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Fastest Way To $10k In 30-90 Days With Brad - NEW HUGE TRAFFIC BONUS FOR ALL MEMBERS!!!!!
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If you are looking for Empower Network or Big Idea Mastermind Information YOU have landed in the perfect place!

You will find no flashy Ferrari's or Flashy Vacation photos here, this is not the usual ‘Hey, check out this big dream you could have for a few bucks!’

This is a movement, this is the chance for you to get on board the express train to financial freedom no matter who you are.

You are about to be given the opportunity to make your first ever money online. Start creating the position to do what ever you please and know in the back of your mind the online business you are building in your spare time is creating Wealth and Financial Freedom.

You can go throw that alarm clock away because soon you’ll be deciding when YOU want to get up..

The feeling is freakin Baddass’

Empower Network gives you the chance to create wealth from home or positive cash flow in your current business. We are an Internet marketing community that gives it’s members the power to create insane results in all businesses without the hassles and challenges most people experience when starting their online empire.

Aside from the done for you and ready to go viral blogging platform you are exposed to some of the most unique and exclusive internet marketing training products which you’ll be able to make 100% commissions selling as an affiliate.

Empower Network is growing every day, don’t be a wussy and get involved now.

The Commissions Club is our Team within Empower Network with our very own Team Training site.

Unlike most groups we are creating our own 'Inner circle' inside the community and giving the opportunity for members to contribute and share their results and thoughts in our private forum.

The founder of TCC Brad Farmer envisioned supplying brand new and existing marketers with the extra step by step guidance to maximize their Empower Network business and be able to ‘Hang out’ with other like minded people.

Don’t be a wussy and get in now.

Starting out online in any Business can be tricky. Some members have never even wrote an email, some haven’t even heard of HTML.

How can you promote your business to others and not understand fully yourself what you are doing?

We have solved that because all direct members in The Commissions Club Team will receive their own unique promotional code to bring their new members into the training site and be shown the ropes just like they did!

Allowing you to focus on learning and spending more time on building your empire knowing your members are also in guidance.

Remember your success comes from your team’s success as much as yours.

Empower Network Has changed Thousands of Lives, the Movement is growing.Only YOU can make the decision to change your life!

This not is no WHAM BAM thank you mam hyped up offer – this is a complete power house package built for you.
  • Done For You – Viral Blogging System (Website), Squeeze Pages, Marketing Training.
  • Point & Click – Online Marketing Training, Products + Content Swipes.
  • Ready Made – Automatic Sales Funnel & Pre-Written Emails.
  • Unique Wealth System - “Built By Marketers For Marketers”
  • Locked & Loaded – Marketing System.

    You are provided with the #1 System available right now to fixing all current marketing problems.
  • Earn 100% Commissions – Ability To Earn More With Your Team.
  • Motivational Mindset – Correct Approach & Drive You Need.
  • Arms Open – Opportunity To Join Our Unique Community.
  • Connect – With Other Leaders & Discover The Right Way To Success.
    Check Out The HUGE Bonuses To Joining Our Team...
  • Private Access – To Our Members Only Training Area.
  • Step By Step – Training To Maximize Empower Network Results.
  • Traffic Sources – Traffic Sources To Boost Your Earnings Fast.
  • Additional Bonus – Ability To Offer TCC Training To Your Memebers!
  • Blogging Training – Basic & Advance Blogging Strategy Videos.
  • Tools & Resources – Save Time Searching, We Suggest Free & Paid Tools.
  • Community – Your Eyes Only Members Forum.
  • Vault – Endless Supply Of Internet Marketing Training PDFs To Give Away Or Resell!
  • Stand Out – Use Our Designed & Tested Landing Pages And Material.

    Preview Our Team Site & What You Get On This Page!

    To start Empower Network it costs $25 for your Basic Training and then $19.95 for your Affiliate Merchant Account.

    The Commissions Club Team Site - FREE!
Total today $45.00

>>> Start Now <<<

Inside of Empower Network there are five levels. Each level will provide you with Advanced Training PLUS ability to Earn that amount in 100% commissions.

The first two levels in Empower Network are residual Income… Meaning you will make that amount every month!

$25 – Basic Level (Viral Blogging Platform/Hosting) – Residual Income.<<<
$100 – Inner Circle (Inner Circle Mastermind) - Residual Income.<<<
$500 – Costa Rica Intensive – One Time Payment.
$1000 – $15k Formula – One Time Payment.
$3500 – Masters Course – One Time Payment.

Want to see the full product breakdown and info?

The first two product levels are ‘Residual Income’ meaning if you bring 20 people into the basic level you will make 20x$25 per month.

Now for example if 5 of those members upgrade to the Inner Circle level you’ll make $500 extra per month. WOW?

Goes to show it doesn’t take much to start making life changing amounts of money with Empower Network.

The higher end products/levels are one time payments on top of the monthly residuals meaning you get hefty bonuses to help hit those monthly income goals!
You are provided with everything you need right now to start building your new online business but the real success will come from you and your determination to make it work.

We cannot guarantee you will make money because we don’t know who you are or where you came from however we can make it clear that having the right Mindset and Attitude will set you on the right path to success, in any online business.

The Commissions Club highlights exactly what you should be doing immediately inside Empower Network and provides you with the guidance to start changing your Mindset and Attitude towards business and life in general.

Remember, this isn’t any old ‘Make Money nonence’ this is the movement, the change. The change you are about to start working on to create the bigger picture, the reality.

To make this clear you can only obtain what you truly desire. Combine your personal goals and dreams with hard work, energy and time and you will succeed with your new online business.

