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bigbizz71 19th January 2014 12:30 PM

ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?

What Is ACN & Should you Join?

If you are a potential or current ACN rep you will want to read this review to gain additional knowledge about this company, too learn what it's all about, and how to ensure that you will achieve financial freedom within it.

This Company is a telecommunication company. Unlike most network marketing companies it does not put themselves in line with majority of the competition. Many network marketing companies today are coming out with "the best" health and wellness products, claiming to transform people's lives. ACN Inc is based in Australia, but they are an international company located in several countries such as North America and Europe. ACN Inc Products/Services Now since this company is promoting telecommunication services through means of network marketing. ACN offers consumers local and long distance calling, internet, wireless services and other services such as digital phone service with video phones.

This makes this company unique due to the fact that they do not do promote health and wellness products. ACN Inc's Opportunity-How to ensure success as a representative. As an ACN rep your business will not build on its own, for it takes EFFORT like most things in life that are worth having. So if you are currently in ACN Inc and you are trying extremely hard to get your business off the ground doing everything your upline is telling, you would know by firsthand the importance of gaining leads constantly on the day to day basis (which allows you to gain hot prospects wanting to join your business).

Now The Scary Fact And A Solution!

Here’s the scary fact that most in MLM don’t know.
and that fact is…

97% of network marketers are struggling or failing in their businesses because of:

1. “lack of lead flow” and,

2. because they don’t have a “self funded proposal”

Not knowing how to generate “fresh targeted buyer leads” on a daily basis and not having a self funded proposal (as in, a top tier program to fund your business so advertising costs are NOT becoming out of pocket expenses) is actually fatal to your business.

Now if you have been struggling to make a profit in your business, there is solution which can take your income and profits to new heights this year in 2015.

It’s a proven system created by 6 figure earners to boost your ROI by possibly over 300%!

What you will learn on the inside of this video is able to take your profits to another level if you apply the techniques you learn, then you won’t ever have to chase family and friends again nor will you struggle with how to find and generate targeted buyer leads.

So in closing, “should you join ACN?” In my personal opinion, “It's entirely up to you...” But however I am very sure that the newer way of building a business ( for example by leveraging the internet…) is much more effective and faster than building a business the old traditional way in my opinion.

To your success and God bless,
Nathaniel L.

Comments and questions are welcomed below http://www.nathaniellaurent.com/wp-i...icon_smile.gif
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PS. Your feedback is welcomed, feel free to leave questions and comments below. God bless!

bigbizz71 20th January 2014 01:22 PM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?

Like any other MLM business opportunity you’re likely to come across, ACN (American Communication Network, Inc.) has it’s fair share of good, bad, and downright ugly. It’s crucial that you’re familiar with all aspects of whatever MLM business you decide to go with so you know which ones are “doable” and will play to your strengths.
At this point, it’s important to distinguish between a legitimate MLM business opportunity and a fraud. For that, let’s start with a practical definition for an “MLM business.” Any MLM is essentially a retail system where people, most often called “distributors,” build and manage their own sales force, or network. These distributors are compensated based on the sales of the sales force under them in addition to their personal sales. If you’re trying to figure out if an alleged “MLM business opportunity” is for real or not, watch out for compensation plans that only pay you to recruit new people into the network but don’t compensate you (no matter how little) for sales at your level.

The Company

Let’s get back to ACN. The company started out in 1992 as the marketing arm for LCI communications, a long distance reseller. It was founded by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, Tony and Mike Cupisz with only 20 distributors. In it’s first year, revenues reached $2 million and by 1998, it reported an annual revenue of $98.1 million. ACN operates in 20 countries which include Australia, New Zealand as well as parts of Europe, Asia and North America.
Another thing to take notice of is that Donald Trump (you know from the hit series “The Apprentice” – his trademark phrase is “Your Fired!”) actively endorses ACN.
This endorsement gives the company serious credibility as a legitimate MLM business opportunity. Think about it. Why would a billionaire risk ruining his reputation partnering with an illegitimate company? He wouldn’t, plain and simple.

The Product

Among other products, ACN provides a digital phone service, high speed Internet access, a wireless service, local and long distance calls, satellite TV, video phone, and home security services. No red flags here. The very fact that they’ve been in business since 1992 should also tell you that they’re here to stay and not some fly-by-night MLM business. So far, so good.
It seems like the easiest thing to sell because you won’t have any inventory to buy or keep every single month; you won’t need to approach the same customer every month to make a new sale once a deal is closed; and you won’t have to ask people to spend money that isn’t already part of their budget for those monthly services. And then you get to the compensation plan.

