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HanifQ 25th January 2014 12:43 AM

UNCUT 'Partnership To Success' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies
Can the Partnership to Success Program REALLY Help You Achieve Financial Freedom Online in a Step-by-Step, 'No Fail' Way?

Does Partnership to Success Truly Give You Complete Guidance and Full 1-on-1 Support?

(read on for my uncut review and exclusive bonus tactics)

I'm amazed at the ever-increasing graveyard of failed internet marketers who start their journey with high hopes...and eventually face defeat and extreme dissapointment.

The Partnership to Success program aims to tackle this problem head on, by guaranteeing a '100% success rate' for anyone who finishes the program. But can it actually live up to this claim? Let me answer this question by showing you a 'behind the scenes' look at this program...

12 Month Step-by-Step Program

This is one of the longest programs on the market, spanning over 12 months and taking you from step A to step Z...quite literally.

Lot of programs claim to be step-by-step, but this one takes it a step beyond by giving you a short video for each 'step' you have to follow. Each video is only 2-5 minutes long, giving you one step that you have to complete.

All the content is dripfed, which means that each week you'll be able to see a new module, watch the short videos in each module and complete the task you're assigned.

This way, the material is easy-to-digest and there are clear action steps after each video, which helps you make continuous progress.

Building An Online Presence

The 1st component of this program is to help you build an online presence that you can use as your 'master base'...

Without a real presence, there's no real internet business.

So you'll be setting up a blog and social media profiles that will help you 'brand' yourself and your business. Of course, since everything is step-by-step, you'll be shown how to choose and register a domain name, setup hosting, etc...

The nice thing is, John limits your options and tells you the quickest way to complete each step. For example, when it comes to getting your domain name and a hosting account, he basically tells you the best option and how to quickly do it.

Within a few weeks of setting up your online presence, the goal is to help you start making affiliate commissions so you can get a feel of making consistent money.

Product Creation

Alright so now its time to go beyond affiliate commissions and start creating your own product, with full step-by-step support from John and his team...

They'll cover niche research, analyzing demand and profitability, coming up with a topic and title...all the way to actually developing the product.The entire 'Partnership to Success' community will help you perfect this product and make sure that it'll be a good seller once it hits the market.

Sales Page Creation

Next step is to create an 'irrestible' Sales Page that gets visitors to buy. In these modules, John actually has some expert copywriters that will teach you, step-by-step, how to craft excellent copy that converts well.

But more importantly, John and his team will actually review your Salepage and give you pointers on improving it. You'll be tweaking your copy, with the help of the community, to get it as crisp and responsive as possible.

Having good copy will be the single most important factor in how well your product will sell. With experts directly helping you, its going to positively impact your bottomline.

Membership Site Creation

Now that you have your Salespage created with the help of John and his team, the Membership Area in the backend of your site will be created. A good Membership area not only makes you look Professional, but it also gives your customers a good experience and peace of mind in their purchase.

Again, you're not left alone with this step. You'll have real live help in creating this membership area in a newbie friendly way...so it won't be a technical challenge at all.

In this module, John covers some legitimate secrets and insider strategies to make your Membership Area a 'profit maximizing' machine. Basically, your customers will be able to make additional purchases inside your member's area, boosting the profit that you make per customer.

Hot Tip: An awesome way to build your 'buyers list' faster is by swapping offers with other marketers in the customer membership areas...So basically, you would put another marketer's free offer in your membership area, and in exchange, they would put YOUR free offer in their membership area. This way, you'll be building a list of 'buyers' on autopilot.

Recruiting Affiliates

This is probably the most valuable part of the entire Partnership to Success Program...

John will let you leverage his resources and his personal list of JVs to make sure that you get plenty of affiliate promoting your product!

If you don't already know, it can very difficult to get affiliate on board to promote your product, unless you're a proven marketer in the game. BUT, with John's help and resources, it becomes easy to get plenty of affiliates on board with your launch.

Full Product Launch

The more affiliate promoting your product, the greater chances of your launch being a massive success.

