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Closed - Grab over over 3GB of PLR, MRR and RR products for dirt cheap!
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Are you frustrated trying to make your own info product?

Ever wondered how some people keep putting out
one info product after another?

There is a secret to making info products quickly,
and the secret is….

Private Label Rights

You can start taking advantage of PLR right now and make your own info products.

What is PLR?

PLR is a product where the author gives the right to another person
to basically do whatever he wants with the product.

Below is a list of some of the things that can be done with PLR.

You can...
  • Put your name on the products as the author
  • Breakthe contents down into articles (can be used as an ezine, blogs, autoresponder emails, etc).
  • Use the products as a bonus to another product.
  • Change the contents, cover, and title.
  • Sell the product.
  • Bundle the product with other products to make a large package.
  • Sell it on auction sites like Ebay.
  • Publish the product offline.
  • Resell Private Label Rights.
  • Use the product as a bonus for another product you're selling.
Now this all depends, of course, on the license that comes with the product, but for the most part, all of the above can be done with PLR.

And to be honest with you, too many people use PLR incorrectly. Once they buy a product they make absolutely no changes to it and when they try to resell it they wonder why it won't sell.

To use PLR correctly, it MUST be changed - the title, the cover, and the contents. The idea is to make it uniquely yours.

And most of us have tons of PLR on our hard drive, but the question is....

Is it still relevant today?

If you have PLR from 3 years ago in the internet marketing niche, it's outdated. Whereas there are definitely some evergreen niches, in the internet marketing world, 3 years, and even 2 years, is old and out-of-date.

You need products that are up-to-date, products in niches like
  • Mobile marketing
  • Facebook
  • Offline marketing
  • Wordpress
Introducing PLR Diamond

PLR Diamond is a membership site where you'll have access to the most up-to-date products every month, products in niches like Internet Marketing, Health, Finances, Business, Home and Family, and Sports and Recreation.

And if you're wondering how to change the PLR to make your own info product, we've got you covered. In the members area there is a training section where there are several courses that will show you how to make your own unique product from PLR.

Just think, you could get started making your very own info product today!!!

OK, so let's cut to the chase. I have a very special offer lined up for you! You can grab this amazing package at an unbelievable price.

***Note. You can see all the ecovers at
Also note you will NOT pay the price listed there!

Here's everything you'll get:

Product 1
Amazon Navigator

"Think you've exhausted all the content providing avenues there are? Think again, because you're about to..."

Discover How You Can Harness The Power of The Internet's Greatest Retail Giant And Get Your Content Seen and Read By More People Than You Ever Thought Possible!

This informative guide gives you all the basics to help you get started down publishing your content with Amazon.

It covers things like:
  • The various kinds of content publishing available so you can choose the ones that exactly match your business model
  • How to make it possible for libraries and schools to buy your book - and how to save money in the process!
  • 7 formatting problems that can get your project rejected before you even start - and what you can do to avoid these and other publishing roadblocks.
  • 10 methods you can use to get the word out about your new Amazon product - because when you're an active part of your own marketing team, you'll build a great future for yourself.
  • Kindle formatting issues that might shock you - mess this up and you'll have a monster of a mess to clean up.

You'll also quickly learn the technical side of publishing with Amazon, including:
  • Which software is required to make your own CD/DVD and book covers - And what to do if you don't have access to it
  • Where to go to find help - you might just be surprised at the answer!
  • What sales channels are - and how to choose the right channels for your business
  • Available Formats including some you might never have considered, but which might be perfect for your online business.
  • Kindle Formatting and the simple option every webmaster can use to publish high-quality content on everyone's favorite eBook reader.
  • Publishing Your Blog - and getting paid for it! Just by harnessing the power of the Kindle!
Amazon Navigator - 9 MB

Product 2
Create Facebook Fan Pages
(updated for iframes)

"Learn How To Properly Set Up Your Facebook Fan Page To Take Advantage Of The Traffic & Profit Potential."

Here is just some of what you will learn:
  • How to get started with fan page
  • How to customize your page
  • How to create customcontent for additional pages
  • How to add content using iframes
  • and so much more…
The videos include...
  • Basic Setup
  • Edit the Page
  • Create a page
  • Create an App and Add page
Create Facebook Fan Pages - 304 MB

Product 3
Video Marketing Blueprint

Discover The Easy and Proven Secret Formula For Generating Massive Income Using The Power of Video Marketing For Your Business!

If You’ve Got Access To A Computer and the Internet, You Have The Ability To Build A Life-Long Income & Generate Emergency Cash Literally Hours From Now.

You'll get 34 Minutes of Solid, High Quality Video Training.
Here is what you’ll learn from these 6 videos…
  • Video 1 – Overview Of The Video Marketing Blueprin
    Learn why video marketing is very profitable and discover how to generate income quickly and easily using the ‘Video Marketing Blueprint’ method.
  • Video 2 – Market Research
    Selecting a profitable niche, keyword research and how to use Google Adwords. Learn about how to use PLR Articles for video marketing and where to find them.
  • Video 3 – Creating Content
    Creating Powerpoint presentations, where to find free powerpoint software, and where to find free screen capture software.
  • Video 4 – Recording Videos
    How to record your videos with screen capture software such as Camtasia or CamStudio.
  • Video 5 – Uploading Videos
    How to upload your videos properly to video sharing sites.
  • Video 6 – Video Promotion
    Social bookmarking your videos, submitting your videos to multiple directories, and how to use TubeMogul to automate the process.
Video Marketing Blueprint - 43 MB

Product 4
Facebook Coupon App

Cash In On The MASSIVE Facebook and
Offline Coupon Trend.