Empower Network does not take any percentage of sales! How awesome is that?

The only fee which goes to Empower Network is the $19.95 E-wallet Merchant account fee and Credit Card fee.

Another bonus to Empower Network is that YOU don’t have to arrange different merchant accounts because Empower Network provide their own which is all plumbed into your account once you activate it.

Empower Network pays out every Friday. Your total commissions is paid into your E-wallet merchant account and you can then withdraw down to your bank.
It is important that you understand exactly how the Pass Up system works in Empower Network.

Probably more important to understand is how Roll Up’s work and how that affects you and your income.

Pass up’s are a good thing. Roll up’s are bad for you… great for your sponsor or other people above you.

Watch this short Video on How It Works.

If you are still reading this hopefully you should know enough information to get started with Empower Network and join our community – The Commissions Club.

There are hundreds and thousands of success stories for Empower Network. These guys are all making steady incomes and nearly everyone started exactly where you are now.

Stop wasting time watching rubbish on TV and browsing Facebook because let’s face it – it’s your future and only you can change it.

It’s time to join the movement and make that change to provide the future YOU want to live and provide for your family.

Empower Network has been a complete godsend and now it’s time to pass this onto others.

>>> Start Now <<<

Still Thinking About It? Let's Plan Your Future.

Add Me To FaceBook
Email Me :
Skype : TheBradFarmer

Once you click the Start Now button you will be taken to my landing page. You will then be shown the Free Video and Emailed instructions on how to get into our Members Area!

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Re: $5000 IN 30-90 DAYS! Let Me Mentor You & Take Full Advantage Of My Team Training Site NOW!
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Empower Network is upgrading in 60 days to Env2.

This new Env2 system will take over the whole world and will over take WordPress and Lifefyre. Every blogging platform will disintegrate in the shadow of Env2.

Dave Wood & Dave Sharpe have invested $3.2 Million Dollars into this platform. It’s been developed over the last year.

Empower Networks new platform is going to take over all Social and mobile developments currently, like we’ve talked about before – it’s a movement. You need to be in it.

Watch as Env2 becomes one of the biggest launches on the internet. Bringing people together with a whole new social platform, whilst making money is the future. Why wouldn’t you want to become more social, and earn at the same time? No brainer.

Empower Network has already paid out $160 MILLION in commissions to over 150,000 members. I’ve personally made financial freedom for myself and my family and now Empowering others by providing success and guidance on how you can do the same.

If you are not in Empower Network yet and would like to join my team check out all the bonuses HERE!

Preview of ENv2 Here :

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Re: $5000 IN 30-90 DAYS! Work With Brad Today! 17 Spaces Available For Aug! HUGE BONUS!<<
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Hey guys!

We have just released our side project, Elite SMS platform! My team has been working on this method for months now and it's finally public!


Now here's the super awesome bit, what I want to offer you as a huge BONUS for joining me in Empower Network!

Before I carry on this isn't one of those bullshit 'Im ready to help 100 people blah blah' - mind my language but this is just straight up.

Ok so whether your into network marketing, maybe you promote another company already or several, but I'm going to assume you've heard of Empower Network?

As you probably know already Empower Network is the
internet's #1 Fastest-Growing, Highest Converting Money-Maker.

They're upgrading to a whole new platform, ENv2 in 40 days. If you
don't start before you'll be kicking yourself then. Trust me.

Look at this EN is #1 Alexa :

So here's the deal, how many noobs/sponsors offer 'bonuses' that
well, they don't own or create - pesky PDF files spring to mind?

Well I'm different - I care about my team.

I go the step further. Read on.

I want you to start working with me, and this is my proposal :

1) You join my Empower Network team.


2) You get access to my personal team training site, The Commissions Club.

Check out Adam Paynes awesome tour of my EN kick start training site :


You get access to that, PLUS the ability to offer this as a bonus in your
advertising. Oh, and to give your members the best kick start!

3) ** THIS IS BRADS SECRET WEAPON! Launched Aug 12th**

This is my baby, my SMS platform and Server. This is already selling
like hot cakes, this is the first SMS lead generation platform around!

..And it's my product.

My creation.

Watch the video, see EN/Subscriber results live!

==> Generate Your Own Leads With SMS - Brand New System

Work with me, get into Empower network Inner Circle ($125 level)
and you'll get this FREE. <---

So, your interested right?

Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this still..

You can find out more about me (some of my earnings) and Empower Network here :

Work With Brad | Internet Marketing Blog | Success Starts Here. <---

Like me you probably get plenty of opportunity junk from
people who don't earn a dime, thing is I do and if you want
my latest earnings reply back and I'll send them now.

Add me to skype : thebradfarmer

Here's my number : +44797278359

Let's schedule a call, plan your domination now.

It's time to use my SMS platform and training site to dominate NOW.

Let's do this!


"Get Get Money Get Paid"

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Re: Fastest Way To $10k In 30-90 Days With Brad - NEW HUGE TRAFFIC BONUS FOR ALL MEMBERS!!!!!
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Hey Brad! Great job explaining...I, too, am pretty excited with Env2.0, especially under the Big Idea Mastermind umbrella. We've got a lot of ammo for traffic creation thanks to Vick's exclusive training. Keep at it brother! Take care.

Galvin, the Navy Dude

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Re: Fastest Way To $10k In 30-90 Days With Brad - NEW HUGE TRAFFIC BONUS FOR ALL MEMBERS!!!!!
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Ash Campbell

“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them”― Jim Rohn
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