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Mike Chang Fitness Affiliate – Afterburn Fuel & Why you should
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=>Click here to get Afterburn Fuel FREE trial
Should you use Mike Chang AfterBurn Fuel Program?
Top 10 Affiliate for Mike Chang Monster Mass Launch Shares

Whether you're Interested with Afterburn Fuel or want to be an affiliate; read the information bellow and take advantage of this free trial

Hey Warriors,

If you’ve been online for any time, you’ve heard about Mike Chang Afterburn Fuel and Mike Chang fitness program. This has been highly talked about by fitness gurus, fitness trainers and some body builders.
= > You can find Afterburn Fuel video HERE
Click Here to Watch this Revealing Afterburn Fuel Video

You might be wondering, is this something really worth all that hype? It’s been shared across top fitness forums and highly spoken by various professional body builders + fitness enthusiast.

As an affiliate you would wonder, how profitable is it to promote AfterBurn fuel (Mike Chang latest fitness supplement he claims he would not workout without it)

Affiliate Program for Afterburn Fuel:
Click here to Register for Mike Chang affiliate program (it uses a typical CPA platform). Payments has been consistent so far.

We have been an affiliate of Mike Chang Monster mass, Six Pack shortcuts and now Afterburn Fuel. Being one of the top 10 during his monster mass launch; let us share with you our experience and why we like promoting this product (largely because it’s something that helps people – you should see the natural reviews online)

People have liked his product well and it helps in promoting it.

What is Afterburn Fuel:
Before, we get to the affiliate stuff and share with you how you can promote Afterburn fuel; I’d like to take a quick couple sentences to share with you What makes Afterburn Fuel Special?

1) It was specially formulated by Mike Chang and it has been something he uses personally. This isn’t something that was mass produced and the same formula repackaged in different brands; this is something that Mike Chang has personally formulated (he has a nutritional and personal trainer certification)

2) Mike Chang said he uses only the high quality ingredients that many typical off the shelf pre-workout supplement skimp on. Being something that Mike personally uses, he has included some key ingredients such as Creatinol O Phosphate. During the launch I received email notifications sharing he uses more costly ingredients to ensure his own fitness supplement packs the punch it needs…legally. At the start there was so much demand he closed it temporary to let his manufacturer catch up on their product (because some of it take time to make) though it could be scarcity tactic

3) The product complements his emphasis on the “Afterburn effect”. Something that is talked about in Monster Mass and Six pack shortcuts which means you have buyers primed from those products understanding the value of Afterburn. It can be debatable

This is simply a run-down about this Afterburn fuel supplement compared with others though if you want to check through the entire list then visit this website here => Afterburn Fuel

IMPORTANT: If you want to promote Afterburn Fuel; you can get a free month’s supply to try it out here.

Why Promote Afterburn Fuel:
The supplements market is a tricky niche; there’s a lot to be made though you want to ensure you’re not breaking legal barriers and what you’re promoting something which will help its customers.

Mike Chang Fitness is a reputable brand with an active youtube channel which has appeared to constantly help people lose weight and build six pack abs. (base on the amount of subscribers and comments he has – over a MILLION subscribers) He has a brand to maintain and a persona that people have trust. Put these two together and basically:

1) A reliable product that is being used widely

2) Afterburn Fuel can provide value (as a physical product). Noted legal supplement

3) The pre-selling has already been done because of his brand publicity and authorship (providing quality content and tips free) He has done some great marketing

It helps too that he has a very good page featuring the key benefits and differences of his supplement. As an affiliate Mike Chang Fitness, our opinion would be that afterburn fuel is an alternative that can be helpful for your readers with good EPC for you.

How to Promote Afterburn Fuel
Mike Chang has a strong youtube, video presence and is frequently appearing on sponsored videos. This makes youtube a great place to get some known traffic and click throughs – though on the down side it allow means the competition is stiffer here. There are still some affiliate like David who have successfully used youtube for his marketing platform. (you can use Youtube creativity using search engine traffic from videos like we do)

Though some other ways you can consider:
1) Banner ads on Fitness forums. Overall Mike Chang has been positively recommended on top sites ( has some good comments)
2) Organic free traffic through Yahoo answers and similar means
3) Search Engine traffic from youtube videos
4) Fitness Magazine or Email list (offer free fitness guides – easier to convert)
5) If you’re a personal trainer, your students can use Afterburn Fuel (what a lot of affiliates do)

Important things to know about Afterburn Fuel:
- If you do choose to be an Afterburn fuel affiliate then please send me a pm so we might be able to help you out.
- You should use your own discretion to evaluate if it’s a product you want to promote and if it really helps people as it says it does; there are some who says it does and some who questions it.

We really believe it’s important to promote something that is valuable for the end-user (customer) especially if you intend to have sustainable and profitable campaign in a good way. There’s little benefit promoting something that might work at the moment without delivering the value for the buyer.

Monster Mass, and Six Pack Shortcuts as well as Afterburn Fuel has various individuals and real people who tried it and says it does…though at the same time we don’t like some of their marketing tactics; I believe quite a few of their scarcity tactics are simply that. Deception is common though not profitable in the long run. + of the impression certain claims are over hyped

Personally, I’m not a fitness buff though we still find Afterburn Fuel to be very good for promoting; so you don’t necessary need to be into fitness (it helps) if you choose to promote Afterburn Fuel.
This would be a good fit for personal trainers and affiliate alike; much of Mike Chang program involves personal trainer recommendations

Click Here to join Mike Chang Affiliate Program

More workout information available here if you need some inspiration for accurate, informative content. Don't forget to use Wikipedia's body building supplements as well if you need more information about workout supplements for your marketing content.

Internet Marketing Blog Information: Here are more special offers and blog post which can help Mike Chang Afterburn Fuel affiliates. Use these tools to your advantage to get more sales and revenue!
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Easybay Pro - EasyBay Pro can help you monetize your Afterburn Fuel website with Ebay Partner Network links easily. This way in case your website viewers decide to buy some supplement from eBay instead of Mike Chang Afterburn, you can still get the affiliate payment associated (per click) by using EasyBay Pro. It's easy to use and a great software for any product base website such as Afterburn Fuel affiliates.
Instant Domain Sniper - Instant Domain Sniper is an internet marketing tool that can help you find expired domains with high PR or traffic. While it may not directly help you to lose weight like Mike Chang Fitness, it can help you to buy these highly profitable domains at bargain price. Then use your profits to hire a personal fitness coach and a good steak. Either way, Instant Domain Sniper is an excellent tool for any internet marketer out there using high PR expired domains or expired domains with traffic in any form.
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