Your Clients will Throw $299 Checks at You For 10 Minutes Work "Done For You" By This Facebook App. This New App Makes It Stupidly Simple To Add Coupon Offers To Any Fan Page.

This includes:
  • 7 video tutorials
  • Quickstart Guide
  • 10 Templates
  • Script
  • Source code files
Facebook Coupon App - 79 MB

Product 5
Search Engine Optimization

"This Report Will Show You How To Successfully Get Your Website Ranked Using Effective SEO Strategies"
You'll discover...

  • Why backlinks are so important for SEO.
  • Where to find free backlinks.
  • The secrets to making article marketing work for you.
  • An "old school" link building technique that still works great but most marketers ignore.
This Report on Search Engine Optimization ALSO includes Audio & Video Articles, Spin Ready Articles as well as standard Articles

Search Engine Optimization – 124 MB

Product 6
8 Minisite Templates

"Good Looking Minisite Templates, Full PSD Files Are Included And They All Also Come With Unrestricted Private Label Rights!

The templates include:
  • Affiliate Marketing Minisite
  • Blogging Minisite
  • Email Marketing Minisite
  • Gardening Minisite
  • Get Ex Back Minisite
  • Make Money Minisite
  • Social Marketing Minisite
  • Traffic Generation Minisite
8 Minisite Templates - 170 MB

Product 7
Forum Marketing Secrets

Do you know that there are many businesses that got their launch off the ground simply by participating in forum marketing?

There is a right way and a wrong way to do forum marketing (the wrong way would be sinking an endless amount of cash into lesson after lesson, wasting time or even ruining your reputation by not presenting yourself well on the forum, and not having a clear plan of action).

This Video Series Features a Collection of 20 Professionally Recorded Videos, 80 Minutes of Content - This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about forum marketing.
  • The Importance of Forum Marketing - Before you start marketing, you need to understand the specific advantages of forum marketing so you know how to make the most of your time.
  • Things You Can Promote with Forum Marketing - You may already have something in mind to promote, but if you don't I'll help you find something.
  • How to Find The Best Forums to Market On - Not all Forums are "marketable", I will give you a checklist of things to grade each forum you come across, so you only spend time on the ones that will return the most profit.
  • How to Create an Effective Signature - I will show you how to create a signature that will grab people's attention without being too "pushy".
  • How to Establish Yourself as an Expert - I will show you how to get people on the forum to respect you, and value what you have to say (this is super-important if you want people to buy from you).
  • How to Find the Best Posts to Participate In - Not all posts are created equal! Learn how to spot the posts and threads that you absolutely need to be involved in, and how to stay away from those you shouldn't be.
  • How to Track Your Results - Not everything you do is going to work, it is so important to track everything you do so you can expand upon what works and cut your losses when appropriate. I show you how.
  • How to Explore a Joint Venture on a Forum - Joint ventures are one of the most valuable relationships you can establish. I will show you how to initiate one on a forum.
  • The Five Keys to Forum Marketing Success - Five simple rules you need to be following if you want to be successful with forum marketing.
Forum Marketing Secrets - 112 MB

Product 8
Rapid Website Indexer

"Get Your Website Or Blog Indexed By Google In 5 Minutes With This FREE Tool…"

Start Getting Organic Traffic To Your New Site Immediately!

It can take forever for new sites to get indexed and start showing up in search engine results the old fashioned way of link building.

This new website indexer generates and pings over 100 high quality backlinks causing Google and other search engines to immediately spider them. Running this tool once for new sites will get you indexed fast, and older sites can benefit from the links to rank higher…

I've used this program and every new website has been indexed in under 24 hours, and it takes seconds to set up!

Rapid Website Indexer - 2 MB

Product 9
Headlines That Sell

"Sell More of Your Products By Simply Swiping These Winning Headlines…"

What's Inside This Guide...
  • Dozens of headline teamplates you can copy and paste onto your own salesletter or advertisements.
  • Why the headline is the most crucial part of your sales copy
  • How to craft a winning headline to sell more of your products
  • How to use psychological triggers. This isn't accomplished by using any jedi mind tricks. These powerful ways will get your prospects buying.
Headlines That Sell - 6 MB

Product 10
Flipping Websites

Make a killing in virtual 'real estate' - discover the inside secrets of flipping websites!

