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How to Get The Perfect Targeted Traffic To Your Website
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Dear Fellow Business Owner

We've reached a point where every business owner, regardless of industry, has finally accepted the fact that having an online presence is not a choice… it is a MUST.

In fact, if you look around at the current business landscape – the companies who resisted embracing the web are now paying a huge price.

Many are being surpassed by newer, more innovative companies.

Now I have a tough question for you…

Is This You???

Here’s the thing. You may THINK you have a good online presence but the truth is, many business owners are totally missing the boat because what they THOUGHT was effective and what ACTUALLY works are worlds apart.

So here’s how you find out.

Ask yourself which category you fall into:

1 You have an active web presence and a GROWING list of followers

2 You have a disorganized web presence and you don’t really know if anyone is following you online at all

Most business owners I talk to, eventually admit they fall into category number 2.

WHICH CATEGORY ARE YOU IN?If you answered number 2, I have both bad news and good news for you.

The bad news is that you are losing business and possibly being surpassed by your competition
The good news is that its not too late to fix the problem

But you are going to want to take action…

And you are going to want to so QUICKLY

WHAT THIS REALLY MEANS…You need to Build A Following online.

And that means more than just a website and some social profiles. It means that you must be engaging with their audience, creating a 2-way dialog and establishing long term relationships built on the classic “know, like and trust” principles of selling.

INTRODUCING… Build A Following University

Chances are you have at least tried… but then failed… to properly set up a strong web presence and create an environment to attract new customers and engage with your existing client base. And you might even already have a website and social media profiles…

BUT this is where you get stuck!

With Build A Following University, I am going to share the most powerful strategies and tactics that ALL of the top companies (who have a KILLER web presence) are doing.

Now this isn't something you can learn overnight or you would have figured it out already.

BUT… with a bit of guidance and direction YOU CAN learn the secrets to build a successful following and I am going to guide you along by focusing on 5 Key Areas Of Success That Work TODAY…

The fundamentals of building a following

Building and engaging a subscriber list

Properly engaging and leveraging social media

Understand how and when to use paid traffic to speed up growth

To take advantage of Google Hangouts now while it is gaining steam[/B]

DON’T MISS THE BOAT…If you are ready to harness the true power of the web, and to do so using CURRENT and PROVEN techniques, then join us today at Build A Following University.

Isn’t it time you created a REAL relationship with your customers that will turn them from casual buyers into lifetime, loyal followers who know, like and trust you?

Sign up now build your following of loyal customers today
One off Payment only


To secure your place click here

Build a Following Online University
Course Contents

When you have paid for your place on the course via our secure Paypal gateway you will receive an email with your links to all your course modules (if you like to dive into it all straightaway) within 24 hours of payment.
The course modules will also be emailed to you each week over the four week period if you like to do it step by step.

As well as your main modules you will also receive weekly advanced tips support emails packed full with useful tips to help you with your campaign.

Module One: List Building in The New Internet Economy

No matter what type of business you have you really need to build a list.

This allows you to connect with your customers on a regular basis for many different reasons. If you run an offline business you can let your customers know about any special offers or discounts you are running.

Online business owners can use their list to stay connected to people who have purchased from them. They can email out a monthly newsletter as well as sending articles and newsworthy items to them.

With this module you will learn

How to set up the basics of list building before you start.
How often you should be emailing your subscribers
How to segment your lists for maximum effect.
How to get the subscribers you really want to sign up to your list
How to add an opt in box to your website
How to create a book to generate leads
How to Host a webinar and Google Hangout
How to use facebook to engage your list
How to use QR codes to attract subscribers
How to Offer and send mini ecourses

And much more[/B]

Module Two : Sway Increasing Your Social Influence

There is no doubt today that Social Media sites have come a long way and that they are an integral part of everyone’s life, marketers and non-marketers. While you may have all the correct social media sites set up for your business are you using them to your advantage?

This module will cover different aspects of how you can increase your range of social media influence for your business. By making a few minor adjustments to things like your online profile and improving the quality of your content you can easily improve your influential rankings.
Are you tracking your area of influence? This is an important aspect for anyone who is trying to get known online and is one that is often overlooked. You will discover the best way to track how you are doing when it comes to social media inside this ebook along with other useful tips.
When You Receive this easy to follow and implement module you will learn,

Why Your Social Media Influence is Highly Important
How to Increase Your Influence On Your Social Sites
How to Use Social Media To Gain Huge Exposure To Your Business
How to Increase Brand Awareness and Loyalty Through Social Media
How to Connect With Other Influential Social Media Users
How to Post Your Content to Your Social Media Accounts

and much more

Great relationships are the solid foundation of a successful long term business, you owe it to yourself to learn how to integrate this invaluable marketing tool into your business and reap the rewards for years to come.

Module Three : Hanging Out With Google Hangouts

Recently the Business Insider reported that Google+ is experiencing a sudden growth spurt. If this trend continues then Google+ will soon take over Twitter as the 2nd largest social media site in the world.

The spike is up by 33% with 359 million users. It is reported that more people are using Google+ than the population of the United States.

