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Unread 22nd May 2013, 04:01 AM   #1
The Link Magnet
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[$99 CHEAP AS HELL] We Will OUTRANK You. The Only High PR Total SEO Solution You Need.
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SEO Agencies Are Crazy About Us...
Your High PR Total SEO Solution
We Will Outrank Your Previous Rankings. Period.

Check Out Our Staggering Results!

We get awesome results and our even more awesome clients love us for that! Check some out below!

Originally Posted by belgianguy View Post

I got a chance to try this and I was very satisfied with the result. Your links with the anchor text of your choosing are placed on pages with high PR. This is not like other high pr backlinking services where your link is placed on a high PR domain, but the actual page is PR0. This is the real deal.
There were three links on the page, so no overkill on outbound links either.
To sum it up:
- Actual high pr pages
- very low outbound links
- quick and friendly service

Well worth the price, I highly recommend it!
Originally Posted by shanekel View Post

I also got the high PR3 link from Pat as a review and i can confirm the link is live and
on an actual PR3 pg with low outbound links.

Pat delivered everything as advertised so i would not hesitate in recommending his service.
Originally Posted by morg2k2 View Post

I also had the oportunity to have a review copy from Pat, and i can say firstly that Pat is customer oriented, so you the buyer will be pat´s first concern.

Secondly about the link was from a verified PR3 homepage with very low outbound links, so the juice will be high.

Many providers will sell you this kind of service from:

a) Non Homepage links, so the PR will be 0.
b) With huge OBL, so the linkjuice will be nearly 0, as i have verified that many providers do.

So in two words my recommendation is: BUY IT
Originally Posted by icemonkey9 View Post

I received a PR3 link and can verify that the link looks great and is from a verified PR3 site. Pat also seems to be great at communication and has been going back and forth with me regularly and seems like a great guy to work with.
Originally Posted by wpxo View Post

I just got a genuine PR3 link from Pat on the homepage, as he promised. There are only a few other outbound links on the homepage so the link juice won't be spread out too thin. Everyone getting a backlink from his site will get some nice link juice to their sites. His communication is also great and he takes the time to explain how to best utilize his service. I would recommend his service to others.

Thanks Pat!
Originally Posted by ADukes81 View Post

I was fortunate enough to receive a free PR3 backlink from Pat. I checked out the link and the site is not filled with outbound links like you see a lot of times. Very happy with the link and his excellent customer service!

He has testimonials from Alex & Alex from Source Wave, Pat knows what he is talking about. This is an outstanding service!

Our Value Proposition

The Link Magnet provides you with the ultimate solution to outsourcing all of your SEO effectively. Whether you're doing personal SEO or SEO for clients, we will spoil you good.

Imagine if at the touch of a button, you could effectively and efficiently have all of your SEO done for you, and get your site ranking in a short amount of time. can stop imagining.

At The Link Magnet we really care about your rankings. We handle all of your link building, right down to the content creation. This is your all-in-one solution. At the push of a button, you can get ALL of your backlinking done and you will never have to worry about creating quality links ever again.

True story.

Our Ideal Clients - Do You Qualify?

If you've been doing reckless link building in the past and think this service is going to save your website, then you're at the wrong place buddy. We're not going to claim we can raise the dead. That's for the other services (See FAQ for more on penalties).

On the other hand, if you've been a good girl or boy, or if you're just starting out with SEO, then you definitely qualify to be part of The Link Magnet.

Keep in mind, that it is EXTREMELY important that you do good keyword research or hire someone to do it for you. Because the better you are at it, the faster you will rank. Period.

100% Safe Links

Safety is our #1 concern here at The Link Magnet. It's paramount for our value proposition.

All the links we build are 110% untraceable and built at a natural rate to ensure client/site safety.

Unlike most services that blast out a mass amount of links, we focus on building a lower amount of pure quality links that are 10x more effective and 30 times safer.

Additionally, we avoid bad link neighborhoods like the plague by only posting to PR 1+ sites, something that is exclusive to our service.

It's not for nothing that our clients survived the Penguin, Panda, and EMD updates.

Our Backlinking Strategy

Our backlinking strategy evolves and changes based on exactly what is working in Google. There's no one strategy-rules-them-all in SEO. Every month we make an adjustment to reflect our testing and Google changes.

On top of that we go through an insane amount of hoops and loops to make sure that every link built to your sites is 100% safe and of a 100% quality.