In this video series you'll discover:

  • Exactly what flipping involves and how it works
  • Where to buy websites suitable for flipping
  • A range of basic to advanced tips on buying
  • Some of the important do's and don'ts for financing and trading websites
  • Useful tools to put to use when buying your sites
  • How to master negotiation tactics for buying and selling of websites
  • The best places to sell your sites and what to do when approached to sell your site
  • Improvements, site renovations and money adding upgrades
  • And that's just to get you started...
Here's exactly what you'll get:

  • Video One
    Introduces you to flipping websites for profit
  • Video Two
    Provides you with important information on precisely what flipping involves and how it works
  • Video Three
    Covers the basics on buying websites to flip
  • Video Four
    Covers everything you need to know about where you can buy your websites
  • Video Five
    Covers a range of more advanced tips on buying websites for flipping
  • Video Six
    Introduces you to a range of great tools that will help to manage and speed up the buying process
  • Video Seven
    When you view video seven, you'll be taken through some of the best tactics to successfully negotiate buying and selling of your websites
  • Video Eight
    Covers everything you need to know about where to sell or flip your websites
  • Video Nine
    Carrying out renovations and implementing site upgrades can be daunting if you're not technically minded - but in video nine all the mystery is taken out of this for you
  • Video Ten
    By this time you'll be well on the way to mastering how to flip websites, but before you finish up, I'll take you through some Do's and Don'ts on managing finance and trading your websites
  • Video Eleven
    Handling your transactions and communicating effectively with would-be buyers is a crucial aspect of flipping websites. In video eleven I'll walk you through the etiquette of selling when approached
  • Video Twelve
    To finish the series off, I've dedicated video twelve to providing a recap of the series and a refresher overview of the essential points covered throughout.
Flipping Websites - 86 MB

Product 11
Backlink Flood & Keyword Flood Package

Here’s The Exact Blueprint An Underground Link Ninja Used To Rank Multi-Million Dollar Corporations For EXTREMELY Competitive Keywords, And How You Can Do The Same Starting TODAY…

Here’s How To Drive FREE High Quality Traffic To Your Site And Start Generating Cash In Less Than 24 Hours…

  • Here’s EXACTLY What Youre Getting When You Download Backlink Flood Today…
  • An In-Depth Understanding Of How And Why Search Engines Work, And How You Can Use This Knowledge To Take Your Rankings And Income To A Higher Level…
  • Detailed Explanations Of Rapid Link Indexing, Parasite Hosting, and Other Advanced SEO Strategies That Can Boost Your Rankings and Traffic, Literally Overnight…. And 7 Other Little Known Traffic Generating Strategies Previously Only Released To My High Paying Clients.
  • A Complete List Of Web 2.0 Sites That You Can Leverage For High Quality Backlinks… WITHOUT having your domain penalized or being labeled as a spammer.
  • My personal tools, Article Flood and Keyword Flood, That You Can Use To Automate Your Article Writing, Start Performing Your Keyword Research The RIGHT Way, And Use To Leverage The Powerful Techniques Taught In Keyword Flood.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: A Step-By-Step Blueprint That Takes You By The Hand And Shows You EXACTLY What You Need To Do In Order To Start Driving Traffic And Building High Quality Links In The Least Amount Of Time Possible.
Backlink Flood & Keyword Flood Package - 13 MB

Product 12
Social Media Traffic Takeover

"Who Else Wants To Tap into The Social Media Revolution And Make Huge Profits With Your Own Social Media Traffic Takeover System?"

What'sinside this video series...
  • In this kick a** video series, you will discover how you can get started with generating traffic from the most high trafficked social media sites.!
  • Learn how to get started with generating targeted traffic from Facebook. Facebook is the largest site on the internet today with over 600 million members and growing daily
  • How to generate targeted traffic from Twitter. Learn how to market your product or service in 140 characters or less!
  • Squidoo Lense Traffic. You'll discover what a Squidoo Lense and why you should be creating them. Squidoo Is Back !
  • Social Bookmarking to increase website traffic. Sharing the love to increase your web traffic can be push button easy
  • "The Big 4" top social bookmarking sites you need to use
  • 3 "Surefire Steps" to make the most out of social bookmarking
  • And much, much more…
Social Media Traffic Takeover – 58 MB

Product 13
Create A Micro Blogging Network(Like Twitter)

"Learn How You Can Create Your Own Twitter-Like Micro-Blogging Network. This Is All Done Using Free Resources."

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to automatically install the script
  • How to set up the proper look for your site
  • How to create your own background
  • How to customize the home page
  • How to make your network private
  • and much more...
Create A Micro Blogging Network - 302 MB

Product 14
Rapid Success Blast

Rapid Success Blast is presented in plain and straight forward language, easy to understand, and can lead you step by step to take control of your financial future.

These videos will teach you how to:

  • Make money in as little as 48 hours from now
  • Turn your computer into a virtual ATM machine
  • Get out of the grind of your 9-5 job
  • Work on your own schedule
  • Make as much as a top doctor or lawyer without having to go to school for 10 years and spend $100,000 on your education
  • Gain financial freedom
  • Make money without overly technical mumbo jumbo, calling people and trying to sell, special software, experience, SEO, link building, twitter, CPA, PPV, media buying
Video #1 – How To Overcome The Hidden Barriers In Your Subconscious That are Keeping You Poor

