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Unread 20th May 2012, 08:54 AM   #1
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Thunder Roared & Lightning Flashed - Direct Call to Action Copywriting
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He struck the match. Fire flickered. The fuse lit and
an explosion of emotional trigger words e
like lightning through his fingertips...

High Voltage

Special Offer

  • Are you looking for a very experienced professional copywriter?
  • Do you want to stick a piece of dynamite under your sales copy?
  • Do you want to boost your conversion rate dramatically?
  • Do you want to make more profit instantly?
  • Do you want to minimize your risk and at the same time explode your profits sky high?

Want to see your sales, profits and revenues spike?...

If so you're in the right place because when you hire a copywriter...

You want this individual to give you the best possible return on your money invested.

When you hire a copywriter... want this individual to give you a
very good return on your investment. Otherwise... what is the point of hiring them in the first place?

When you hire me to carry out your copywriting for you, you’ll be given a license to virtually print your own money. (Excuse the cliche but it's true).

You better be hanging onto your seat.

Gripping it for all you're worth.


Because right now...

I'm quivering with high octane energy raring to get started on your copywriting project.

Squirm, wince, laugh or cry
or simply to make them buy

You need a fantastic copywriter on your side...

...ready to command and direct the action.

Now I'm going to make this the easiest ever decision for you.

Forget the newbie copywriters, they're not going to give you the return on investment you demand.

For this very small investment you simply cannot afford to pass up on this amazing opportunity. What other copywriter with many years of experience is going to offer you an amazing deal like this one...

from just $197

If you want your target audience... feel heat, hunger, desire, life, death, heaven or hell, stoked up, on the edge of their seats quivering with excitement to get their hands on what you can offer them...

Contacting me today will be in your best interest.

When you need
your target audience feeding in a frenzy from the palm of your hand… whipping out their credit cards to order goods, products and services from you

You need Mark Andrews Copywriter - fighting in
your corner.

Delivering to you the best possible conversion rate for the money.

Special Offer

Is available to just

1 client per week

You want in?...

You're going to have to act fast. As in... instantly.

Meaning you need to take action right now. If you do not act instantly...

...chances are somebody else will book your slot.

First come. First served. No exceptions.

Investment required?...

Just $197

Bear in mind... usual copywriting rates start at $1,500 therefore this represents a sizzling $1,300+ OFF my normal copywriting fees.

Call me a fool.

Call me stupid.

Tell me I'm off my rocker. Whatever.
I've heard it all.

The fact remains... if you want a top professional proven copywriter writing your sales copy...

You need to act on this RIGHT NOW.

Website sales copy... Sales letters... Rewrites... Whatever you need...

...the investment asked for is just

And guaranteed there is just one
EXCLUSIVE open slot per week available.

Has it got
your name on it? You tell me.

Proven results?

How about the...

$21,000+ I made for Warrior member Matt Wolfe of in just one day!

Or the incredible and amazing 50% conversion rate I achieved for George Secher of based in Chicago, Illinois.

That's right, a full 50% conversion rate... 1 in every 2 visitors to the website calling his company directly, quite literally turning around a struggling company which in the recession had laid off most of it's staff... very quickly taking on 4 new members of staff to keep up with the demand for their services and all due to the copywriting I supplied for their business homepage.
An amazing return on his initial investment!

Or how about which has also netted the owner of this website close to $30,000 to date. Another excellent return on the small investment asked for.

And if those examples aren't enough for you, this sales copy is still going strong from 3 years ago... netting the owner a superb return on his initial investment.

And here... another more recent example where I was asked to rewrite the homepage for this tradesman based in the United Kingdom.

Plus many more!

Let me tell them (your potential customers) exactly what they need to know and how to get their hands on what they want.

"I'll fulfill their desire...
quench their thirst
and eliminate their pain
fast, easily and hassle-free
putting more money back
in YOUR pocket."

And all from just $197...

  • I helped one Warrior earn $21,000 plus in just 1 day
  • Plus a whopping 50% conversion rate for a Chicago businessman's website (not a squeezepage)
  • $30,000 ROI for another fellow Warrior
  • Over $100,000 profit from a single eBook within 4 weeks for yet another Warrior
  • Plus many more superb success stories from countless other confidential private clients

Just a few of my client reviews:

"Mark has done some work for me in the past and I can assure you he is one of the most attentive copywriters I've ever come across. Timely, efficient and writes superb copy - he is my go-to guy when I need copy quickly for my own ventures...