Here are some of our backlinking features:

High PR Home Page Links

You've probably heard that PR links are at the core of what works right now in SEO, especially PR 3-5 links. As our client, you won't have to go out hunting down high PR guest blogs or link vendors on forums. We have our own network of relevant high PR sites for that.

At The Link Magnet, we safely build PR 5 and PR 3 links, directly to your site, providing you with a crazy amount of link juice. These links stay on the homepage of our PR sites.

On top of this, unlike big PR networks, we do not mass advertise our PR sites, and once they reach a certain amount of links, we close them down forever, making them virtually untraceable to Google.

Finally, we optimize the sites to look 100% natural and differentiate them all the way down to their IP, CMS, even themes, ensuring link quality and safety.

PR 1+ Pyramids and Backlinking

Look...let's get real...mass crappy backlinking just does not work anymore. On top of that, bad link neighborhoods are more damaging than ever. Please avoid them like the plague. Long story short...if you are not posting to quality sites, 100% of the time, your days are limited.

That is why at The Link Magnet 90% of the links we build are PR1+ links. This ensures that all of our links are on quality sites.

It also makes our backlinking superior to any service out there consistently posting to PR 0 and N/A sites.

In a nutshell, in addition to the high PR links, every month we create (amount and type varies with testing):

Wiki links
PDF links
Social bookmarks
Web 2.0s
Web 2.0 profiles
Article links
Rss links

All of this is set up in pyramids to maximize how natural they appear and provide the most juice possible.

On top of this, we stay far away from comments and forum backlinks as those are HUGE signs of spam. (Most other services still build these).

Limited Spots, Always...

With that being said, another thing our service is known for is that we are only open a few times a year.

It isn't a marketing tactic. It's only to make sure that we can focus on delivering the high quality we promise and making our service even more awesome.

Once we're full for the season, we close our doors and start working on the orders. What then happens is just pure awesomeness. We work non-stop to improve our service and will only open again, once we're 100% sure that we can deliver.

So with everything The Link Magnet has to offer, how little is this fun going to cost you?

(Note: Focussing on fewer keywords will tremendously increase the impact of our link building)


Discount Coupon Already Applied:

[SOLD OUT] Sign Up for The Magneto Package ($497/month)

[SOLD OUT] Sign Up for The Link Magnet Package ($297/month)

[SOLD OUT] Sign Up for The Starter Package ($99/month)

Note: During the checkout, include your Keywords and URLs in the "Notes / Additional Information" section. (Up to 5 keywords per domain, see FAQ below for more info).

If you have any further questions, make sure to read the FAQ below. If you have a question that isn't listed in the FAQ, you can ask me personally.

The fastest way to contact me is through email: pat[at]

Looking forward to having you on board!

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Unread 22nd May 2013, 08:40 AM   #2
The Link Magnet
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Got A Burning Question? It’s Probably One Of These:

How Can I Reach Support?

You can contact support here: Contact Support.

Is The Link Magnet Safe?

We're actually happy you care about safety. That's not always the case with clients. When you use The Link Magnet, your links are built by link building EXPERTS. This means we know exactly how to build, hide, and construct links so that you do not get penalized EVER. Our links are built through over 250 unique IPs and hidden private servers. On top of this, we diversify your links and build them at a dripped pace that looks 100% natural. Did we mention already that we take heavy advantage of link pyramids to send a steady natural flow of link juice to your site?

In short: You’re in good hands :)

Does The Link Magnet Work Post Penguin 1.0 and Penguin 2.0?

Yes, it works very well post Penguins. This is the exact strategy we have used to rank dozens of websites for BIG keywords post penguins and have them stick like fly paper.

Oh! And because we are constantly adapting our link building, this will work post rhino, pigeon, and moose too!

Can TLM Bring A Site Back From a Penalty?

While on first instinct we would to tell you to start over new, this severely depends on the extent of the penalty.

If your site has minor link variation problems and your on-page factor got you in trouble, then…
… YES we can help

If you lost some links or your links were devalued, then...
… YES we can help

If Google penalized your site for using blog networks or if you have 1000′s of spammy links that have sent you to page 50+ over night, then...
… You might be in trouble and please don't buy our service unless you want to rank a new site

How Many Domains Can I Send Links To?

For The Starter Package, just one. This is to make sure your site ACTUALLY ranks. If we let you split the package 5 ways, your site would not be taking advantage of the strategy. Now if you get a bigger package it is a different story…

If you get bigger packages, you can either split them between multiple sites (4 for The Link Magnet and 7 for The Magneto) OR you can dedicate the whole package to one site. This makes it possible to rank multiple sites for medium competition keywords or knuckle down and force one site to rank for super hard keywords.

