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How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time! Literally Write Any Size Paycheck You Like!
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Super-Charge Your Earnings By Getting Into Alliance With Other Marketers

Finally.... An All-In-One System That Runs ALL Your Joint Ventures On Autopilot

...And makes you lots of money as you team up with your Joint Venture Partners

If you market ANY products or services on the internet, then you are missing out on big bucks if you never get into into alliance with other marketers who share the same interests as you do. A Joint Venture (or just JV) can produce dramatic windfalls of quick cash when marketers pool their resources together for mutual benefit.
Until now, a lot of internet marketers (including me) have been at a loss on how to run Joint Ventures simply because we did not have the right tools to do so. We had to combine so many expensive scripts spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and even then, these did not adequately meet our needs.

Whether Your Joint Venture Involves Selling Time-Limited Products, One-Time Offers, Fire Sale or Just Signups

You can now automate your entire JV with JV Fire Sale Automator...

A lot of Internet Marketers remain trapped in a locked safe - they'd like to make more money by running Joint Ventures with other marketers. However... the only reason they remain trapped is because all they know are locked doors...

I used to be guilty of the same thing: I was so convinced that all the doors of opportunity were locked, I gave up even trying to open them. Since that time, I have run a LOT of very successful time-limited offers. If anyone could have told me I could bank thousands of dollars in just 24 hours, I'd have called them crazy — or worse!

But even then, I realized I still had one BIG limitation - I had to BABY-SIT all my special offers from the first to the last day. Sometimes I'd forget to send a crucial message to my prospects at the right time. Sometimes I simply sent the wrong message. Or a message with no subject line. Most of the times I was going crazy trying to remember to upload special offer pages at the right time (I missed a lot of them) amidst all the crazy flow of email messages and support requests resulting from all my clumsiness.

And I lost thousands and thousands of dollars in potential profits as a result.

JV Fire Sale Automator has now provided the key for you to unlock yourself from the confines of your untapped earning potential!

And make you lots of money as you team up with your peers

It's been proven many, many times over. Teaming up with fellow marketers in a Joint Venture means big money or benefits for all involved. JV Fire Sale Automator is the perfect system specifically developed to run ANY kind of Joint venture without any technical know-how.

Just check what JV Fire Sale Automator will do for you:

Completely Template Based
  • No complicated code to edit
  • Just edit sales letter templates and you are done
  • Edit all emails on your browser from admin area
You will run a profitable JV even if you are a newbie marketer.

Fully Automate Joint Venture Start / End Dates
  • Type start date and end date
  • Automatically tells JV Partners not to promote before JV starts
  • Automatically displays message YOU define before start date instead of order button
  • Automatically displays message YOU define after end date instead of order button
  • Automatically displays signup form only when JV starts if JV involves sign-up
Just pre-set start / end dates, the rest flows automatically. Spend your time making more money!

Fully Supports Joint Ventures Where You Sell Products or Just Signups
  • Just define if you want to sell products or not in admin area
  • Automatically display signup form or order buttons depending on what you choose!
You no longer have to buy different expensive software for this!

Fully Automate All Your Fire Sales / Special Offers
  • Set prices, dates and forget it
  • Automatically changes price at midnight hands-off
  • Automatically updates Paypal/Stormpay buttons
  • Automatically updates the fire sale prices on your sales page. No need to keep uploading new HTML files every time your prices change!
Nothing to upload, all done in admin area. All hands-off!

Auto-fill Name/Email Address to Sign Up Members Before Giving Them Your Gift!

JV Partners simply save their signup form on their account -- members name/email address are saved Automatically. When members come to get their gift, you automatically get their name/email address!

After all, no member likes to sign up hundreds of times as they collect gifts!

You will make happier/more satisfied JV Partners, and more sales!

Fully Automate All Email Communication

  • Pre-set all promotion emails to your JV partners
  • Automatically sends messages at the exact time and date you want them sent
  • Never fail to remind your JV partners about a time-critical action they need to do. If you need them to send a message on a certain date, you do not need to worry; just pre-set it.
Timing can make or break the success of your joint venture...

Automatically Provide Your JV Partners Commissions Instantly
  • Automatically allocates the percentage of total sale you set
  • Automatically decides who receives money first. You or your JV Partners as you set!
  • Automatically calculates the referral fee's payable!
  • Automatically allocates Split Payments Instantly
Tip: Paying your JV Partners first will skyrocket your sales! If you make them happy, they make you money! Everyone gets paid INSTANTLY. No headaches of spending hours checking who was not paid.

