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[MUST READ] Easy Video Suite - Josh Barlett Easy video Suite Review
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Easy Video Suite: The Only Video Marketing Tool You’ll Ever Need

Note: Explaindio Bonus - Make professional sales video with Explaindio. Very useful tool to make Whiteboard Sketches, Video Animations, and classy sales/demo video. Flexible software with medium learning curve for some huge video sales power!
Note: VideoMaker FX is NOW Launched - A new way to create professional promo and story videos literally within minutes (that seems like those you see the pros do)
Note: Bing Ads coupon code - From now until January 5, get $200 in Bing advertising for promoting your online sales page. Bing Ads traffic can convert very well even for direct linking. I highly suggest you take advantage of this free offer today if you want to split test your page or get some sales/leads/traffic.

There was a time when online marketing was just a quaint idea, but today it has become an accepted facet of any modern marketing strategy. Having said that, if you are serious about marketing on the Internet, then you really need videos on your website. And that’s where Easy Video Suite comes in.

The Marketing Effect of Online Videos & EVS
Have you ever wondered why TV shows still run countless commercials? There’s just one reason that accounts for it: people to this day are still enamored by videos. People want to see with their own eyes, and they want to see things in action. That’s also the reason why sites like YouTube are insanely popular. Further on we'll show you how EVS can help your video marketing efforts

For an Internet marketer, the effect that an online video can have on your bottomline is not an illusion. Of all the people who watch your marketing videos:

• 1 in 5 will ask for more information from you.

• 1 in 4 will visit your brick and mortar store or office.

• 1 in 5 will actually buy something from you online.

For all these reasons, more than two-thirds of the top 50 online retailers include videos on their websites. And if you want to join their ranks, you need videos too. After you’ve made your videos, putting them online is actually a snap with Easy Video Suite. The “easy” in Easy Video Suite is literally true, as proven by just about every Easy Video Suite review you can read online

What Can Easy Video Suite Do for Marketers?
There’s a good reason—several, in fact—why just about every Easy Video Suite review portray a well justified hype about EVS.

• It offers you a very easy way to record videos, and you can even do some basic editing. It’s so easy you don’t need a technical background to be able to use it.

• Conversion to various formats is virtually automated within 1.1 of Easy video suite, so it can be viewed by users of PCs and mobile devices alike. This means your videos have the potential to reach everyone, without being hampered by incompatibility problems.

• It can customize the viewing experience. For example, the video can roll or even fly in on the page when it loads, and the player can look like an iPhone or an iPad. Text and images can appear and disappear while the video plays, and the rest of the page can even darken to help the viewer focus on the video. Easy Video Suite can also customize your web page, or even create a new web page for you.

• With EVS, you can set up buttons to make it easier for the viewers to comply with your CTA (call to action). For example, if you are selling products on your site, these buttons can be set up for purchases.

• The analytics feature with Josh Barlett Easy Video Suite is actually quite helpful. It shows you how many times the video has been played, including the number of times it has been played from start to finish.

Areas for Improvement

Josh Barlett Easy Video Suite isn’t perfect, though. And while the new Easy Video Suite 1.1 version has made a lot of improvements on an already great product, there are still some kinks which some marketers have mentioned on their Easy Video Suite review.

• For one, the cost can be a bit high, especially if you are used to using freeware. But according to the creator Josh Barlett Easy Video Suite is made for professionals afterall, and pros should have no problem investing in a professional yet easy to use

• Of course we also have to mention the main problem that’s always noted in nearly every Easy Video Suite review: the editing tools are very simplistic. You should make sure you have something like Windows Movie Maker for your advanced editing needs.

You need to remember that Easy Video Suite is just a tool. It’s a very fine tool, but you still need to create really good videos in order to sell your product. In fact, you should make sure you have a great product to start with and a solid marketing strategy in order to boost your sales.

So if you are bent on using videos for your marketing campaigns (as you should be!), then there’s no other software which must be part of your arsenal than Easy Video Suite. There’s no other compilation of video applications and tools out there that’s as useful and and easy to use as Easy Video Suite.

Think of it as an investment. With Easy Video Suite, you get a video tool that really gives you a fast ROI.

