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pwarde 1st May 2012 07:10 PM

$ 4 Good designers, coders and VAs
Hi guys
I'm just your average guy on wf. Are you a designer, graphic artist, coder or a VA? I built a website to pay money from guys and gals like me to guys and gals like you who can do all these wonderful things. The thing is if you register its free and there's no spam etc.

Its called creationhero.com

What I found looking for staff to work for me was it took just as long to have an interview as it did to do the actual job. Then some of the applicants got upset cause they knew they could do the job and I wasn't giving them a chance.

So this concept is so you can either:
A: make more money than working by the hour.
B: get employed by someone after the contest.
C: get paid if you do well in a interview/contest process.

The idea is to make it fairer and faster for all parties. When you speed up a process like looking for work up it means you can apply for more roles or do more contests. When you add in payment for essentially the interview process you can then do more interviews as you can sustain an income from getting a few wins.

Cause the people looking for your services will naturally price the contests at different price points it means that you wont be always competing against a "gun" because they will be getting more confidence and going for the greater prize money. It means your can find your own level and the types of competitions you want to compete in.

There a a whole bunch of categories I have come up with to get the ball rolling. These are:
Affiliate Product Creation
Article Writing
Audio Production
Copy Writing
Game Graphics
Header and Banner Design
Job or Contract Interview Test
Logo Designs
Code Writing
Video Production
Virtual Assistant
Web Designs
Wordpress Design and Coding

As you can see there is a lot of categories, if you know someone who is looking for work in a related field do them a favour and send them to my site!
Thats creationhero.com the URL is http://creationhero.com

As far as support goes and getting you started I am on skype and email, and I will be busting myself to make sure you are being looked after like a king or queen.

So it doesn't matter if you are a student, a part timer or a professional there will be a contest for your skills and abilities.

As soon as enough of you wonderfully talented people sign up I will be going to get contest holders.

I have also found that a lot of people who are good at creation or design would rather do that work activity first and foremost and may have no interest in having a business with the encompassing hassles. This is a way to make good solutions for customers and just get paid. It also means if you have a full time job you can do this type of contest as a way of relaxation.

I will be producing statistics and a leader board too. Essentially I will be building a website where a little friendly competition will develop and push your skills or give you a bit of fun, its going to be your call.

I am available on skype either peter.warde or creationhero so call or IM me for more information. Oh and of course you can PM here as well.

Thanks for your time and I hope you will go register at creationhero.com it's free and there's no spam or ads etc.

pwarde 2nd May 2012 02:58 PM

Re: $ 4 Good designers, coders and VAs
Update for those who got this far :-) There is a contest for the nicest profile on CreationHero.com. The prize is $40 for first, $20 for second and $10 for third.

All you have to do is register and fill out your profile which is less than a page.... Then register for the contest on the home page.


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