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Unread 11th Nov 2013, 09:46 AM   #1
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All-In-One SEO Service: 10,000 Words of Unique Content, PRweb, Web2.0, Guest Blogging
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SeRocket: All-In-One SEO Service
Get You Ranked at the Top of Google with
Proven Long-Term SEO Strategies

- Powerful Proven Backlinking Strategy – SeRocket uses 100% unique, high-quality content to make Google take notice of your site and boost it up the rankings.

No spinning and no content generators are used, EVER.

- Manual Account Creation
– Unlike many other SEO services, SeRocket does account creation 100% manually when we submit content to get you the backlinks you need. This will ensure that there are no penalties to your website because the content (and your links) aren't considered spam.

- Total Protection from Google Slaps and Updates – All of our SEO efforts are 100% safe. They won't upset Google and get your site Google slapped down to page 50 in the search engine results. Our links won't loose their effectiveness due to future Google updates because our content is 100% unique and high-quality!

- Backlinks on Top PR Sites – Here at SeRocket we give you the biggest, most powerful SEO boost by specifically targeting high PR sites to link back to your website. These high PR (page rank) sites give massive "link juice" back to your website for faster and higher ranking power.

- One Time Payment
– Unlike other SEO companies that will charge you over an over again, like a parasite feeding off of your bank account, SeRocket only takes a low one time fee and you're good to go!

The Premium Quality SEO Service Plan:
Using Proven Strategies for Powerful Results!

We understands that your success is our success.
To ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service we do things a little differently than other SEO firms that are just in it for the money.

>>> Visit

Here is a complete overview of our service plan and how it will help you grow your business quickly and effectively by ranking high in Google:

1) On-page SEO Report

Backlinks are very important for ranking your website high in the search engines,
but it's not all about backlinks nowadays.
Your website needs to be optimized in certain ways (known as on-page SEO) in order to rank high in the search engines.

What others are doing:

Most of link building services totally ignore on-page SEO and the more expensive SEO companies that do offer free on-page SEO repots just give you a software generated report.
The problem with these automated reports and tools is that they miss critical elements that are very important for your SEO score.
On top of that auto-generated "junk" reports such as these can give you the wrong advice, causing your website to get Google slapped fast.

Having good on-page SEO is critical for making the most of backlinks!

What we do:

Right after you submit project to us, you will get a download link for our detailed on-page SEO guide written by our top veteran SEO expert.
This is a powerful report that reveals proven tricks and strategies that are very important for getting a high search engine ranking.
While we are working hard on your backlinks you will have time to improve your on-page SEO elements so that you can dominate Google in your niche or industry.

The report covers several essential topics such as:

• Recovering from previous bad linking campaigns
• Proven on-page SEO strategies
• Site speed improvements
• User experience improvements
• And several more very important parameters

This report also includes a lot of resources so that you can easily follow along or give it to your technical guy to do for you.
NOTE: This report is not customized specifically for your website. It is a document containing proven on-page SEO strategies that work with all websites in general.

2) PRweb Premium Press Release Distribution

We will start your campaign with a press release written by an experienced journalist to ensure maximum quality.

What others are doing:

Other SEO companies use free or low priced press release distribution services. Their distribution channels are weak compared with PRweb and much less effective at ranking your website.

What we do:

SeRocket uses the premium package at PRweb so you will get high distribution to top popular and high PR sites.

PRweb is one of oldest, most trusted, and expensive press distribution services.

Normally the price for this service alone is $396 if you order directly at their site (only for distribution, without content creation), so we're giving you an incredible deal you won't find anywhere else!

3) High PR Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0 properties are exceptional sources for backlinks. By utilizing them we can get some major linking power to your website to help boost it up the rankings quickly and efficiently.
This is a very simple yet effective linking strategy!

What others are doing:

In order to offer low prices, most of link building services use:

1- Automated tools for account creation and Web 2.0 automation.

The drawback here is that after awhile these links will be taken down by moderators because it's easy to tell that they are made by machines. This means you are losing links over time and your website's ranking will slip.
Even worse, you could get a Google slap for spamming these sites.

2- Content generators and rewriters.

This used to work before Google's Panda and Penguin update, but the new Google algorithm can very easily detect rewritten content and content that isn't written by humans.

Google likes unique, real content and they are doing everything they can to filter out sites with spun or auto-generated content. This means that links you get from pages like these have a much lower value or are considered as spam and can get your site Google slapped fast.

What we do:

We will write 10 unique articles, 500 words each.

These are 100% hand written articles. No spun, no content generators! We strive for maximum quality every time.

Each Web 2.0 property is made manually on the most popular and highest PR platforms. This ensures that you're getting the most "link juice" for your main website.
We don't use any software in order to get maximum stick rate to ensure these links stay up as long as possible.
We also change default theme, add tags, descriptions, videos, images, custom pages like about us, contact us, etc. to make it look more natural.
We will also link to authority sites in your niche next to your links so that everything looks natural and made by real users. This will keep Google happy so that they give you maximum ranking power.