Get on this while you can - super service which is an investment and well worth your time.

A superb creative, ready to take action and always on the pulse of what's happening in the marketing world. A naturally hard worker, Mark delivers on all levels - from his compelling copy to his extensive marketing knowledge.

Working with Mark has allowed me to take my own marketing knowledge up a gear and really see results with my own business.

I highly recommend Mark if you want solid, actionable advice and high-converting copy.”

Arfa Iqbal
Direct Response Copywriter, Freelance Writing Services - October 27, 2011

"Mark went above and beyond to produce great sales copy and to give excellent advice on how best to use it."

Onaje Johnston Ph.D. - November 11, 2009

"Mark Andrews is one of the few copywriters who combines creative acumen with business savvy and brings a great deal of passion to the table. He is very devoted to each client, and his work ethic is commendable.

If you are looking for a copywriter with extensive business expertise, effective communication and customer service skills, and a sense of humor...Mark maybe the solution you have been looking for."

Angela Kambarian
President, Essential Communications
- May 28, 2011

"Mark made a tremendous difference to our bottom line. Our website just wasn't converting and Mark provided a new copy that saw instant results.

Out of a handful of copywriteres we engaged, Mark was the only one to deliver a copy which could be put straight into production and just worked first time."

Christian - 21 December 2011

"Wow! Mark Andrews completed my copy project professionally and with supreme speed! (Took him 1/2 the time!) He rewrote my squeezepage with ease and skill. Gave me some excellent advice and pointers on how I could improve my own writings as well! You'd be crazy not to hire him."

Best regards,

Danny Tang

Originally Posted by Rach72

I just have to pipe up here and add my .02 to this offer of Marks......

If you think that you can save yourself some dosh by doing your own sales copy then think again - NOT taking this offer is going to cost you dearly.

Now I wouldn't normally say that, because everyone IS capable of doing their own copy, but here's the thing ..... when you have a bonafide expert in any field offer their services to you for less than what it would cost you to try to do it yourself you take it don't you?

Mark Andrews is without a doubt one of the geniuses of sales copy

I had the good fortune to have the benefit of his advice and experience which has lead me to create articles that have a consistent CTR of 40% plus.
His tweaking of my sales copy lead to a conversion rate of well over 40% (prior to his input it was less than 1% eeek!)

The fact that he is practically GIVING away his services speaks volumes about the type of guy he is. So don't be put off by any negative feedback.

Take it from me.....

Mark Andrews IS the real deal and this IS one hell of a deal!

You'd be bonkers not to take advantage of his insanity - however temporary it may be!

As I said, just my .02


Originally Posted by kaniganj

A Word About My Copywriting Contemporary, Mark Andrews

...Mark's offer here isn't "interesting"--It's UNBELIEVABLE

WHY Mark would make you this offer is beyond me. I wouldn't do it. And Mark is a better copywriter than I am. He is one of a handful of Ultra-Top-Level Copywriters on this forum. And that means In The World. If copy doesn't work here, it doesn't work anywhere.

If you've realized that words are important, and that the right words can


then let me be crystal clear: you could not have stumbled upon a more magical, powerful, stunning offer! This is like finding those magic beans that you plant and they grow and grow and grow, just like in that kid's story. Only on every leaf is money money money for you.

You want to talk to me, it's gonna be minimum one thousand bucks. And I'll say it again, unabashedly:
Mark is a better copywriter than I am. Helpful and fun to work with, too. Generous nature. $497 is peanuts. Especially for top-level copywriting. Think of the...


...his copy is going to haul in for you. If you have the barest idea of a project that you've been fiddling around with for awhile...or grimace every time you see your landing page, knowing that your sales copy isn't at its very best...take advantage of Mark's offer now and get him to breathe life into it--

If I were him, I'd be taking this offer down very soon.
His work is worth hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of times the investment. I hope this offer is still up a couple of weeks from now, because it's going to be a hell of a lot easier for me to concentrate on implementing my upcoming plans knowing Mark Andrews is taking care of the sales copy.

Originally Posted by Ben_Doyle

We've sold over 500 copies in the last two weeks at £77 per sale - which amounts to just over £40,000 ($63,300+) in sales in just 14 days from your sales copy!
RickDuris endorsement...

