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UNCUT FB Empire Builders Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Strategies
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Can FB Empire Builders REALLY Show You How to Build a Huge Fanbase & Generate Large Profits with Cheap, Reliable Outsourcing?

Is FB Empire Builders Truly a Fast Money-Making System?

(read on for my in-depth review and bonus strategies)

You've probably heard of the 't-shirt' selling frenzy on Facebook right now. People are rushing to setup advertising campaigns on Facebook to sell t-shirts from Teespring...and even though its good cash...its a huge bubble thats going to burst eventually!

The smart marketers are selling t-shirts, and making money from affiliate offers, and selling all types of products and services by building HUGE Fanpages that have a real following (this way, they can sell way more than just t-shirts to their fans).

But building these Fanpages is a ton of work. Lots of boring, tedious tasks that are very time consuming. The FB Empire Builders system promises to help you perform these tasks by outsourcing and automating them, allowing you to grow at a much faster pace.

So lets take a full tour inside the FB Empire Builders Membership Area to see exactly how it works and if it can live up its claims of helping you 'build an empire on autopilot':

Main Dashboard

So once you login to the Member's Area, here's a screenshot of what you'll see:

Notice on the left-hand side the main modules of the system: Employer's Training, Hiring Templates, Facebook Marketing Module and Resources. Lets first take a look at the Employer's Training module:

Employer's Training

This module is made up of a 10 minute video and the Templates that you'll be giving to your outsourcers. Here's a screenshot of this module:

The video basically explains:
  • how to use the Templates & Videos
  • how to quickly find reliable outsourcers
  • how to prescreen them
  • and other useful tips on hiring the right people

Now you have the big picture of how this sytem works, and you know how to get great work done at dirt-cheap prices.

Facebook Templates

These are the exact documents that you'll hand over to your outsourcers. These documents contain the step-by-step instructions they need to perform various tasks. Here's all the documents that you'll be getting:

So all you have to do is give these documents to your outsourcers, and they'll know exactly how to setup & run your Facebook pages.

The obvious benefit here is the time you save by not having to write these instructions yourself. But the even bigger benefit is having correct, complete instructions that workers can actually follow.

Hiring Templates

So how do you actually hire the right people? What do you post on the Job sites to attract good talent?

Good news, you can just copy'n'paste the stuff inside these documents:

You can create a separate 'job' for each of the above tasks you see in the screenshot above, OR you can create ONE master job and post these documents into that one job.

This makes it easy to find workers who not only understand what needs to be done, but are also willing and capable to do the shockingly low prices.

Facebook Marketing Templates

This is really the 'meat' of this whole system...

Notice the left-hand side of the screenshot below. Basically, each one of these is short videos that show your outsourcer exactly how to do that task on Facebook.

There are a total of 13 specific tasks that these videos cover. Go ahead and take a close look at the screenshot above to see what these tasks are...

The most powerful training that you can provide any outsourcer is how to do niche research and find affiliate offers. This is really the 'money' video in this whole system that will train your outsourcers how to make you money. Lets take a quick look at the 'Niche Research/Finding Affiliate Offers' video:

The above video starts by showing your outsourcer how to do keyword research with the Google Keyword Planner, and then moves on to show them how to find high converting affiliate offers. This is super important training that literally trains your outsourcer to maximize your profits.


As you can see in the screenshot below, the resources section gives you the best sites for hiring workers, and it also show the tools organizing your team...

Its very important for yourself and your workers to be organized in this business, because there are a lot of tasks that need to be performed and tracked. The tools they show you will help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.


This is pretty wicked stuff. What you see in the screenshot below is an entire collection of hot Facebook graphics that you can use to look way more Professional and appealing on Facebook:

Note: I've blacked out the actual URLs where you can download the files.

How will you edit and use these graphics? With the complimentary membership that you're getting to the FB Empire Builders Designing Suite!

Thats right, you'll be getting a web-based graphic design suite that will allow your outsourcers to quickly and easily edit all these graphics for your brand and your pages. This is really a great bonus that they're throwing in with your FB Empire Builders membership.

Ok, so now that you've seen everything included in this system, what's the real benefit of putting it into action?

The BIGGEST benefit of FB Empire Builders, by far, is being able to build a real ASSET that consistently brings you profit for months & years to asset that you can also sell for big bucks.

And another HUGE benefit is having your own expertly trained team of workers that you can leverage to grow your business into the 6-figure and even 7-figure levels (while keeping costs extremely low).

Drawbacks of FB Empire Builders (What I Don't Like)

Obviously, you still have to do the work of going out and finding the workers and putting this whole system into motion. Its not 'done for you' have to engage in discussions with whoever you're hiring and interview them.

The other issue is, your outsourcers will have a lot of responsibility, so its not advisable to hire just 1 or 2 people. Instead, you'll probably need to hire a group of 3-5 people, each one with different responsibilities. This way, you protect your business by not giving too much power to one person.

Lastly, these videos aren't going to train your outsourcers to become expert 'paid Facebook advertising' experts. There is basic training on how to setup Ads, but you shouldn't expect your workers to be experts in this area.

This system is mainly designed to train your outsourcers to build and grow your Fanpages using free and basic paid strategies...but it doesn't cover the advanced stuff that requires more skill & expertise.

So, to help solve some of these problems and add value, I've created the 'FB Empire Fast Profitable Traffic' Academy, in which I'll show you how to take your Facebook traffic to another level, and consistenly convert that traffic into higher profits.

My Exclusive FB Empire Builders Bonus Will Help You Make More Money With This System, and Make It Faster

I'll get a commission if you purchase through my link, so to add value, I've personally created the 'FB Empire Fast Profitable Traffic' Academy, which is a series of regular short lessons and quick tips, delivered to your email one at a time.

Here's how these short lessons and quick tips will benefit you massively:

Here’s How to Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Step 1: Click the Link Below to Buy FB Empire Builders
(make sure to clear your cookies)

>> Invest in FB Empire Builders (at steep discount) <<

Step 2: Enter Your Name & Email to Lock in Your Bonuses:

>> Click Here & Enter Your Name & Email <<

Once I verify that you purchased through my link, I'll send you access to the bonuses.

Of course, I can’t offer the exclusive FB Empire Bonus for too long. There's only so much consulting time available, and the prizes are limited as well.

So if you want to build a strong online business, buy the FB Empire system now while there's a steep discount being offered (great deal).

Get started by picking up FB Empire Builders here and then entering your name & email here to reserve my awesome bonuses.

Any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post on this thread or PM me.

I’m excited to help you scale up your your Facebook profits... FASTER!

Hanif ‘Your Right Hand Man’ Quentino


After my first 2 years of losing over 10K in internet marketing SCAMS, I am now a 6+ year IM veteran with lots of experience building Niche Sites, Ecomm Stores & running PPC campaigns. I've made most of my money through Affiliate Marketing, Adsense & Infoproducts. I promise to provide lots of FREE VALUE from all my experience over the past decade!
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Unread 13th Feb 2014, 01:21 AM   #2
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Is FB Empire Builders still open?
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Originally Posted by HanifQ View Post

Can FB Empire Builders REALLY Show You How to Build a Huge Fanbase & Generate Large Profits with Cheap, Reliable Outsourcing?

Is FB Empire Builders Truly a Fast Money-Making System?
Is FB Empire still open, if so, how much, where to order??

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