But John won't leave it up to chance. He will personally promote your launch to his massive list of subscribers, sending atleast 3 emails out! Since John's subscribers trust his recommendations, you can be sure to see good sales!

Not only that, ALL of John's students will then promote your launch to THEIR lists. Thats right, you get to leverage the email lists of the entire Partnership to Success community.

At the very least, you know that your launch will have plenty of exposure and a real chance of becoming a massive success.

Driving Traffic

A launch can be a great way to make a lot of money fast, but what about when the launch is over? How will you continue to make sales?

In this module John covers the exact strategies that have worked for him to drive traffic. From using Solo Ads the right way to getting traffic through your blog, you'll know the precise steps for getting evergreen traffic, subscribers and customers.

Hot Tip: "Thank you" page swaps are a good way to continue building your list and getting traffic. You would advertise the newsletter of another marketer on your thank you page, and in exchange, they would advertise your newsletter on their thank you page. Its a WIN-WIN!

100% Guaranteed Success Rate

Hopefully now you understand how John can guarantee a 100% success rate for every student that completes the 12 month program...

You're getting step-by-step guidance, full live help & support, and then an army of affiliates promoting your product, in addition to John himself promoting your product!

The BIGGEST benefit of Partnership to Success, by far, is having a 'shortcut' into the internet marketing world...sidestepping the competition and getting massive exposure for your products.

And another HUGE benefit is being able to instantly brand yourself and your products, have loyal affiliates, and build a long-term business for yourself in a very profitable industry.

Drawbacks of Partnership to Success (What I Don't Like)

Look, it seems like a 'perfect' program and John makes sure that you'll succeed...

But the truth is, you'll be be focusing on one niche, which is internet marketing. Everything you learn can be applied to other niches as well, such as fitness and self-improvement, but the real benefit in this program is in the internet marketing industry.

Another thing I don't like about this program is that it goes in 'baby steps'...giving you one step at a time. John has set it up this way to make sure you make continuous progress, but that also means that the pace is a bit slow.

Lastly, the traffic portion of this course focuses on traffic strategies that work in the Internet Marketing (IM) niche. It doesn't really cover advanced SEO strategies or anything else that doesn't work well in the IM niche.

So, to help solve some of these problems and add value, I've created an exclusive bonus, called the 'Partnership to Success FAST Cash' Academy, in which I'll show you how to become an advanced traffic ninja and generate fast cashflow.

My Exclusive Partnership to Success Bonus Can Help You Grow Your Business BIGGER and Faster

I'll get a commission if you purchase through my link, so to add value, I've personally created the 'Partnership to Success FAST Cash' Academy, which is a series of regular short lessons and quick tips, delivered to your email one at a time. Here's how these short lessons and quick tips will benefit you massively:
  • A killer, step-by-step method for generating affiliate commissions within DAYS (so you can start making money while you're learning the Partnership to Success modules)
  • Help you pick 'cash cow' niches that bring in fast cash OUTSIDE of the IM Niche (now you can be a real internetmarketer who knows how to sell non-IM products)
  • How to choose high traffic keywords with tons of demand and low competition
  • The easy way to identify 'buyer' keywords that pull in lots of sales and commissions
  • The 5 most effective FREE traffic strategies on Facebook (these simple, creative strategies can QUICKLY bring floods of targeted traffic to your site, for free!)
  • Virally grow internal Facebook traffic with 3 simple steps (takes no more than an hour or two)
  • How to quickly create KILLER content that your visitors will love to spread around (don't let your content be boring, let it come to life!)
  • Drive traffic from the 3rd largest search engine in the world using simple, silly videos (ranking on Youtube)
  • How to outsource your ENTIRE Video Creation + SEO for about $10-$15 (and rank in the top 3 of Youtube)
  • The Double-Assassin Method - After ranking on Youtube, get the videos ranked in Google with 2 extra tweaks (double the traffic)
  • How to use simple press releases to drive instant visitors to your Facebook pages (and how to get them written for under $10)
  • 2 effective ways to get high opt-in rates (so you can build a huge email list faster)
  • 3 Conversion strategies that allow you to double your conversions (and your profits)
  • Underground social media tactics to drive up your Google 'trust' even more
    Email marketing secrets to connect with your subscribers at a deeper level, making them love you and trust you more
  • How to really scale up your websites/blogs into a six-figure business (through killer automation)


