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TopTier Profits 18th March 2013 07:37 PM

Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
Free Commissions Review

If your anything like me, over the past few days, you've probably had countless emails promoting something called "Free Commissions" right?

Well, here in this post I'm going to answer that question with my honest Free Commissions Review.

The video below shows you everything in the members area as well as a demo of the "software". I also show everything that's included with your purchase -

Need more?

==> Click here to read my FULL in-depth Free Commissions Review

Also, check out this "results" video after testing the squeeze pages/funnels for just over 48 hours -

genegem 23rd March 2013 12:36 AM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
Fortunately there are more truthful reviews available ...

chrisdarrenjames 24th March 2013 06:38 AM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
Yeah sounds like another push button software to me. To succeed online you need to have knowledge, skills and a mindset. Even if you outsource tasks then you need the knowledge and the mindset. There are pieces of software out there that can help, but will not get you millions over night. You have to WORK!!!

swriviera 25th March 2013 12:38 AM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.

Originally Posted by genegem (Post 7889091)
Fortunately there are more truthful reviews available ...

Now THAT is a real review (from Erictips.com)-thanks!

Josh, thanks for the in depth look but there are a couple of elements that really bother me with this product.
On your full review you showed the upsells (thanks for posting those):
$100k A Month Income Portal – $195
$238k A Month Website Plus Instant Cash Sites Software – $197
Free Commissions For Life – $175
These are not lightweight prices!!

The squeeze page generator is a good idea but there are others out there - what makes this one better than the others?

And most importantly: you have success because you already have traffic from one site that you are redirecting to your offers. I did not see that getting traffic is a major point in the training (did I miss that?). We all know you can have the most fabulous website but if you don't have any traffic you can't make any money.

I am going to stay away from this one.... unless someone can show me how well it helps you to get the traffic to make those sales.

Have a great day

Sandy Walsh

hbhanot 28th March 2013 06:42 PM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
It does not look like on traffic but its all about having a converting squeeze page. Internet marketing is all about having a squeeze page which converts.
I don't know if there is anything to it. If one blogs he still need a capture page there. Its about making a list and then sell them again and again.

Who don't know how to get traffic? If experienced marketers are looking for push button traffic then I am really sorry then they still don't understand how to make money online. Getting traffic is writing reviews the way Josh just showing us. Write articles. Do some pay per click on 7search. Use some traffic exchanges, safelists if you don't want to spend a dime but want to spend time instead. Set up a funnel and then send traffic to squeeze page.

Its so simple. Have a converting squeeze page and then turn those subscriber into buyers. What else? If there is anything else to it please let me know. Before calling these products scam one needs to see a simple side of it. Open your mind and look at the picture.

What I find in this product is quick build of a squeeze page and test, tweak it. This is what online marketing is? Thanks for reading.

scotnetwork 1st May 2013 12:04 PM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
There is a big miss leading to newbiz and internet business seekers on every single video advert start to come this year , I am looking and trying every products come out since 2007 till now i found nothing realy help. that is not mean I am failing no because it is simple those call them self Guru they do not tell the truth and they do not show setup by step and take you to start make money. here on this products just watch the video advert of it the guy show clicksure account with $$$$ and he promised i will show you what guru do not tell you before and when you buy you laugh realy because 6 year ago i know and i learned from the ebook and program we bought is to build sqweez page and poromote it so they do not come with something new rather than the way they use to advertise the internet business. I challege who ever Guru out they is to teach me and show me the really software and traffic software that can generate me just $1000 a month yes just that not the thousands that they show in their video to misslead us??. Simply it is traffic i work and stay 12 hours every day on computer so if you really honest this will mak money we will pay the money. just yesterday i bought the mobile money code and i laugh nothing I mean nothing easy like they show on the video .any way that is it simple you need money to make money and you need to traffic to generate money.

madz2012 1st May 2013 05:55 PM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
hey mate so i have clicksure account and free commission , but i want to know how to actually make money online using clicksure and making serious money 10k a day plus
can u help me out man ,
I understand i can get products from trade bit or clickbank and sell them , but i want to concentrate on high upsell products like all the links from clicksure


jmharris48 1st May 2013 06:30 PM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
I think that there are other ways to make money online...

This sounds and looks like a system with all kinds of hype. Nobody can start out from scratch and start making $500 overnight... It just ins't going to happen... It takes time. (weeks)

I have fell in love with a system called Instant Payday Network... And this is a system that truly delivers.

beasty513 29th April 2014 10:59 AM

Re: Free Commissions - What is it? Honest Review.
There are no push-button ways to success.

The only way have that is through your ability to generate traffic.

Nothing more.

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