IPN Support For PayPal and StormPay
  • Choose to accept PayPal or Stormpay or both
  • Automatically displays PayPal and/or Stormpay payment buttons in affiliate pages if they select PayPal/StormPay . If they don't choose one, their affiliate page will not have it so they never miss their commission!
  • Automatically eliminates cheating! Fully IPN supported
  • Automatically fulfills all orders - you never have to baby-sit any orders!
You can spend your precious time inviting more JV Partners and making more money

Personalize Every Member / JV Partner
  • Automatically personalizes all emails to both JV Partners and members
  • Automatically personalizes both members area and JV partner's area
  • Automatically personalize ALL aspects of each account, both on email and on the web
Your team delivers more sales/signups because they feel more appreciated when you address them by name and personalize all their information.

Conduct Contests
  • Just enter Contest Start Date, End Date and prizes to be won ($$) - up to 5 prizes
  • Automatically, member's area displays current winners in real time
  • Automatically display this information only when contest begins
Providing attractive prizes for most sales/signups delivered will dramatically increase sales/signups

Sell Extra Products on "Teaser Pages"
  • Sell any number of extra products on "Teaser Pages" visible only when member signs up or into member's area
  • Choose to sell these as One-Time Offer (OTO), display it once a day when they log in, or every time they log in
  • Automatically rotates your teaser page offers randomly when they log in
  • Automatically creates a Fully Secure, Cloaked Download Link logged in their member's area only for the products they have ordered
  • Automatically emails member their download link for their purchased "teaser" product
  • Automatically forces them to log in before they can download their purchase from the link they get on email- so they cannot share your downloads
These teaser pages can create thousands and thousands of dollars in extra income if done properly.

Automatically Track Referrals And Reward JV Partners
  • Automatically tracks referral signups and displays them in member's area
  • Automatically awards referral points to JV Partners
  • Automatically ranks JV Partner "Gifts" according to the number of referrals
  • Automatically tracks referrals by IP address
Your JV Partners will compete to send you more signups and sales!

Easy to install
  • Just edit a simple config file, provide database details, upload files, and fill in installation script form!
If your web host provides database support (PHP/MySQL), you can install JV Fire Sale Automator yourself.

Months of research and development...

We have spent so many months doing our research and developing this awesome system that the reality of it's power and completeness will just stun you. The best reality is that when you put it to use, you can now rest comfortably assured that you have the best JV tool ever developed to make you lots of money even while you attend to other chores (or even while you sleep).

That's not all, when you purchase JV Fire Sale Automator, you are entitled to lifetime upgrades whenever we release them at no extra cost.

JV Fire Sale Automator quite literally speaks for itself when it runs your entire JV on autopilot.

You just need to concentrate on inviting more JV Partners and making more money

As long as you use JV Fire Sale Automator properly, you can make lots of money as it will save you all the troubles associated with running similar programs. JV Fire Sale Automator is so complete that it would cost you at least $1500 to have all the benefits it provides. A simple joint venture can make you tens of thousands of dollars. You are making only a very minute investment for one big gain.

We Back It With A Rock-Solid Guarantee!

If within 30 days, you are not totally convinced that JV Fire Sale Automator is not the most comprehensive JV automation solution you have ever seen and more, just let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money back.

Even though we have put in so much time, money and research in developing this software we are committed to availing it to internet marketers at the best bargain you can ever find for such a complete solution.

JV Fire Sale Automator is priced at $ 25. However for a limited time only, we'll offer you this affordable offer. That's right, a whooping %75 off. This will probably turn out to be the best investment you've ever made in your entire marketing life.

This special price is only guaranteed if you order before MidnighT!

Get Your Software Now!

Only $ 25.00!
Instant Access!
PS: We cannot guarantee this introductory price for much longer. Make your order now so you don't miss on the opportunity of a lifetime. By now I'm sure you understand just how valuable JV Fire Sale Automator could be to your life; do not even think about delaying this important purchase even for a while.

You'll be glad and thankful you got it - you owe it to yourself and to the sweet profits JV Fire Sale Automator could mean for you.


This special price is only guaranteed if you order before Midnight Friday, October 18.

Instant Access
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Re: How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time! Literally Write Any Size Paycheck You Like!
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I have a problem with the instalation, but there is no helpfile to assist me, neither a helpdesk. I believe the issue is with the .htaccess file configuration.
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fire sale, joint venture, literally, make, maximum, minimum, money, paycheck, size, time, write

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