- 'Done For You' Three Youtube Videos (we'll create 3 videos to promote your web properties)

- My team will optimize your videos so they can rank highly on Google AND Youtube

- 'Done For You' Three Facebook Fanpages (with custom graphics and the optimal setup)

- My team will get you your first 100 Facebook fans on each page (for social proof on your fanpages)

- We will perform confidential SEO tactics on your Fanpages so they can rank highly on Google (to drive lots more traffic)

- 'Done For You' Three Press Releases (we'll write and submit the press releases to paid networks)

- My team will SEO optimize these Press Releases and perform link-building to help them rank highly on Google (for targeted buyer traffic)

The Conservative Value of These Services is $997 (I Actually Charge My Offline Clients Closer to $1500 For a Similar Package)

Now You Can Let My Team Drive Traffic For You! This is offered to Every Buyer!

Here’s How to Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Step 1: Click the Link Below to Buy Partnership to Success
(make sure to clear your cookies)

Step 2: Enter Your Name & Email to Lock in Your Bonuses:

Once I verify that you purchased through my link, I'll send you access to the bonuses.

Of course, I can’t offer the exclusive Partnership to Success Bonus for too long. There's only so much consulting time available, and the prizes are limited as well.

So if you want to build a strong online business, buy the Partnership to Success system now while there's a steep discount being offered (great deal).

Get started by picking up Partnership to Success here and then entering your name & email here to reserve my awesome bonuses.

Any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post on this thread or PM me.

I’m excited to help you grow or build your online PROFITS... FASTER!

Hanif ‘Your Right Hand Man’ Quentino

HanifQ 26th January 2014 05:13 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Partnership To Success' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies

Originally Posted by Sajid Nasir (Post 8901701)
Hi Hanif,

This seems pretty cool, in that John and his team will personally be helping you generate sales... But, a 12 month program seems a bit long. How soon can one expect to start generate sales?

Also, Does John help you develop products, or is the course focused on generating sales through affiliate commissions?

As Always Hanif, thanks again for your time and feedback...

Hey Sajid, John's team fully helps you develop products, and the beginning of the course also helps you generate affiliate commissions...but the main focus of the program is on product creation.

My bonus training, on the other hand, covers specific strategies on becoming a 'super affiliate' and advanced traffic generation methods. These things are not covered in the Partnership to Success program.



kokester 5th February 2014 01:00 AM

Re: UNCUT 'Partnership To Success' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies
If we choose the payment plan how soon do we get your bonuses?

HanifQ 6th February 2014 02:45 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Partnership To Success' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies

Originally Posted by kokester (Post 8929175)
If we choose the payment plan how soon do we get your bonuses?

Hi kokester, if you choose the monthly payment plan, you receive my bonus training lessons and the ability to consult with me right away...no waiting...

And for the 'Done for You' services, you would be eligible for it around the end of your 2nd month of the program...which is around the same time that you'll be firing up your website and affiliate campaigns anyways.



healthreview 9th February 2014 04:30 AM

Re: UNCUT 'Partnership To Success' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies
Hi Hanif,
With your bonus course, when one is expected to start earning money.


abhijitpani 2nd September 2014 03:40 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Partnership To Success' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies
Hi Hanif,

Is the bonus still on offer or has been withdrawn please?


abhijitpani 14th January 2015 07:04 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Partnership To Success' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies

Originally Posted by HanifQ (Post 8901985)
Hey Sajid, John's team fully helps you develop products, and the beginning of the course also helps you generate affiliate commissions...but the main focus of the program is on product creation.

My bonus training, on the other hand, covers specific strategies on becoming a 'super affiliate' and advanced traffic generation methods. These things are not covered in the Partnership to Success program.



Hi Hanif - I am interested to buy this program through your link. Can you kindly confirm that you are still offering the bonuses. If not thats perfectly fine. Thanks for reading this.

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