The truth is I was raised to go to school, get a degree then slave away making money for other people. This type of thinking locks us in middle income and I show you exactly:
  • How to overcome the hidden barriers in your subconscious that are keeping you poor!
  • Break through the middle income mindset and experience success online
  • How to hidden fears that prevents you from making money online
  • How to use free traffic methods can be your secret to creating your own income
  • The secrets to controlling the most powerful element that controls your life – your subconscious mind.
  • Why working a day job is something that a society teaches you to do and how to start earning a living by doing what you love
  • Why saving instead of investing actually makes you go broke
  • How to have the courage to give your dream a try
  • Why you won't have to work any harder to make as much money as you want
Video #2 – How I Increased My Income by 94% And The One Step You Must Take To Do It Too.
I will show you the three most important things to consider when your thinking about creating your own income. This shows you how to make two to three times what you make doing what your already doing! Here's what you'll discover when you watch this video:
  • Hidden in plain sight secrets to leverage what you already do to almost instantly double or tripple your income overnight
  • The real "no secret" secret to success
  • One thing that didn't stop Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and how it is probably stopping you
  • Exactly how to stop getting distraction and experience quicker results
  • Why investing in fancy high end courses may not be right for you
  • And more!
Video #3 – Make Sales in a Reasonable Amount of Time and Under Budget.
  • I am talking about things like getting a professional intro video created for 5 bucks or get a PHP website/blog designed for 10 bucks or so! In this video you'll discover:
  • How trying to accomplish everything on your own will almost always guarantee failure
  • How to get things done in your business cheaply (get things done in your business for $5 that you would have never have dreamed possible)
  • Why you can save time and money and how you might be spreading yourself too thin trying to be the jack of all trades
  • And more!
Video #4 – The Inferiority Complex
Ignore the inferiority complex! Wait.. what? It basically comes from the idea that we sometimes think we will look foolish if we try to do something new in an already established niche or market or we might look stupid trying something new.
In this video you'll find out how to:
  • Overcome embarrassment and fears of failure
  • How some "Seemingly Stupid" and bold money making ideas can earn you money
  • And more!
Video #5 – Become The Real Deal To Get Paid Like an Expert.

Have you noticed how experts always get paid more?. Here is what you'll discover in this video:

  • Why you might be wasting your time cloning marketing gurus and how it will only lead to disaster
  • How to see opportunities in difficulties and the one thing that might be holding you back
  • How to get paid to be unique and be yourself
  • And more!
Video #6 – The 'Two Step' To Quick Profits.
  • By watching this video you will discover:
  • Why fear of commitment could be making you repeat the same mistake again and again
  • The solution to the 'Buying Product After Product Syndrome' that only wastes your time and money
  • Why even if you feel busy and are taking action your not making money
  • And more!
Video #7 – The Simple Steps To Jumpstart Your Success

When you watch this video you will discover:
  • The 3 steps process to overcome procrastination for good
  • The secret to start taking control of your business (and your life) to start enjoying success
  • And more!
Video #8 – The Millionaire Mindeset Infusion.

Inside this video you will discover:

  • How to overcome deep down ideas that might make you cling to scarcity and poverty thinking
  • Secret barriers you've had hammered into your head that might be stopping you from becoming wealthy.
  • And more!
Video #9 – The Secret To Drawing Money To You Like a Magnet.

The marketing gurus (and most regular people) don't really tell you how money works and how it can easily be attracted to you. The secrets of the mental game of money are revealed by watching this video. You'll also discover:
  • Practical advice to attract wealth
  • Two simple tools to attract abundance
  • How a dream board can help you achieve your goals
  • How to give yourself a regular dose of motivation and keep that fire burning in your belly
  • And more!
Video #10 – Creating A Drive That Motivates You To Keep Going

It can be overwhelming to create your business and this video shows you how to overcome the initial roadblocks most people face. Inside this video you will also discover:

  • The secret to using enthusiasm and the feeling of accomplishment to accomplish your biggest goals
  • Easy ways to motivate yourself and commit to your goals
  • How “nay-sayers” could actually talk you out of your goals
  • How using an accountability partner forces you to feel good by doing work
  • And more!
Fast Action Bonus #1 – 1 Hour Report Condenser

This bonus is basically a condensed version of the main report, with the specific purpose of showing you exactly how to succeed in the quickest way possible.
Fast Action Bonus #2 – Interview with Ryan Parenti About Anwesh Rath Rapid Success System.
Ifyou know who Ryan Parenti is, you know he's one damn good marketer, and very successful to boot. This is a call that is from a series of interviews we did. You'll get your hands on this behind the scenes interview…before it's officially released to the general public!
FastAction Bonus #3 – Outsourcing Secret Videos
This video shows you exactly how to get quick traffic to your website, create professional videos and more for as little as $5.

Rapid Success Blast - 200 MB

Product 15
PLR Special

"Grab These 89 Unrestricted Private Label Rights Ebooks and Instantly Have Everything You Need To Create Multiple Income Streams for Yourself!"

