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The Automatic Body by Nutrie Opportunity (Is it really a "gamechanger"?)
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Nutrie launched the Automatic Body program as a
way of helping people to get fit, eat healthier, and
lose weight...

In the process, they also created a great multi-level
marketing (MLM) opportunity for experienced MLMs
and internet marketers.

Our marketing alliance aims to help ambitious
entrepreneurs who are looking for a profitable work
at home opportunity to achieve success through the
Automatic Body.

Weight loss is a thriving industry, but many consumers
are becoming cynical about fad diets and supplements
that claim to be a quick fix.

What people want is a program that fits effortlessly into
their lifestyle and is easy to stick to. Nutrie aims to fill
that demand with the Automatic Body program, a lifestyle
program that focuses on helping people to make one
small change at a time.

Gradually, these small changes add up to make a big
to body weight, fitness, and health.

Nutrie products - named Skinne, Fuel and Energe - are
low in sugar, high in healthy omega fats, and provides
all the nutrition needed to lose weight the healthy way.

On The Cutting-Edge

Meanwhile, the Automatic Body smartphone app sends
reminders to make healthy changes during the day.

This combination of healthy, natural products and
constant motivation provides the kick start needed to
change from an unhealthy lifestyle to an active, healthy

Most weight loss and fitness improvement solutions
come at a great cost to the customer, but Nutrie has
found a way to reverse this trend.

Bonuses of up to $2,000 a month are available to
customers who achieve the best weight loss results
by following the program.

But even more exciting is the Automatic Body friend
referral program, which gives customers a way to earn
money at the same time as they enjoy all the benefits
of the Automatic Body program.

Experienced marketers can earn a great source of
income by referring their friends, family, and extended
networks to the Nutrie Automatic Body program.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Internet marketers,
who can leverage their online networks to find new

Working at home as an online entrepreneur is becoming
more and more popular, as people realize that they can
take advantage of referral programs to strike out on their
own as an Internet marketer.

Anyone with skills in site building, search engine
optimization, blogging, and social networking can earn
money as an online marketer using this kind of referral

Steep Learning Curve?

Of course, success rarely arises in a vacuum; there is
a steep learning curve involved in becoming a marketer,
and it can take a while to see results. In recognition of
this harsh reality, the Nutrie Marketing Alliance has
been set up to help aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion
for health and fitness.

Under the expert advice of team leader Chris Heuwetter,
the members that get approved get all the support
they need
to become successful MLM entrepreneurs.

Improving health and making money as your own boss
do not have to be mutually exclusive goals. As a member
you can do both at the same time.

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