Do The High PR Links Really Stay Forever?

Forever within reason. As long as you're subscribed, we will make sure your high PR links on our network stay where they are. If you decide to unsubscribe after only one month only to abuse us, we won't feel obligated to groom your link any further. On the other hand, if you're a longstanding customer, you might just be in luck.

Does The Link Magnet Work For Competitive Keywords?

Yes! Yes it does. This service is meant for competitive keywords.

However, like we said before, this is within reason. If you want to rank for “how to make money online” or “forex” or “How to lose weight” this is just not going to happen.

Let me reiterate again:

It is EXTREMELY important that you do good keyword research or hire someone to do it for you.

On top of this, if your niche is very competitive, you must understand it will take time to rank. That's just the nature of it. SEO is a long term process, and if you are new in a tough competition niche, you are going to have to beat competitors that have been working for months to years and invested a lot of money to get their rankings.

The difference is that you have a MUCH better SEO strategy than they do :)

Does The Link Magnet Work LOCAL SEO?

If you're doing Local SEO, you need a different plan of attack. You will crush it with our custom Local SEO plans. Your best bet is to contact me at pat[at]

How Fast Will I Rank?

Good question! This truly depends on how well you do your keyword research. We have had people rank VERY highly in as short as a week for big keywords because they picked great niches.

If you are targeting a keyword with competition, 2-3 months is a reasonable bet. You should start seeing some results within the first month though.

If you are targeting a SUPER tough keyword (we will let you know when you are) it could take a while. Please keep this in mind.

What Is The Turnaround Time For My Order?

We build your links over the course of a month. This is done for natural looking link velocity.

Do You Provide A Report?

Yes, we do! Every 30 days, we will send you a file with all the links we built for you.

Are You Affiliated with SAPE?

Hell no.

Will You Pick My Keywords/Keep Track Of My Rankings/Do My On-Page SEO/Tell Me What To Do All The Time?

At The Link Magnet we take a VERY personal stake in your success (hence why we limit how many people we let in, you can’t be “personal” with 100 people). We will point out mistakes you are making and provide guidance. We will even help you with SEO questions.

HOWEVER, this is not part of the service we are offering or included anywhere in what you are paying for. We do this because we truly care and do not mind going the extra mile.

Put very simply...

We are STRICTLY a backlinking service. You are paying us to do all your backlinking for you.
Extensive SEO tracking, on-page advice, and coaching is not included in this service. You can buy them separately as an add-on service.

To make it short, this means we are not obligated to be your personal SEO consultant, and are not an SEO hotline. We will always be eager to help though, just understand we have our limits!

What Are Your Opening Hours?

We are based in Switzerland (GMT +1). Our working hours, the actual work we do on your packages are from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. For support, we offer a 24/7 fast response support. Since we're always connected to the Internet, even when we're not at the office, we will be happy to answer any support tickets all around the clock.

Do You Provide A Ranking-Guarantee?

No. We do work our butts off to provide our services, but it is beyond our power who Google decides to rank. For more reasons why no reputable SEO firm should give guarantees, this article by SEOmoz is very enlightening: Why Reputable SEO Firms Don't Promise Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings | SEOmoz

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes. However...

Since we have a “reserved seat” kinda membership going on, this refund is up to us.

Understand that if you get into The Link Magnet, you automatically took the spot of someone who wanted to be on it. We have a waiting list of over 300 and only open up 20 spots at a time. Because of this, it is very unfair to use our services and then try to get a refund. Not only does it lose us money, it also stops another person from utilizing the spot you took up. It's just uncool...

HOWEVER, we are not jerks here. If something does go terribly wrong with your order, or you have a genuine reason for a refund, we will refund your money immediately (we will evaluate each case thoroughly).

We care VERY much about our customer service and we routinely give people MUCH more than a refund if something goes wrong, or if they do not receive the service they paid for. Remember, your satisfaction and our reputation mean much more to us than money. If you feel you deserve one let us know. You will probably get a refund even if you are dead wrong :)

For further questions related to your order please Contact Support for other inquiries, email me pat[at]
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Unread 24th May 2013, 07:27 AM   #3
The Link Magnet
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Re: [$99 CHEAP AS HELL] We Will OUTRANK You. The Only High PR Total SEO Solution You Need.
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Reviews are in my other thread:
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