A salespage is included and some of the individual ebooks have salespages as well.
You can see the ecovers at
The titles are:

Profit Funnel Ideas
Web 2.0 Sites Exposed
Develop Your Financial IQ
Internet Entrepreneurship Survival Guide
Fire Your Boss And Join The Internet Marketing Revolution!
Blogging Basics For Beginners
Building Influence With Free Membership Sites
Free Reports Exposed!
List Building Strategies That Really Work
Winning The Affiliate War
How to Create an Out-of-Control Viral Marketing Campaign
Explode Your Monthly Income Through Monthly PLR Sites
Saving Time and Money for Work at Home Entrepreneurs
Real Estate Investment Secrets
The E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset
Guide To Successful Online Freelancing
Resale Rights – The Alternative
Unlimited Customers Goldmine
Ebook Creation For Illiterate
Exploding Your Sales
Mailist Cash Extraction Goldmine
Google Adsense
Affiliate Marketing A-to-Z
Email Marketing A-to-Z
Ezine Marketing A-to-Z
Pay Per Click Marketing A-to-Z
Beating the Beast Goldmine
How To Make Your Home Sell
7 Days to Easy-Money: Get Paid To Write A Book
10 Ways To Write More Effective Ads
7 Infamous Resell Rights Questions Answered
The Might Of Character Building
The Golden Rules Of Acquiring Wealth book
Landing Page Success Guide
The Affiliate Marketer's Handbook
What You Need To Know When Pursuing Wealth
Ebook Marketing Exposed
Recurring Home Income Secrets
Search Engine Manifesto
Traffic Overdrive
The Self Improvement HandBook
Top Affiliate Tactics
Guide to PC Security
5 Steps to Online Dating Success
How to Protect Yourself From Spyware/Adware
Opt-in List Building for Beginners
Quick & Easy Guide to Article Marketing
Road to PLR Riches
The PPC Marketing Guide
Guide to Give Away Events
30 Maximum Conversion Rate Tips
Networking Marketing Survival - How to Survive in the Network Marketing Jungle
Network Marketing Pitfalls
Dealing With Loneliness
Show ME THE PLAN Part 1
Show ME THE PLAN Part 2
Personality Quadrants Dating Guide
101 Powerful Tips for Legally Improving Your Credit Score
Found Money: How To Generate Quick Cash In An Emergency
Family Budget
Quick Start Guide To Easy Online Profits
Free And Low Cost Ways To Huge Web Traffic
Quick And Easy Ways To Boost Your Business Profits
Relationship Marketing With E-Mail
Think And Grow Rich For Internet Entrepreneurs
Convert Your DVDs To iPod Video
Everything You Need to Know about the Video iPod
Top 6 DVD to Video iPod Converter Software
The Inside Scoop on The Video iPod Battery
The Ultimate Guide to Video iPod
Unlocking The Niche Code
Powerful "Offline" Marketing In The Internet Age
Boosting Self Esteem Guide
Holistic And Alternative Health
Dog Basics for Newbies
Baby Showers Revealed
Bass Fishing 101
Email Marketing For Newbies
The Ultimate Baby Boomer's Guide
Firesale Essence
How to Make Your Home Energy And Cost Efficient
Scooters, Mopeds, and Other Fuel Efficient Vehicles
Insiders Guide To Forex Trading
Gas Saving Devices
All Greenhouse Growing
Hybrid Cars Why Bother?
How to Live Green
Renewable Energy
PLR Special - 148 MB

There is over 3 GB of products here that you'll be able to download immediately.

So how much would you expect to pay
for over 3 GB of Products?

I could easily charge $67 for these products, but you won't pay that, and not even $57 or $47.

You can download all of these products for the incredible price of only $17 when you join PLR Diamond today!

Join PLR Diamond And You Will Get Access To AT LEAST
50 More Products Every Month!

**** And not only will you get the products listed here, you'll also have immediate access to the first months 50+ products (over 6 GB).****

These are not old products that have been sitting around for years. These are the latest, most up-to-date PLR, including niches like Offline Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Facebook and Wordpress, and Twitter.

But Wait, There's More....

Product 16
How to Customize Your WordPress 2011 Theme

"Stop Wasting Money On Premium Themes! Customize Your Free 2011 Default WordPress Theme To The Exact Look & Feel You Need & Want!"

Comes with 15 videos and 15 audio files.
How to Customize Your WordPress 2011 Theme - 190 MB

Public Domain Profits

If you're sick and tired of not making any money online then you need to discover the
The Lazy Internet Marketer's Way To Riches!

The Secret To Making Money Online Is To Understand That Content Is KING!
Inside this ground breaking report you'll discover:
  • A simple system you can use to quickly and easily determine if particular piece of content is in the public domain or not
  • One trick you can use to make money from a book in the public domain without having to make any changes at all to the book itself
  • How adding the most miniscule amount of your own content to a public domain work can allow you to claim it as your own and make even more money
  • Why breaking up public domain content into bite sized chunks may be the most effective use for it in your business, and how to do it fast
  • How to take 2-4 books out of the public domain and create an entire membership website, where you get paid over and over again, month after month
  • How you can use public domain content as a limitless source for your article marketing, video marketing, and blog marketing efforts
  • A stupidly simple way to create entirely new products from scratch by joining two or more public domain works together
  • How to take a public domain work and change it into a video or audio product, so that you can charge 10-15 times more than if you were selling it as a book
  • How to transform the web's major search engines into your public domain slave, getting them to serve you high quality public domain content at your demand
  • My super exclusive list of public domain websites that I reference time and again to source content
  • The two words you can use to increase the power of your marketing for your public domain content by leaps and bounds
  • How you can cheaply turn a digital public domain work into a printed book and charge twice as much for the same information
  • Why using public domain content may be the most powerful way to inject your mailing list with explosive growth
  • And much, much more!
Public Domain Profits - 85 MB

Product 18
Non-Stop Viral Traffic

Unleash The Massive Traffic Potential Of Sites Like YouTube and Facebook To Dramatically Increase Your Profits.