There are a number of quality copywriters on this forum who mentor others, including in no particular order Ray Edwards, Malcolm Lambe, Mike Humphreys, Vin Montello, Marcia Yudkin, Paul Hancox and Mark Andrews.

Please send me
an email instantly...


Mark Andrews

PS - This Copywriting Special Offer from one of the Warrior Forum's most well known and respected copywriters is for my standard copywriting package.

No graphics are included at this very low investment asked for.

Copywriting from a proven, well established professional copywriter is not an expense you can do without. This is an exceptional investment in your future!

PPS - Business homepages, WSO copywriting, squeezepages, rewrites etc can all be catered for at this very low $197 price point.

If you need a 'rush job' sales copy supplied in double quick time - I can do this for you from just $497.

Niches I won't touch include the following...

Adult industry, gambling and betting systems, forex and financial, weapons, medicinal quackery, MLM / pyramid schemes or anything of an illegal nature.

Niches I enjoy and excel at include...

Software products, Internet marketing, business guides, marketing guides, how to's, tradesman websites - plumbing, painters and decorators - all building trades and service trades, retail, travel industry etc etc are all fine

If in doubt... ask me first!

Proof element... I'm not some wet behind the ears newbie who just decided to do copywriting for the fun of it.

I've been in business for over 31 years since I was 14 years old.

In other words... I come with a vast amount of business and marketing experience.

I enjoy working with other business professionals who are 100% committed to running their own business.

I enjoy working with individuals who are serious about their business success and ultimately want to increase their bottom line profits.

When you hire me to carry out your copywriting for you...'re giving me free reign to unleash 3 whole decades of business marketing advice in your exclusive direction.

Together let's kick some ass starting TODAY!

Do you fit the bill? Get on this incredible offer Right Now...

Your personal direct call to action...

Email me instantly...
send a private message
or reply below
Skype me or
the easiest way
to get hold of me...


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Unread 20th May 2012, 03:21 PM   #2
War Room Member
Join Date: 2011
Posts: 2,776
Thanks: 2,802
Thanked 2,533 Times in 1,262 Posts
Blog Entries: 2
Re: Thunder Roared & Lightning Flashed - Direct Call to Action Copywriting from Just $197
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Current Status: Taking on New Orders

Approximate turnaround time
3 weeks minimum
(subject to change)

Q/ Could you please explain the process behind your copywriting in more detail?

As a freelance copywriter I start all of my customer relationships with an initial email consultation during which time we discuss your copywriting needs, goals, and approximate time frame required to complete your sales copy.

I will next ask you to provide as much background material information as possible which I will use as the foundation for your copywriting. Most of this information will come from the answers you supply from my comprehensive and highly detailed copywriting questionnaire. This is your chance to give me as much information as possible.
Do take your time with it!

My copywriting career to date as a freelance copywriter has taught me that comprehensive prior knowledge is the key to writing effective copy.

Once I have provided you with the first copywriting draft, I will ask that you thoroughly look over it and organize your comments, questions and revisions for further discussion.

You must expect for your copy to require some revisions. The task of writing copy is essentially a collaborative partnership process. Open communication is absolutely crucial if I am to perform successfully and to your expectations as your freelance copywriter.

Q/ I have a tight deadline to meet. Can you start on my copywriting project instantly?

Not always no unfortunately. A lot will depend on my present case load of projects – invariably any copywriter worth their salt, including myself, are juggling a few projects at the same time all with different deadlines to meet.

Whilst I will do my absolute utmost to start writing your copy just as soon as possible, it is not always possible to get to work instantly.

Writing excellent copy by it’s very nature is not something which can be accomplished very simply overnight, it takes lots of research to properly convey exactly what
you want in words.

Now hold on – that doesn’t mean your copywriting project isn’t important. Quite the opposite in fact! I value highly all of my clients and customers – every time I 'sign on the dotted line' it’s a personal commitment on my part to put my best foot forward and to exceed your expectations.

That said, copywriting is a challenging endeavor, and it takes time to produce high quality work.
Sometimes too, I fall behind schedule largely due to spending more time on a particular project. Please therefore be patient.

Usually I'm writing sales copy in excess of 18 hours a day 7 days a week without let up. I firmly believe in pushing myself consistently to my limits and beyond.

This is my suggestion to you if you are in very urgent need of copy: Shoot me an e-mail as soon as you get an inkling you’ll be needing the professional services of a freelance copywriter.

