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OnTargetMarketing 10th July 2011 01:00 AM

Cheapest Most Cost Effective PERSONAL IM COACHING that produces results.
Qaulity Personal Coaching
Perfect for newbies.
Start from scratch and earn $ within a month!

[ There is a review option for those who just want a expert review on their online business. ]

- ever wished you had someone guide you?
- ever wished if someone could point you in the right directions?
-ever wondered how nice it was if you could cut the trial and error in this wide deep pool called IM and not get drowned even before you learn how to swim?

Well, i have personally helped a few, i wont go on to brag like how much i have helped.

Im enjoying my IM life-style but just here and there i cannot help when i see some people struggling to start off and after all the great help here on WF some still do not know which direction to go.
And some just need the kick to get started.

All in all people want the personal touch.
I have helped a hand full unconditionally in WF itself and also outside of WF without a fee.

But i noticed more and more are asking me through PM to help them and its taking up quite a bit of my time thus i decided to start charging a small fee so i ensure that only serious people will take up my offer.

But dont worry, its really a small fee, and if you can afford it honestly then i sincerely and apologetically hereby advice you not to go into this deep pool of IM.

Abit on myself :
I started out in 2008 and now am earning thousands a month without me doing anything BUT of cos i have my PVA doing all the work that i established over the months and years.
I have been reading and being under the radar for about a year in WF, but only recently i signed up in WF to reply to some posts and help some people through email coaching as i just couldnt take it, newbies are left out there in the open with all the info and not knowing where to start.

What you will get :
- i will take you from scratch to build your own online business within a week or 2 depending on the method and your free available time.
- start earning money in the near future.
- every single step will be covered and all you have to do is follow my instructions which will be very easily in step by step format.

There are basically 2 kinds of general ways where you can enter the IM world.
1. fast and short lived.
-easy to set up, to earn money right off the hook when starting out but not for long term business.
2. long and stable.
-more for building a serious monthly income but the foundation building will take time.

do let me know which one you are looking for in your order.

So here are the different types of coaching and its fees.

There are 10 slots that i can take in at any one time.

1. $250
-1 week of answering your questions through email.
[the 1st mail will be answered in less than 24 hours, once i answer you means im online and there after each reply will be on the spot just like chating online. advice to use gmail so we can chat on gmail chat too]

- i will share with you all the different kinds of methods that i used and did and am doing and you get to choose the method you wish to go for.

- after which i will guide you more in details and help you set up the method that you chose.
[this may require some additional expanses on your end, it is not covered in the coaching fee. all methods have their own costs depending on the individual method.]

- i will even let you use my own contacts and services that i myself use to earn money.
[meaning if for example you choose SEO method which is ranking on google spot 1 then i will let you use my very own SEO guy that is doing for me on my sites]

*i will include a free additional 1 week for WF members.
*and all costs after the coaching fee are either directly to the service provider or through me, if its through me all costs are at cost price meaning i do not get a profit from this.

2. $500
- everything is the same just that the personal coaching is 3months where you get to ask me questions for as long as 3 months if there is something later on that you wish to ask or if you want to try other methods after the 1st one is launched or you want to edit and improve the 1st campaign and you want optimizing help.

3. $850
- everything is the same just that the coaching is unlimited duration.

for those who are not starting out and have things in place already but do not know what is going wrong and would like an expert's opinion i can review your site and your method of getting traffic and give you advice.

- you will only pay if after reviewing i have a solution.
if i do not have 1 you do not need to pay.

Earnings Disclaimer :
As we all know different people, different situations, different methods and different cases all have different results thus i cannot say that you will make money in a specific time frame but i assure you that all those that i have helped made money sooner or later.

average is at 3 weeks after contacting me, not after set up!
some see money rolling in after 2 weeks.
the fastest i saw was 1 week which is within the same week of contacting me.

To order :

Pls pm with your email address or just reply to this thread with your contact details and i will get to you in less than 24hours.

If you feel like customizing your personal coaching pls let me know too.. and we will see how to fix the fees according to your specific needs.

Once we start communicating i will get to know you and we will confirm the ideal option for you.

Then i will give you the details for you to make payment.
All payments are made through paypal only.

Once payment is done your coaching starts immediately.
You can start asking me questions and i will present you the different methods.

Wishing all of you the best!

OnTargetMarketing 10th July 2011 11:05 AM

Re: Cheapest Most Cost Effective PERSONAL IM COACHING that produces results.
How i come up with the different options :

From the experience of helping people in the past 1 week is enough to answer all your questions and 1 week is enough to get you started with my step by step guide.

so 2 weeks is a bonus.

So the basic coaching should do fine with most unless you think you are a very very slow learning where you have difficulty following simple steps then you might want to go for a longer duration coaching.

but in any case you can upgrade later at the same cost.

but you cannot upgrade to unlimited from the other options.
unlimited is only available for new members.

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