LearnHow You Can Use The Power of ‘Word of Mouth’ To Dominate Your Niche And Boost Your Profits.

TheOnly Viral Traffic Course You’ll Ever Need …
The Non-Stop Viral Traffic program will show you everything you need to know about using viral traffic to build your business. Take a look at what you get in this complete, in-depth course …

Video 1 – Introduction To Viral Traffic - 8m 19s
  • Learn all about viral traffic and why it’s so important to your marketing plan
  • Understand why you need to harness the power of viral traffic to massively increase both your profits and your list memberships
Video 2 – Methods #1 and #2
  • Learn how to use quality content to create viral traffic
  • Discover the power of creating ‘freebies’ to draw in new visitors
Video 3 – Methods #3, #4, and #5 - 15m 35s
  • Learn the importance of trust when building viral traffic
  • Harness the power of YouTube to flood your site in traffic
  • Create brandable products for some amazing viral traffic success
Video 4 – Methods #6 and #7 - 11m 21s
  • Discover the power of blogging and how it can drive huge numbers to your site
  • Use popular social sites to generate huge amounts of quality traffic
Video 5 – Methods #8, #9, and #10 - 9m 52s
  • Unlock the RSS secrets used by power bloggers to generate great viral traffic
  • Learn how to get other sites to promote your site – for free!
  • Discover how controversy can be your friend
Video 6 – Methods #11, #12, and #13 - 7m 21s
  • Learn how to run contests to get people coming back to you site again and again
  • Find out how to use the power of trust to not only build a huge amount of traffic, but a huge amount of *quality* traffic
Video 7 – Methods #14 and #15 - 11m 51s
  • Use games or tools that you create to spread your message in record time
  • What product is easy to create and is growing in popularity across the internet? Find out in Method #15!
Video 8 – Methods #16-#21 - 18m 48s
  • Unleash the power of community sites
  • Discover the power of the offline goldmine!
  • Bringing it all together – approaching viral traffic generation in a way that’s right for you
Non-Stop Viral Traffic - 159 MB

Product 19
Kick Ass Sales Page Video Creation

If you are marketing on the internet, you need a QUICK solution to gain the attention of your target market WITHOUT all the BS and hype.

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In 'Kick Ass' Sales Page Video Creation, You Will Discover…
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  • How to Embed Videos in Your Sales Page
  • How to Download ANY YouTube Video
  • How to Upload Custom MP4 Files to Your Server
  • How to Create PROFESSIONAL Embeded Video
Kick Ass Sales Page Video Creation - 157 MB

Product 20

WP Sales Graphic

"Create Unlimited Graphics Embed With Simple Shortcode."

Here is just some of what you will learn:

Why you need to use the WPSalesGraphic Plugin:
  • Increase your conversions and clicks by using the specially designed Buy Now Graphic that lets you add your own headline, content, button text, button url, change button color and even add an graphical icon.
  • Emphasize any point, offer or review using the Sales Box Graphic designed to let you display your own headline and content, while customizing the color and adding a graphical icon
  • Get more subscribers using the Video Optin Graphic designed to let you add your own video embed code and auto-responder code with headline and content, while customizing the color and graphical icon.
  • Quick and easy installation. Only takes a few seconds to upload and activate. Then you are ready to start creating any type or graphic to edit post on your pages.
  • Edit any graphic you want and edit the color style, additional graphics, headline, content and much more! It's all there to edit and create your own graphic.
  • Included are icons from ( that give your graphic boxes an extra kick ranging from stars, to social network icons like Facebook, Twitter.
  • While you are creating your graphics you can click the preview button to see what your graphics look like before ever hitting the save button!
  • Grab your shortcodes from the plugin options to easily copy and paste into any of your pages or posts to see your graphics take place instantly!
  • Enhanced grahical areas: Sales Box, Buy Now and Video Opt-in give you the power to create any type of marketing graphic you need for any blog post.
  • Easily manage your graphics from the wp plugn options panel edit, delete and grab your shortcode for all your sales graphics easily and quickly.
  • Includes help video that shows how to create all types of graphics and embed onto your blog - post. Includes resource video links to get started with sales graphics.
WP Sales Graphic - 4 MB

Product 21
8 Internet Marketing Scripts

The scripts include...
  • Auto Countdown
    Great For New Product Launches, Firesales, Giveaways and Dime Sales
  • Auto Launcher
    Not Only Works Great For Counting Down To a New Product Launch… But Also For Creating Buyer Urgency By Setting A limited Tme Restrain
  • Auto RSS

    Populate Your Site With Videos, Blog Content, Articles, And More! Using Selected Niche Keywords

  • Auto Squeeze

    AutoSqueeze is a floating Email Optin box that follows your page viewers as they read your sales letter

  • Easy Cloaker

    Protect Your Commissions With The Easy Cloaking Script

  • Easy SplitTest

    Test two or more different versions of your sales page.

  • Email Router

    Cut Down The Number Of Spam Complaints From Subscribers That Use Free Email Accounts!

