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Place Your Affiliate Links Under the Hood of This Marketing System and EXPLODE YOUR SALES
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Place Your Affiliate Links Under the Hood of This Marketing System and EXPLODE YOUR SALES.

. build a massive list while you are at it.

Quick Clarification

This is NOT an affiliate program
. This is a marketing umbrella or system you can use to market your own affiliate programs, whether you are marketing clickbank products, CPAs or whatever. Think of it as the car with your affiliate products under the hood. We offer a service to customize the marketing system for you with the affiliate products you choose. You can add up to 5 affiliate products under the hood of the system. You can also use it to build a list, a massive list, simply by submitting your autoresponder code along with your affiliate product links when you take advantage of the service.

DEMO The Marketing System

The marketing system is a marketing portal for a new program called the Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project. This system is extremely easy to promote because the shrinking middle class issue is something everyone is concerned about. Think of your personal e-mail list, Facebook, LinkedIn, forum discussions, writing articles, press releases, blog posts … just to name a few.

Below are demo versions of the portals:

Position your affiliate links as the project fundraiser
: This is the primary marketing umbrella. As you can see, it’s a simple, plain site, but sometimes simple and plain works best for “issue based marketing campaigns”. The project has broad appeal, not just to bizop enthusiasts. Pay attention to the Option #1 (Support the MCFEP Early Fundraiser) link in the “Get Involved” section. Once your version of this marketing portal is set-up, that link goes to your affiliate products. The commissions you earn here are your affiliate commissions to keep. It qualifies as a fundraiser for the project because, the more money you make from promoting this project, you will continue to re-invest and market, which ultimately benefits the underlying mission/vision of the project. You can promote products in the bizop, weight loss or whatever niche you think people who want to support a fundraiser will buy.

  • Build a Massive List: You can use the Option #2 (Register as an MCFEP Member) to build a list simply by giving us your autoresponder code. To facilitate operations, we install a custom results page which insures that those who register through your autoresponder move-on to operational backoffice websites where, as project managers, we take over to facilitate day to day operations associated with the benefits noted under the MCFEP Financial Empowerment Model overview. This happens behind the scene of your list, which means you can freely mail to your list when you are ready. As you learn more about backoffice operations, you will be able to communicate effectively with your list and lead them to value added products and services.

  • Natural and Motivated Referrals: The shrinking middle class is a hot issue with many. Therefore, by presenting a grassroots lead solution, many will become a natural and motivated referral source for your customized portal.

  • Conduct Local Seminars: This project is ideal for conducting local seminars for both the general and business public. This will be clearer as you learn more about MCFEP backoffice benefits and operations.

Survey Version:
You can use this survey version to conduct surveys online. Just think of sending a message to your facebook or LinkedIn network asking them to complete a simple survey. Because of the questions integrated into the survey, you can sell your affiliate products and generate referrals on the backend.

Secure First Mover Advantage

This project is in it’s infancy. So, take advantage of this unique opportunity to get first mover advantage as one of the first to promote this system. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Purchase the MCFEP Portal Customization Service: You get your MCFEP marketing portal set-up for a one time fee of only $25.00. This includes initial set-up, lifetime updates and hosting for as long as the Middle Class Financial Empowerment Project is an on-going concern. The purchase includes instructions on what to and how to submit the affiliate links and autoresponder code to us;

  • Fringe Benefit #1: You get a PDF tutorial of the MCFEP backoffice internet infrastructure including links to educational documents, operational websites and continuous access to operational business plans underwriting the MCFEP Financial Empowerment Model. Think of this as the engine that will keep people on your list plugged in. For example, we all know the money is in the list. So, if the people on your list are happy with their MCFEP backoffice experience, they will be more responsive to your product offers. After you review and learn this, you will be able to communicate more effectively with your list and generate more sales.

  • Fringe Benefit #2: You get access to other special marketing portals, tools and support … all designed to help you earn more money

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