4) Document Sharing

Using above content we will create 10 unique documents and submit them to 10 high PR document sharing sites.

For each site a unique document will be used to ensure authenticity and maximum linking power for your website.

5) Video

We will create a professional video presentation about your business and submit it to the top 3 video sites. Video sites are huge when it comes to backlinking power these days.

6) Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is considered to be the successor to old article marketing strategies that are now outdated.

By submitting high-quality blog posts to related niche blogs we're able to get your website exposure to a much larger, yet still targeted, audience.
This is great for both branding and backlinking!

What others are doing:

Many SEO companies take a shortcut here and use automated software to submit content to blogs or submit auto-generated content that isn't unique to many blogs at once. This can really come back and hurt your website's ranking once Google catches on.

What we do:

We will write 2 high-quality unique articles, 500 words each, and contact webmasters who own sites in your niche. By working with the webmasters directly and not using submission software we are able to ensure that these links will stay up for the lifetime of the blog in most cases.

This is a major part of our strategy to ensure that your backlinks don't become ineffective over time and that Google doesn't penalize your website.

7) High PR Blog Posts

We will write 10 more unique articles (400 words each) and submit them to 10 PR1 to PR5 general blogs.

The reason we don't submit them all to PR5 blogs is that we have to make this look natural to please Google. A mix of low, mid, and high PR links to your website will keep you from being Google slapped while still giving you powerful link juice!
Each article is written around your keywords, so you get links from related pages on PR domain. This ensures that you're getting links from relevant sources for maximum ranking power!

>>> Visit

Limited Time Offer!

For a very limited time you can get two very powerful bonus services FREE of charge to help your site get ranked ASAP!

FREE BONUS 1 - Social Signals

You will get a social signals mix from the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, StumbleUpon, reddit, folkd.

With social media becoming ever more important for SEO, this is an offer that can really give your website the ranking power it needs to truly dominate your niche!

FREE BONUS 2 –Yahoo! Answers Backlinks

We will place your site URL in 10 Yahoo! Answers posts related to your niche.
Not only does this get you some very strong backlinks, it also serves to build your reputation by presenting you as an authority in your niche. This is the type of branding power you can't afford to pass up!

Turn Around Time

Our turn around times typically average between 30 and 45 days.

The reason for this is that doing a backlinking program too fast can get you Google slapped in a hurry.

We work hard to ensure that your backlinking campaign looks natural and organic so it gets as much Google ranking power as possible with no risk of a Google slap!

Let’s just recap what you get with SeRocket All-In-One SEO Service Pack:

  • Powerful backlinks using proven strategies to rank your site as high as possible
  • A detailed on-page SEO report so your site can use the “link juice” we send it to its fullest potential
  • The courtesy and professionalism you deserve
  • Our team of veteran SEO experts working hard to make your website successful ASAP
  • Friendly and prompt customer service when you need it
  • A variety of premium quality services:

Price: $425
Use discount coupon code "SEROCKET" to get $80 OFF.

>>> Visit



- How many Keywords and URLs I can submit?

This service is designed for single site promotion. You can submit one URL and several keywords.
For smaller niche sites that target groups of similar keywords it will help all of the keywords to rank better.
If you have a bigger site like an online store or something that has many different niche keywords, you should buy separate packages for each part of site.

- Is this safe for new sites?

Yes. This is a 100% white hat service. It means it is safe for both new and older sites.
It is safe for all future Google updates because all SEO work is done manually by humans.

- Can this recover sites affected by Google's algorithm updates?

This isn't the main purpose of our service, but you will get a guide written by our SEO expert that teaches you how to find bad links from previous link building activities and how to submit them to the Google team. After that you can email the Google team inside webmaster tools and request reconsideration. In some cases it works in some not.

- Will I receive a backlink report?

Yes, you will receive a final backlink report with live links after the work is done (30 to 45 days maximum in case we have many orders).

- What niches are allowed?

No gambling, adult, pills, etc. We can promote only content that is allowed on PRweb.

- Will I get on the first page of Google?

Your site will get better position after this service than before.
Usually you will see the first results 2 to 4 weeks after you receive the final report.
If you follow our guide for on-page SEO improvement and recovering a bad link profile, then you will have higher chances to see your site at the top of Google.

- What is your refund policy?

If we are not able to deliver the final report in 45 days you will get 100% money back.


Use discount coupon code "SEROCKET" to get $80 OFF.

>>> Visit

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Unread 7th Dec 2013, 11:30 PM   #2
Chris Carpenter
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Re: All-In-One SEO Service: 10,000 Words of Unique Content, PRweb, Web2.0, Guest Blogging
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Do you offer any review copies?
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Unread 8th Dec 2013, 04:29 AM   #3
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Re: All-In-One SEO Service: 10,000 Words of Unique Content, PRweb, Web2.0, Guest Blogging
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Originally Posted by mvt82969 View Post

Do you offer any review copies?
Yes, we offer discounted review copies.
I sent you PM with special discount coupon code.
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