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Unread 18th Apr 2012, 06:04 PM   #1
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[FREE TRIAL] The Cure For Guru-itis = Coders + Custom-Made Tools + Great Ideas
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The Symptoms
  • How many WSOs have you purchased?
  • How many coaching sessions? Ebooks? Video courses? Boot camps? Training webinars?
  • How much have you spent? . . . How much are you making?

A few months ago a few of us got together and said,


We think we're pretty smart. No dummies anyway. If making money online were as easy as some of these Gurus say it is then what the heck were we doing wrong?

We decided that the Gurus weren't telling us the whole story.

"For just $1 I'll tell you how to make 7 figures."

Yeah, sure! If that were true, then why did they need my lousy buck?

No, these Gurus are just taking advantage of Internet marketing newbies. They are guys who make a living off people who are trying to make a living online. Unless you become one of them, you won't make money from what they tell you.

The real Internet marketers make a living actually selling goods and services, sometimes their own, sometimes another's, to this huge and growing market of online consumers. They rarely if ever share their secrets and they never, ever sell their methods to the masses.

Think about it. You're making a killing online so one day you wake up and say,

"This method is making me a couple of thousand a day so I think I'll try to sell it to 1,000 people for $17."

Why would you do that and risk
over-saturating the method and the market?

Besides, we all know that to get anywhere you have to do something that Google says it doesn't want you to do. So saturating the market with your tools and methods is bound to risk the wrath of the Big G. It's suicide - you wouldn't do it and the real Internet marketers don't do it.

So we decided to fire our Gurus and form a small group to collaborate. We'd share the cost of a team of coders, share all our ideas, and together come up with the custom tools and methods we need. After 4 months it has been working great and we want to expand from our initial 50 members to our full-capacity - 200 members.

Can you hire a team of expert coders on your own?
Not unless you're already wealthy

Can you stay current with the latest, most important news in the online industry?

No, but a group can.

Can you test everything, learn from experience, fine tune your method, and keep testing everything until something succeeds?

No, but a group can.

How many really promising ideas can you brainstorm, analyze, evaluate and implement on your own?
Not nearly as many as a group working together.

Get the picture?

The group has to be small enough to stay under the radar, avoid over-saturating the market with either its tools or techniques. But it needs to be big enough to afford a team of coders while remaining easily affordable. It also needs to have enough members that the ideas, experience, and feedback keep flowing.

Lastly, the group needs to be headed up by an expert coder. Not a Guru, but a true technical wizard who oversees his team to ensure that the custom-made tools the members request are:
  • promptly developed,
  • fully supported, and
  • consistently maintained
The Cure for Guru-itis is . . .

The December 11 Group
Click for details on a 10 day free trial membership
Membership is strictly limited to 200 max. - ever
We won't tell you how to do it. We'll just do it, together.
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Unread 22nd Apr 2012, 08:43 AM   #2
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Re: [FREE TRIAL] The Cure For Guru-itis = Coders + Custom-Made Tools + Great Ideas
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Seems interesting

“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them”― Jim Rohn
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