The Compensation Plan

ACN’s compensation plan is one of the more complicated plans you’ll come across in MLM. You can look up the details on your own but the bottom line is that it will take an enormous amount of work to get to the point where it pays off for the distributor in residuals. This is not said to discourage you, but rather to warn you. Distributors can choose between 2 starting levels, either $99 or $499. To merely qualify for the meager 2%-8% commission on acquiring new customers (depending on what starting level you choose –$99 or $499), you would have to maintain at least 6 “connected” long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service. Once you qualify, you receive 0.25% from levels 1 through 5 of your downline, 1% on level six, and 6% on level 7. So to get to 6% commissions, you would have to build your own network to seven levels and make sure everyone on that line is at top performance in order to meet additional requirements of the compensation plan. That’s a lot of work with very little incentive to keep you going while you’re building up your network!
For example, just to qualify for the first earned level – Executive Team Trainer – you must be a Team Trainer with a minimum of 20 personal billing customers and have directly sponsored and qualified 3 Team Trainers by helping each of them acquire 6 “connected” long distance customers or 8 customers using any ACN service within the required time (4 weeks). Each earned level comes with its own set of arcane qualifying criteria making the top earned level– Regional Vice President – almost as easy as hitting the lottery.

The Verdict

I’m not against working hard towards achieving a worthwhile goal but in the final analysis, ACN’s compensation plan is simply not designed for someone just starting out in an MLM business. This MLM opportunity is only for power recruiters who can maintain the extremely high level of commitment needed to see their efforts amount to something substantial. I would not be surprised to see unusually high attrition levels with this MLM business. Not that it bothers ACN much since they’ll still be making money every month from every customer you’ve ever acquired, even if you decide ACN isn’t the right fit for you and leave. One way to combat a high attrition rate and become the power recruiter necessary to really build your ACN MLM business is through the biggest marketplace on the planet – the Internet. This way you really can market ACN all across the globe.

bigbizz71 20th January 2014 03:08 PM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?
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ACN was founded in 1993 by four men: Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and Tony and Mike Cupisz. Their goal was to provide telecommunications services across the world, such as ADSL internet, mobile plans, home phone services, energy for businesses and residences, and a myriad of phone options for their customers. 15 years later, and they had become the largest direct seller of telecommunications in the world, operating in 23 countries to date.

But the company has had their share of dramas. There have been accusation of pyramid scheme behavior, and most recently, a charge that a ACN video phone scam exists. You can search their company and come up with a laundry list of criticisms from disgruntled representatives.
And it’s not all for bad reason. In order to join the company, reps have to fork over nearly $500 dollars as a beginning investment. In return, they get assistance from the company on how to sell their products best. But the unfortunate part of the opportunity is two-fold :

First, ACN makes it sound simple and easy to earn a ton of money.
Second, ACN encourages reps to sell memberships and products to their friends, family, and neighbors to build a wildly successful business.
These two claims just simply aren’t true. Making money through an opportunity like this requires hard work, especially in the beginning. They heyday of financial success does not come until much, much later. Also, the old “friends and family” pitch isn’t a sustainable business model, and will fail sooner or later.

However, there are ways to create a successful business with ACN. There is no ACN video phone scam, pyramid scheme, or any other illegal behavior – but there are admittedly some misguided notions passed along to new representatives.

There are a ton of resources on the web to help new reps gain a business skill set that will help them succeed. They offer free downloads and weekly e-mails loaded with information from experts themselves.

There are infinite resources on the web to help new representatives. The bottom line is to do your homework, make sure that you are learning new skills and applying them, and, most of all, don’t believe every disgruntled rep who cries “scam!”

bigbizz71 20th January 2014 03:55 PM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?
Here are some quotes some people here said concerning acn:


Originally Posted by dlcross12 (Post 4577010)
I just wanted to ask if anyone has heard of the network marketing company called ACN. I have a friend who wants me to register. I 'm very skeptical... but it seems legit.

Does anyone have any input or thoughts about this company? Thanks



Originally Posted by Mauricio Lopez (Post 4902476)
ACN - It's definately legit - (endoresed by Donald Trump) the company sells digital phone service, cell phone service, power ( electricity ) and who knows what else.

I have a friend who's been with ACN for almost seven years now. He's been trying to get me to join for ever but MLM is not for me.

Does extremely well.

My advise - If you're into multi level marketing then go for it. It's worth aleast attending one meeting to see if its something of interest.

Good Luck

bigbizz71 21st January 2014 05:19 PM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?