  • Mass URL

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8 Internet Marketing Scripts - 1 MB

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225 Underground Niches Keyword Reports

You’re About To Discover 225 Underground Niches (keyword research reports) Ready To Pump Money Into Your Bank Account While You Sleep!

225 Underground Niches Keyword Reports - 110 MB

Product 23
9 Pack Niche Ebooks

This package includes:
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  • Guaranteed- Six Pack Abs in Six Weeks
  • Get Your Home Refinanced The Easy Way
  • Idiot Proof – How To Make Her Fall For You On The First Date
  • Know What Your Little Angel Needs
  • No More Pills – Weight Loss through Yoga
  • The Great Wedding Planner
  • Quit Smoking Right Now
  • Do Not Panic – Here’s How You Control Your Panic Attacks!
9 Pack Niche Ebooks - 170 MB

Product 24
WordPress SEO Secrets Revealed

This Video Series Features:
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  • The Importance of SEO – Before you start applying SEO to your WordPress blog, you need to understand why it is so important.
  • The Power of Keyword Research – If you aren't creating posts that are focused on specific keywords, you are literally taking a stab in the dark at achieving natural search engine rankings. Follow along as I explain keyword research in detail, and perform a real live case study.
  • What Free Plugins You Absolutely Need to Make Optimization a Cakewalk – There are a ton of free plugins out there that make SEO a breeze. I will show you the best one's that you'll need, and how they operate.
  • How to Create an "Optimized Post" – I will take you step-by-step through creating an optimized post from the ground up.
  • How to Create a Google Optimized Sitemap – I will show you how to setup a Google-friendly sitemap that will update on its own
  • How to Setup an Effective Navigation Structure – Learn how to structure your blog to make it easy for the search engines to understand exactly what you are offering.
  • How to Encourage Visitor Interaction – Engaging your blog audience is very important. I will show you (along with the help of some excellent plugins) how to do this effectively.
  • How to Harness the Power of Social Networks - Social networks are becoming increasingly important. Learn how to use them to propel your blog to new heights.
  • How to Track Your Blog Statistics – I will walk you through installing Google Analytics, and talk about how to understand it.
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WordPress SEO Secrets Revealed - 148 MB

Product 25
26 Business Building Software Tools

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26 Business Building Software Tools - 168 MB

Product 26
Wordpress Mastery Videos

"Here's How You Can Master WordPress With These 30 Step By Step Tutorial Videos!"

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • Video 1: How to Create Subdomains and Add-on Domains in cPanel
    This video shows you how to create both sub-domains and add-on domains!
  • Video 2: How to Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
    Installing WordPress automatically through cPanel is the easiest and fastest way. This video shows you how to install WordPress within 2 minutes by using cPanel.
  • Video 3: How to Install WordPress Manually Via FTP
    If your hosting account does not have cPanel, you can also choose to install WordPress manually via FTP. This is a more tedious process and this video shows you how to install WordPress manually via FTP.
  • Video 4: How to Change Your Permalinks Structure
    The default permalinks structure used by WordPress does not help in on-site search engine optimization (SEO). This video shows you how to change your permalinks structure to make it more SEO-friendly.
  • Video 5: How to Create New Blog Posts
    The easiest way to start blogging would be to create new blog posts. This video shows you how to create a new blog post in WordPress.
  • Video 6: How to Create New Pages
    You can also create pages in WordPress such as "About Me" which are separate from the blog content. This video shows you how to create a new page in WordPress.
  • Video 7: How to Insert Images
    How to make your blog look more attractive, you're bound to need to insert images to make it more lively. This video shows you how to insert images in your blog posts.
  • Video 8: How To Install Plugins Automatically
    There are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins available to improve various functionalities WordPress! This video shows you how to install WordPress plugins automatically via the dashboard.
  • Video 9: How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically
    There are always new updates for WordPress plugins. And you might want to delete old plugins which you're no longer using. This video shows you how to upgrade and also delete your plugins automatically.
  • Video 10: How to Upload & Install Plugins Manually
    If you happen to download a plugin which cannot be installe automatically, you'll have to upload it manually via FTP. This video shows you exactly how to do that!
  • Video 11: How to Install Themes Automatically
    A wordpress theme is a layout template designed to run on WordPress. Thousands of pre-made WordPress themes exist on the Internet. This video shows you how to install WordPress themes automatically via the dashboard.
  • Video 12: How to Customize Your Theme Menu
    Inside your WordPress dashboard, you can actually create your own custom navigation menus and footer menus. This video shows you how to customize your theme menu.
  • Video 13: How to Upload and Install Themes Manually
    Not all themes can be installed via the dashboard and when that happens,you can do it the traditional way. This video shows you how to upload and install themes manually via FTP.
  • Video 14: How to Use Widgets in The Sidebar
    WordPress Widgets (WPW) is like a plugin, but designed to provide a simple way to arrange the various elements of your sidebar content (known as "widgets") without having to change any code.. This video shows you how to use widgets in the sidebar.
  • Video 15: How to Add and Manage Users
    You can actually allow other people to post content to your blog by adding user accounts and giving others login access. This video shows you how to add and manage users in your WordPress blog.
  • Video 16: How to Upgrade WordPress Version Automatically Via The Dashboard
    WordPress frequently release new version updates to add security fixes or upgrade functionality. This video shows you how to quickly upgrade your WordPress version automatically via your dashboard.
  • Video 17: How to Inserting Audio or MP3 Files
    Instead of just plain text, you can also insert audio or mp3 files to allow your readers to listen to them on your blog. This video shows you how to cinsert audio or mp3 files to your wordpress blog.
  • Video 18: How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog
    Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally unique avatars which can appear beside comments leaved by your readers. This video shows you how to use gravatars for your WordPress blog.
  • Video 19: How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles
    In order to make changes to your theme's appearance, you need to edit the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file. This video shows you how to edit your WordPress theme's CSS styles.
  • Video 20: How to Add YouTube Videos to WordPress Automatically
    Another way to make your blog more lively and entertaining is by adding videos to it.This video shows you how to easily add videos from Youtube to WordPress automatically
  • Video 21: How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
    Anything could happen to your blog and you do not want the unfortunate incident of losing years of blog content. So you would want to create backups of your blog so you can restore it when you need them. This video shows you how to create backups for your wordpress blog.
  • Video 22: How to Import Content from Blogger to WordPress
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  • Video 23: How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress
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  • Video 24: How to Place a Banner In the Sidebar
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  • Video 25: How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post
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  • Video 26: How to Add Feedburner to Your WordPress Blog
    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds allow you to easily syndicate content from your blog so others can easily view on their RSS readers. A feedburner account will allow you to setup your blog's RSS feed. This video shows you how to add Feedburner to your WordPress blog.
  • Video 27: How to Install and Use the All-In-One SEO Plugin
    The All-In-One SEO plugin is an extremely useful WordPress plugin which improves your blog's on-site search engine optimization (SEO).This video shows you how to install and use the all-in-one SEO plugin.
  • Video 28: How to Install and Use A Contact Form Plugin
    You'll probably want to allow your blog readers to have a way to contact you to encourage more interaction.This video shows you how to install a contact form plugin on your WordPress blog and how to use it.
  • Video 29: How to Insert an Aweber Form In The Sidebar
    Ideally, you'll also want to capture your blog readers onto your mailing list. To do tha, you need an autoresponder account like Aweber. This video shows you how to insert an Aweber form in your sidebar.
Video 30: How to Use The Akismet Spam Plugin
Every blog is bound to face comments left from spammer. If you wish to manage these spam comments manually on your own, it's going to take up loads of your time. This video shows you how to use the Akismet spam plugin to combat these spam comments.
Wordpress Mastery Videos - 178 MB

