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JacobAgnew 25th August 2013 01:28 PM

Kajabi - Can You Really Make Money With Kajabi?
CLICK HERE FIRST: Watch How I Helped 26,461 Average Ordinary People Make $5,000/Month In 30 Days Without A Website Or Having to Pick Up The Phone.. Ever!

This is the deal, now no publishing platform is instantly going to give you a million dollar brand like video boss, or product launch formula like Kajabi will. There is a single technology platform that powered all of those brands and there’s a reason John Reese, Frank Kern and Jeff Walker all chose that platform – it’s because it makes it push button simple to build an ultra-professional marketing event, complete with designs that are built to convert and cutting-edge product delivery. It also features full-fledged community features, cloud-based scalability, push-button video publishing, zero-configuration set up and instant member sites and that’s only the start. Kajabi has become one of the highest anticipated marketing platforms in the internet marketing community and today it’s ready to rock.

In this segment I will show you how powerful Kajabi can be, and how to supercharge your business cheaper than you ever thought possible. The Kajabi platform puts you in control of first class professionally designed websites – sites that are thoroughly editable with the Kajabi Theme Editor. You will never need to write a single line of code, you can even create truly interactive customer portals that look stunning! You could use these to create any kind of videos you’d like: training videos, video tutorials, and downloadable podcasts – all without installing anything. Kajabi is cutting edge cloud computing. Kajabi can scale as big as you need and as fast as you want – and that’s just the beginning.

You can create vibrant communities with just a simple click, publish bullet proof landing & squeeze pages – which are proven to convert. Kajabi also provides unlimited security roles which are perfect for protecting your pages. Kajabi also supports HTML5 so your pages are future proof and mobile device friendly. Beautiful and easy to create member sites have never been easier to make – that’s because Kajabi was made BY marketers FOR marketers. The best part is – all of this power is push button easy, anyone can do it!

Very soon, for a VERY limited time you can try it for yourself for absolutely zero risk. You will have access to one of the most powerful internet marketing tools that high level marketers have been using to: market, sell, launch, deliver and coach – and it’s ridiculously easy.

JacobAgnew 27th August 2013 09:38 AM

Re: Kajabi - Can You Really Make Money With Kajabi?

1. Technology Matters

Money gets made when you connect the ideas in your brain with people that want your ideas. Between your brain and your market is technology and LOTS of it! When you decided to start a business you didn't open a store because they require: employees, physical items, payrolls. You decided to go with the virtual online business model because you didn't want to deal with all of that nonsense, but what they didn't tell you if how much technology you need to control just to get a single person to view your page: css, flash, ajax, dns, divs, xml, coding, APIS – and alphabet soup of systems & frameworks. The best way to get technology out of your way is to go with Kajabi – everything is done for you (nothing to install, no configurations, no programming, no web design and NO need to worry!), and it's ready for you to use.

2. Professionalism Matters

Let's face it, when you want to sell something online you WILL be judged on how your website looks. On the internet your site is YOU, and how it looks and acts the first time someone visits is how they will remember you. Now if your website has a bad first impression who is going to come back for more? People want sites to match the quality of the information and products while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Now the problem is it's not easy to make your website look the way you want it to, unless you're a trained web designer or willing to pay the money to get it how you want. This is why Kajabi is perfect: it comes with thousands of free themes to choose from and there are themes for everyone and every kind of business. The level of professionalism your site shows is directly proportional to what you can charge for your products or services and you see this everyday – brand names cost more than the generic version. Not because the quality is different, but because the name or the packaging looks better!

3. There's a button for that!
  • Want to publish killer landing pages? – There's a button for that!
  • Want to add Facebook powered visitor comments? - There's a button for that!
  • Want to upload your videos and make them mobile ready? - There's a button for that!
  • Want gorgeous customer portals and membership sites? - There's a button for that!
  • Want to get fancy and modify one of thousands of pre-designed templates? - There's a button for that!

Kajabi slick and beautiful custom designs will make people see your website as a Porsche not a Volkswagen. And best of all – it frees you up to concentrate on what you need to focus on to grow your business. Marketing your big ideas and building profitable relationships with your customers.

JacobAgnew 30th August 2013 11:12 AM

Re: Kajabi - Can You Really Make Money With Kajabi?

Here’s a dirty little secret that isn't being talked about a lot – what happens to a customer AFTER they buy in? If you're selling products online then you need to ask yourself a question - "How can I produce great products for customers and keep them interested". Now if you're not selling stuff yet then you really have to pay attention for when you do release your first product. Once your customers buy in.. are you sending them to poorly encoded videos that freeze? Or sending them to unsecure eBook offers? – I’m talking to you Clickbank marketers. After all that marketing effort: relationship building, overcoming objections are you going to just cross your fingers and hope they don’t ask for a refund after they've bought into the product? Are your pages friendly and easy for anyone to use?

Retention is the NEW conversion my friends. Now before Kajabi, presenting an awesome customer experience that retained the maximum amount of customers and increased their satisfaction was hard, in fact is was very difficult to retain customer interest. Well not anymore - here’s what Kajabi can do for you: instead of disorganized customer forms, every content post whether it be: video tutorials, podcasts, or audio programs will be super easy to organize and manage. Literally every piece of content you post can have its own community discussion. When a customer makes a post Kajabi asks them if it’s a question, and you can answer that question and then mark it as an answer so other customers can view your answer. This allows customers to see your answer before they ask a question – this really helps controlling how many people ask the same question and it’s never been easier. You can even manage your videos based on customers account age – that way you don't flood your members with too much information and they can always see when the next video or podcast will be available. Here’s the best part: once the customers refund period is over they will be given an option to download the video (which is even mobile ready).

When customers login to the secure customer portal they’re taken directly to their own portal. They can see their questions and answers that were given by you (or other customers). Kajabi is a great way for community members to build relationships and get to know each other. When there is a community available people are more willing to stay around because they have the support of not only you, but the entire community.

JacobAgnew 3rd September 2013 09:08 PM

Re: Kajabi - Can You Really Make Money With Kajabi?
Here are some comments about Kajabi from other Warrior Forum members:

Originally Posted by Kenster (Post 8355700)
Kajabi has been a huge part of my business...love it.

Not the most flexible option if you want to do a lot of customization with your membership, but it's super professional, slick, reliable, and awesome.


Originally Posted by sunnysmiles (Post 8356893)
It really depends on the scope and size of your membership site and overall business.
If you want a collective brand for all our products and the ability to monitor and manage all your membership sites from one place, then I'd say go for Kajabi.


Originally Posted by MKCookins (Post 8184338)
A great place to make very professional looking membership sites is through Kajabi.


Originally Posted by George Kelly (Post 7834498)
I used wordpress with wishlist for 12 months but finally made the move to kajabi and my members love the layout


Originally Posted by Texjd (Post 7835636)
Kajabi is one of the best due to being easy and very powerful. I think they still have a free 30 day trial if you want to give it a hands on spin. The base price is 99 per month with limit on members (1000). 199 for 5,000 members and enhanced video and content delivery and then goes to 299 for 12,500 members.


Originally Posted by Mike Hill (Post 5848242)
I think Kajabi is a fantastic solution... I will be moving my membership site there if all goes well ;) ... It's $200 a month for the Professional Plan and unless you are good at technical stuff to be able to setup your own site that looks as good as theirs then go for it.

Personally I don't want to spend that much time creating one from scratch anymore. I did it once and it takes a lot of time and messing around with code.

JoshuaT 22nd December 2013 04:33 PM

Re: Kajabi - Can You Really Make Money With Kajabi?
Why does Kajabi limit members/customers to only having access to a single membership level?

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