customers and leads.
One thing that they don't know is how to use the internet to advertise and utilize Search Engine Optimization. Well Daniels product "SEO Business Box" just gives you exactly what you need to get started. With Daniel being a very successful offline marketer he basically teaches you what he does to have your own SEO consulting business up and running very quickly.
He takes you by the hand and shows you a step by step process of creating a very successful SEO consulting business. From creating your business name, to your clients website content, on-page off-page SEO, plus many many more strategies and techniques. It goes into the fine details of dominating the search engines.

With Daniel having his own very successful SEO Company you know you are in good hands. I personally have many of Daniel's SEO products and he has helped me with many aspects of SEO for my own sites as well as my clients.
So if you are thinking of going into the offline market then this is the only product you will need. However if you are wanting to dominate the search engines with your own sites then the information inside SEO Business Box will give you everything you need.

Mick Fallon

What can I say ,"what a brilliant course".
You explain everything so clearly, even if your not techie like me, you can still follow along, What really done it for me though was you revealing your top SEO secrets worth the cost of the course alone .
This course is a real chance for people of all levels of skill to be able to build a solid business, people often overlook that supplying a service "a good service can bring in large amounts of money" of course you don't have to set up your own business you can use this course to optimise your own websites and have them fly up the google rankings, I hope to do both. Once again, thank you!

Adam Feinberg

As always, Daniel Tan really overdelivers with his SEO Business Box.
This is a great resource for both the beginner and the experienced SEO professional. I would strongly recommend picking it up, if you are
considering entering the field.

Click Here To Buy Now!
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