What does this mean for your business? Remember you always want to be at the front of new technology and trends. By incorporating Google+ and Hangouts into your business plan you will be doing just that. Your company will be viewed as a leading edge business.

When you download the Google Hangouts Module you will learn

What a Hangout Is.
How to Setup and Connect Hangouts
How To Use Hangouts Via Gmail
The Two Types of Video That Will Help You Build Your Business Faster
How To Use Hangouts For Business Boosting Giveaway Events

Module Four : Put Your Traffic Into Overdrive

Paying for traffic is a great way to move your website higher in the search engines. While this can be achieved using free traffic, paid traffic is definitely much faster.

Paid traffic can be used in many different ways including generating leads, having people sign up to your mailing list, to giveaway a free report or eBook and more.

There are lots of different ways to construct a paid advertising campaign along with writing ads. You can use banner ads, videos and press releases in your campaigns.

While you may have heard of using Google Ads and Facebook Ads there are many other alternatives including ezine advertising and mobile advertising. As you look further into paid traffic you will see that there is an almost endless supply of available resources to use.

Which one you choose will depend upon your business, your goal and your available budget. One word of advice is to not spend too much money on any campaign until you see that it is creating you a solid return.

Many people are nervous about paying for traffic and understandably so. It is difficult to know what the best paid traffic sources are and if you will actually get what you pay for.

This report will help alleviate your fears and point you in the right direction for getting started with the best paid traffic sources which are available today.
What You Will Learn From This Module
Inside this report you can expect to discover information on planning your traffic campaign, Including

Paid Traffic General Best Practices
How to Set up Your Paid Traffic Campaign
Managing Your Budget Without Breaking The Bank
Paid Traffic Payment Methods
Best Practices Landing Pages
How To Find Paid Blogging Gigs
How To Use Banner Ads
How to Google Ads For
Facebook Ads
Bing Advertising
Other Pay Per Clicks Ad programs

and much more

When you enrol on Build a Following University via the Warrior Forum instead of our website you will benefit from a saving of $40 thats less than half price!


Because I know how confusing and expensive it can get trying to navigate the world of online marketing especially if you are a newbie (we have all been there) and I would have been lost if it were not for the lovely people on this forum.

Only $27

[SIZE="5"]To secure your place on our Build a Following University click here[SIZE="5"

Build a Following University Bonus One

Friendly Persuasion Report RRP $27

"Persuasion is an excellent test of character. What you will do and say, how far you'll go to convince others, reveals a lot about the strength and reliability of your moral compass... Good persuaders are authentic... honest... seeking a win-win... "Arlene Dickson

Some people seem to have a knack for persuading people to do what they want. They just ask and they receive!

Persuasion is an art form that can be learnt and with this report you will learn various ways you can use friendly persuasion to get exactly what you want.

What you will learn when you download and read Friendly Persuasion

How to Get What You Want
Understanding The Art of Persuasion
Harness The Power of Persuasion In Business
How to Be Persuasive Via Social Media
How to Turn a No into a Yes

Build a Following University Bonus Two

Build a Better Business Blog RRP $47

There is no point being able to direct huge amounts of traffic if you have no where to send them.

Presenting Build a Better Business Blog , This step by step course will enable even the most inexperienced marketers easily build a professional looking business blog.

Building a Better Business Blog is a highly detailed guide to creating a highly effective WordPress Blog.

You will find easy to follow high quality screencast tutorial videos and detailed instructional manuals.

You can build your business blog within a day even if you have little online knowledge.

Once you know how to create beautiful sites within WordPress you can begin a highly lucrative career consulting and training fellow entrepreneurs.

Build Business Blog Lesson Plan

[COLOR="black"]Setting Up Your Blog
Lesson Two
Blog Settings

Lesson Three
Your blogging profile

Lesson Four
Your blog theme and layout

Lesson Five
Customizing the look of your blog

Lesson Six
Adding customizable widgets to your blog

Lesson Seven
Building blog pages

Lesson Eight
Customizing a blog page

Lesson Nine
Creating a contact page

Lesson Ten
Writing blog content

The Build a Following Online University course is a four part course spread over four weeks so you can learn everything you need to know and action the advice within at your own speed.

You will also be sent a link to all four course modules after payment if you want to dive in straightaway.

Sign up now and gain massive exposure for your business

One Off Payment
No Subscription
Easy to Follow No Nonsense Guides
Leave Your Competition Standing

When you book your place on Build a Following University today you are getting access to the tools you need to market your existing business to a highly targeted audience. You will gain a reputation as an expert and thought leader and will be a trusted source of information. Your social profile will take a huge boost and you will learn how to utilise that popularity to get your customers to market for you.

Yes I want to build a targeted online following for my business using proven methods and techniques

Only $27

To secure your place at the limited time price of $27 click here

You will be taken to the main sales page and can pay via our secure Paypal gateway then you will receive an email notifying you of your place on the course .

If you have any questions please ask.

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Re: How to Get The Perfect Targeted Traffic To Your Website
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It looks like a great course.
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