So what do you say?

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Here's how it works

It's only $17 a month for membership.

Every month you will have access to the most up-to-date PLR, Resale Rights products and Master Resale Rights products in numerous categories ranging from Internet Marketing, Finance, Business, Health, Home and Family, and Sports and Recreation. And from time to time there will also be products whose license is for Personal Use only, so you will get those products as well.

Many of the products will come with their own website, so all you have to do is make a few tweaks and you're set.

If you like what you see, you can continue on and get at least 50 more products each month.

Any time you wish to end your membership, you can contact me and I will cancel it for you.

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Take 30 days to go through the products.

If you're disatisfied in any way, just let me know and I'll return your $17 investment, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Bottom line is, you can only gain from enrolling.


(Please note, when you register you must provide
your own Username and Password)

What are you wating for?
Get started today making your own infoproducts from PLR!

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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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This looks like a huge package!

Have you produced these products? I mean were you the original author?

Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.
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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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Hi hpgoodboy,
Sorry for the delay getting back to you - I've been sick for the last 2 days.
No I didn't make them. They are products that I've purchased.

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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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Jenny, I've just bought this and didn't get instructions on what happens next.

Please have the information sent to my paypal email ASAP.

- DomainSky
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Unread 12th Jan 2012, 07:05 PM   #5
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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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I just sent you an email.

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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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Hey everyone,

Just want you to know that when you sign up this will be the first page you see after Paypal. You just have to fill in the information and then you'll be redirected.

****You provide your own username and password.****


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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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Actually, I purchased it and did not get that page, I got to a page after Paypal saying "Wishlist Member" at the top and I clicked the link and it brings me here:

Non-member | PLR Diamond

Can you check and see what the issue is for me and why I have not received my information/access?

I do not have PM access here, so please email me: and that was also the paypal email used to pay.

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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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Hi Bull,
I don't see any Paypal transaction with your email address. Will you please PM me with your transaction ID?

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Re: Grab over 25 PLR, MRR and RR products - over 3GB - for dirt cheap!
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Sorry, I realize you can't PM me, but if you'll just send your transaction ID to, I'll get you taken care of.


If you can read this.... thank a teacher.
If you can read this in English... thank a vet!
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Re: Grab over over 3GB of PLR, MRR and RR products for dirt cheap!
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Hi Jenny,
How do i get into the PLR Diamond - Warrior Gold Membership site. I have sent my transaction ID to
I need access to this info ASAP!!

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Re: Grab over over 3GB of PLR, MRR and RR products for dirt cheap!
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Just a note that everything has been fixed regarding getting immediate access to the membership area. Anyone joining will get access immediately.

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Re: Grab over over 3GB of PLR, MRR and RR products for dirt cheap!
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hey msdobe, would you have such an offer for the dating niche?
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