With plenty of “cushion time” - I’ll be more likely to be able to take on your project and accommodate your time frame without any issues.

Please do not be put off by my approach to this problem, by all means contact me still for even if I cannot fulfill your needs on your very urgent time frame request - I may be able to help you still by passing the project onto a number of other highly competent and professional copywriters who may have an available slot open for you.

If you are adamant that you need to use me right away, it will be a minimum $497.

Q/ I am located in California and you are in the United Kingdom. Can we still work together effectively?

Absolutely no problem at all! Although I run my freelance copywriting business from the Westcountry, UK – my clients are scattered all over the world.

Modern communications such as e-mail, mobile phones etc make it easy for me to work productively and efficiently as your freelance copywriter – no matter where you're located.

Btw I am fully conversant with both American and British English having lived and worked in both countries in my lifetime. I was actually a private consultant to the Senior Vice President of Well's Fargo Bank in my time spent in the United States.

Q/ What are your freelance copywriting fees?

I usually determine my copywriting fees on a per copywriting project basis. Often, copywriting projects are difficult to estimate, and an hourly freelance copy fee is most appropriate. As a general rule of thumb; flat copywriting fees seems to work best for myself and for my clients / customers.

This particular offer available to Warrior members only is for my most basic copywriting service hence the extraordinarily low asking price of just $197

Q/ Do you require a percentage of your copywriting fees to be paid up front as a deposit?

At this extremely low fee it's 100% upfront payable in advance - no exceptions.

Note: A maximum of 2 (two) copy partial rewrites are allowed for after which further base rate fee’s will apply.

Obviously I cannot allow indefinite time period rewrites without some form of limitation which I am sure you can appreciate.

Q/ What do your freelance copywriting fees include?

My copywriting fees include research, email discussions, copywriting, and two rounds of partial copy revisions if required.

Q/ What if I don’t need copywriting “from scratch” – what if I just need a rewrite of the copy I already have? Would you still charge your full copywriting fees in this case?

At this particular price point - yes. This offer at $197 is significantly less than my usual copywriting fee's. I cannot discount this price further under any circumstances whatsoever.

Q/ How can you write about my business if you do not have direct experience in my particular industry sector?

Research is of course an integral and complete essential part of the process for any freelance copywriter and my copywriting rates include this research.

Prior to writing even one word of copy, I spend plenty of time getting fully acquainted with your business model, audience, products and services. I am a fast learner as well as a committed researcher of new information. Research is a part of my life which I truly enjoy.

Bear in mind I do reserve the right to turn down any potential copywriting project which I do not feel is right for me or where I feel I cannot deliver to your high expectations.

There are a few project areas I will not write for, the obvious ones being porn, weapons or anything considered illegal. See above in the main offer for a more complete list.

Q/ Do you require a freelance copywriting contract before you start work?

No – Email communication is normally enough to establish the contract between both parties. Email communications will be the basis for any work agreed to be undertaken for any interested party.

Q/ What happens if I have to cancel my freelance copywriting contract before it is completed, or if I change my mind about the direction of a project halfway through it?

If the sales copy to be supplied as per any promotion or special discount applies (in this case it does) if you cancel for any reason under any circumstances - no refund will be offered.

Q/ Do I own all rights to the copy you’ve written for my business?

As soon as the full copywriting fees for the project have been made in full you own the rights to all work created for you.

However I retain the right, once full payment of copywriting fees have been paid, to use your copywriting project on my samples and testimonials web page or elsewhere unless you specifically state otherwise.

This of course up for discussion. Please let me know if you have any concerns at all regarding confidentiality. If you are not happy about this, just tell me and I will respect your right to complete privacy.

Q/ What’s the best way to contact you if I need to use you as my/our freelance copywriter?

Email is by far the easiest way to get in touch with me these days. I can be contacted at this email address:

If you're searching for a talented, passionate and professional freelance copywriter - contact me.

It would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Warmest regards,

Mark Andrews

PS -
If you want a full graphics package included with your sales copy go to this page...
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Unread 3rd Oct 2012, 01:52 PM   #3
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Join Date: 2011
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Re: Thunder Roared & Lightning Flashed - Direct Call to Action Copywriting
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This offer officially closed on July 9 2012.

If you still wish to contact me by all means do so, however, know in advance my copywriting fees are now a minimum $2,500.

Thank you,

Mark Andrews -
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$197, action, call, copywriting, direct, flashed, lightning, roared, thunder

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