In the event you are here looking for information about ACN MLM business and you’re wondering if ACN is a gimmick, then you have come to the right place. So the big question is if ACN MLM is a gimmick? Are the ACN reps that you see all over the place representing something fraudulent that they themselves really do not know much about? By the time you are done looking over this, you should have clear knowledge about ACN and why some folk are calling it a scam.
IS ACN A gimmick? NO
ACN is a Multi-level marketing business that is giving regular individuals like you and I the opportunity to be financially free. The ACN scam allegations are honestly ridiculous. This really is nonetheless not surprising because the MLM industry has taken a poor reputation over the 12 months due to the natural skepticism nature of us human being and also due to the way the network marketers have gone around running their venture. This has had negative effect on the MLM industry over the years. So to emphasize my point again, most MLM businesses including ACN are not scams.

bigbizz71 22nd January 2014 03:41 PM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?

Generating leads is a vital part of your home-based business and is said to be the lifeblood of your home-based business opp because, if you have no leads then you have no prospects, and if you have no prospects than you have no sales, and this is the reason why 97% of the people in the network marketing industry today are struggling.

However there is a solution

So click on the link below and find out how you can generate a steady stream of leads for your home-based business so you can get into profit mode as soon as possible thanks for reading and God bless

bigbizz71 12th February 2014 10:40 AM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?

bigbizz71 12th February 2014 11:17 AM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?
Are you looking for an ideal home business opportunity to obtain begun in? Are you curious concerning just how you can generate income via using one more company' products? If you are, you must most definitely be considering signing up with ACN. This ACN inc company evaluation will help you far better know why this company offers such a great opportunity for any individual curious about making extra earnings.

You could make this opportunity a full time income source if you wish to. The amount of money you could make from this company is truly as much as you. You could make as little or as much as you want to general. The amount of money you will make depends upon the amount of marketing you produce for the opportunity.

There are a couple of different reasons you might find this company to be one of the most effective chances offered to you today. The primary reason this possibility is rather spectacular compared with the other opportunities around the Internet is because of the fact they have numerous top quality items for sale. When you have a look at the other Multi Level Marketing programs readily available on the web, you will certainly discover that there are a variety of programs that do not provide first class gadgets within their systems.

One of the most vital components to any kind of MLM company is the kind of items you will be selling. If you come to be a market for ACN, you will be selling items that are utilized by everybody all over the world.

The high need that exists for these products make these items a perfect option for anybody which is looking for a MLM company that includes item providings that are easy to offer. The videophone this company offers makes this a fantastic opportunity just on its own. The reality that they also offer higher demand gadgets such as satellite TV and phone company makes them genuinely a cut above the remainder.

Another terrific feature of this business is the truth that Donald Trump sustains it. Donald Trump is a significant player in the worldwide economic climate, and if he supports an opportunity, you can be favorable that the opportunity you are taking a look at is of a very top quality. Donald Trump does not back firms that are deceptive or inappropriate for the average customer. Therefore, if you are seeking an actual and extremely lucrative possibility to make money from, ACN may be the best company for you.

Another wonderful need to sustain this company is the truth that it is ran by many knowledgeable entrepreneurs. Individuals who run this business absolutely have the passion of their associates at heart. Not simply are they considering providing the affiliates with the most effective program and services they perhaps can, however they are also enthusiastic concerning providing the most effective quality solutions they can potentially offer to their consumers.

Several Multi Level Marketing companies in the industry today do not supply excellent quality items to their clients. Eventually, this lack of first class gadgets leads to their death. When you market a company like ACN, a provider of terrific products, you can be sure the business you are advertising for will be around for long times to come. This ACN Inc Company Review has proven that, not just will this company be about for long times to come, yet it will certainly continuously supply top quality products and services to customers worldwide going into the future.

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beasty513 25th June 2014 11:23 AM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?
I'm sure that ACN is a great opportunity but I'm a little uneasy
about joining a network marketing company because promoting that
will get my list to unsubscribe at a high rate.

Wouldn't want that now would we? :)

Doesn't ACN has a energy deregulation program to it?

talfighel 12th June 2015 11:58 AM

Re: ACN Review - Should You Stay Away From ACN?

Originally Posted by beasty513 (Post 9308190)
I'm sure that ACN is a great opportunity but I'm a little uneasy
about joining a network marketing company because promoting that
will get my list to unsubscribe at a high rate.

Wouldn't want that now would we? :)

Doesn't ACN has a energy deregulation program to it?

The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you will get people on your team to duplicate. Sure some don't like MLM but you will give people on your list the best chance to succeed with their own business.

DUPLICATION is what's going to make a BIG difference in your income for years to come.

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