Don't forget to check out the EVS video => here

UPDATE: Don't forget to check out our Rent a SERP blog post for the latest in internet marketing product news
UPDATE 2: We're taking a look at Local Whiteboard Video Producer by Matt Bush which is a set of professionally developed whiteboard commercials for small and medium enterprizes. This is an ideal package for offline consultants working in any of these niches or looking to get some leads and more clients by selling these high value commercials for low prices (after all Local Whiteboard Video Producer volume 3 is already priced low enough)
UPDATED 3: Read our latest blog post on Opt in Designer by Martin Crumlish. Opt-in Designer is a tool that helps you create attractive and customized opt in forms for better conversion rate (more opt in) and branding to get customers to know you better. It's all done using a drag and drop editor for minimal designing or tech skills. If you have Easy Video Suite, getting Opt in Designer can be an excellent complement to your sales video/pages.
UPDATE 4: We've written a new blogpost on CrowdSearchMe tool by Dan and Matt Anton which should help your sales pages with EVS to rank better online. Learn more about CrowdSearch.
UPDATE 5: Here's our new blog post about EasyVSL which creates video sales letter that you can use for Easy Video Suite platform. Create your high converting video sales letter with Easy VSL and then use Easy Video Suite by Josh Barlett to manage your video on your sales page. The two are a fitting pair together.
UPDATE 6: Easy Video Suite by Josh Barlett is an impressive piece of software that is helping people make more money through better sales pages. Now you need a good video software to help you create those impressive and high converting videos better; even if you outsource our video development being able to create screencasts and make edits by timeline will be a great asset. Importantly integrating a professional intro and outro can have a positive impression on customers and draw a better call to action. This is what Video Motion Pro does for you. You can save hundreds with their video editing features and integrated intros/outros or lower third animations. What's that? Find out on this VideoMotion Pro thread here.
UPDATE 7: Explaindio Video Creator is a must have complement to Easy Video Suite. If you get these two together you can easily set up a profitable video sales letter business. Being able to create video sales letter web pages and equally professional sales videos with Explaindio will be like peanut butter and jelly. Read our Explaindio Video Creator write-up to find out how else you can use Explaindio and what it is. (it's a video creator that allows you to create professional sales, review, business, or entertainment videos without being a techie by simply dragging and dropping slides. Something like Spin Rewriter for videos. You can customize your message for perfectly created videos that address your audience while engaging them)
UPDATE 8: Do note that Audience Drill has only recently launched on May 25, 2015. This tool can be very useful with Easy Video Suite to drive traffic to your sales page or affiliate page on EVS. You want viewers to your videos and Audience Drill can help you to run more successful Facebook Ads. This is a really useful tool with three in one research tool that has been proven to help you with your Facebook Ads to make more online.
UPDATE 9: Matt Bush and Todd Gross have teamed up to launch a new video package. Instant Video Maker is targeted as a done for you solution. Instant Video Maker - If you're looking for something related to lead generation and a done for you website then Instant Video Machine could well be worth checking out.
Update 10: Explaindio 2.0 is now finally released. What a moments update with update 10 about Explaindio 2.0 which was previously mentioned in update 7. Explaindio 2.0 is a MUST HAVE tool if you're using Easy Video Suite by Josh Barlett. It will allow you to create your own videos and save money. You can then now create as many videos as you want with Explaindio 2. It also supports green screen feature along with animation to text features. Read more about Explaindio 2.0 on our thread.
Update 11: Whiteboard Power Kit Info - Get more information on Whiteboard Power Kit which will help you with creating more whiteboard videos. You can now use Easy Video Suite better by being able to create more effective and customized whiteboard videos for sales pages with EVS.
Update 12: Video Drill - Video Drill is an excellent tool to make more from your video sales letter. Easy Video Suite can help you with your VSL video hosting and CTA. You know that since you're using a VSL that having a video leading to your VSL can be very effective (less so video to text) although video to video can be very useful. Now you can get traffic from your pre-sell video with Video Drill on Youtube straight to your sales page using EVS. This is a powerful combination to get traffic and conversions. Learn more on the page at Video Drill thread.
Update 13: TubePilot SAAS - Sam Bakker has released TubePilot. Tube Pilot is a new SAAS that allows you to get more from your videos. It's a video marketing tool that helps you upload your videos to Youtube and promote it to social channels automatically on your decision. It's a useful product for individuals highly reliant on videos for marketing; you can now take those videos to help with your SEO strategy or affiliate marketing campaigns and get more traffic.
Update 14: Warrior forum is releasing Warrior Payments in full force and you'll find many products on WSOs forum transferring to Warrior Payments as previously to JVZoo.
Update 15: The 6 figure Explaindio Local is finally here and the package helps you make the most of video marketing for offline businesses. You can find the right businesses to sell video services, and upsell them on other video services. If you got Easy Video Suite and doing any form of video creation or usage of video marketing then you can get a head start with the 6 figure Explaindio Local webinar.

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