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Originally Posted by ubaidullahbutt View Post

Another success with vai. Enjoying keyowrds positions on the first page. Thanks to vai. Best SEO service. Very recommended.
Originally Posted by babnick View Post

I was originally a bit hesitant to sign up, but given all the rave reviews and the price being only a fraction of what others charge, I thought I would give it ago. Here are the results:
- My store went from being unranked to #4 in Google in about 3-4 weeks for both keywords. We are currently ranked at #6 after about 2 months.

- For our keywords - and we are very small, but niche business - we rank above Ebay, Amazon, and other multinational corporations and retail outfits that also sell our product.
- Based on the results, I asked for another keyword to be added, and will probably add at least two more at which point I will almost close the market in my niche - i.e. every relevant keyword on front page.
I was paying $200 a month for Google ads, but now with SEO coming in, those ads are turned off yet my traffic has increased and conversions are roughly 2x in the first month.
The team has been helpful and responsive in all the questions I've had as I'm a noobie.
Many thanks for your magic and will be recommending you to my friends.
Originally Posted by Mike Linley View Post

Ok, so bought this 24 days ago and was skeptical because I have been doing SEO for 5 years and getting page 1 results for dozens of competitive keywords up until the last penguin 2.1 update and then lost a ton of rankings and have not been able to get back to page 1 and new keywords I have not been able to rank so I figured I would try this service and after just 3 weeks I have 2 keywords on page 2 at spot #15 which I could not get those keywords into the top 100 in 2 months of work and like I said I am a pro at SEO and have always been successful up til the last update but now I am going to have to pass my SEO crown to Vai since he has proven to get results when I no longer could. I will be giving Vai dozens of my clients keywords to recover lost rankings and keep my clients happy and be able to get new clients again! So happy with the results. Thanks Vai!
By the way if you look at a lot of my previous reviews, I tear apart some bad SEO services and WSO's on SEO and I am brutally honest so to be able to praise an SEO service has been different and a true testament to Vai's service and this testimonial was unsolicited and he will be pleasantly surprised I hope! Thanks Vai!
Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post

I have been using Vai's service for a month now. He help me to rank one of my keywords to second page of SERP now. Good work!

Originally Posted by timeoff View Post

It has been 16 days since I received my analysis report, and all I can say is WOW!
My site was unranked for both of my kw's. I only showed up on google if I searched my company name, and even then I was #5.
As of today my kw's are at #21 and #27. And when I search my company name, I fill the first page. Google+, my eBay store, social media...its all there.
MANY other kw's (longtail) that were also unranked have began showing up today inside of 100, and some in the 15-40 range.

Vai's work is awesome! I can't tell you how excited I am right now.
Vai, I will be upgrading to the Five Star when this first month is up. Excellent work man!
Originally Posted by dodif View Post

Highly recommended! I'm working with vaitel for 4 months and very happy with the results!
Thank you!
Originally Posted by FrFai View Post

Ordered Twin Plan for medium to High keywords about three months ago. The site was started the day I ordered the package.
This service started to show results after about a month or so. I am sorry vai for the late review, I became too lazy
The keywords I targeted are going strong, both of them in top 3 in all major countries (US, UK, CA, AUS) - Keywords which were not targeted are also in top 5 which is a bonus
Great service, Highly recommended.
Ordered one more Twin Package for a different site mate

Originally Posted by VirtualTrades View Post

Vai is such a nice guy, and answered all my questions promptly.
None of my keywords were ranked before this service, and just 3 weeks into this, nearly all my keywords are ranked 50th or below in google!
45, 18, 20,44, 205 are the positions, which weren't even ranked 3 weeks ago.

Brilliant results, I am VERY Happy
I recommend you use vai and his service, as he is proving nothing but excellent as to date!
Originally Posted by mroctopus View Post

A quick review for Vai's service …
My 3 keywords ranked #2 in a month. The rest of the long tails and even shorter keywords ranked in first page too. Pretty nice stuff compared to those i've used in the past 5 years.
Originally Posted by KaiS View Post

O.k., here are some first results from one of my campaigns with vai. I think the image speaks for itself
It is a campaign for a foreign language.
ALL of my keywords are on page 1! These results are totally awesome.
+ outstanding results
+ superb support

+ detailed reports (Hint: You should pretty up your reports by putting them in one nice structured pdf which would be more comfortable to read and easier to understand. Than your service would get an A+ )
= Highly recommended SEO service!
Originally Posted by ubaidullahbutt View Post

I must say, vai is the best man in SEO industry. I bought his services one month ago, and within one month I'm at first page on my keywords. I'll absolutely come back with other projects.
Originally Posted by 101millionAds View Post

I have been using Vai's service for about one month and seen amazing results.My website went from 100 to 14'th spot on Google yesterday for one of my medium/hard keywords.The other keyword went from nowhere to 24 yesterday.Vai knows his SEO and i highly recommend this service to everyone!
Originally Posted by mental View Post

Hi there,
I have been using this service for a few months now (I purchased the second plan). My two keywords are in medium to high competition. I am very happy with the results. Vai and his Team have put the keywords onto the second page of Google. I am optimistic that we will hit the first page soon!
I recommend his service! Plus, he responds quickly to questions and is always helpful.
Originally Posted by timeoff View Post

Twin Plan (ID #8T3226794B828983M)
Vai responded immediately to my Skype request. He answered all my questions, and took a look at my site before I made payment. I am 100% green when it comes to this stuff.
Its a new domain, ecommerce, competitive niche, with zero SEO or backlinking work done. I am excited to see what happens in the next month or so.
Originally Posted by hellboy99 View Post

I've had AMAZING results with Vai. Jumped from Rank 291 to the first page in a couple months! Clients are absolutely happy, my faith in SEO has been restored.
Great service!!!
Originally Posted by infinite21 View Post

Stopping in to leave an update for the several campaigns I have running with Vai. Vai has done some great work for me so far in the couple months I have be running campaigns. Give him a clean site with a clean backlink profile and watch your rankings shoot up!

Before I have him do any work I shoot him a message on skype for him to take a look at the backlink profile at the given site. This has pro-actively saved me from loosing time. Three sites of mine have achieved top 3 rankings!

Looking forward to many more sites to come!
Originally Posted by 04envy View Post

Stopping in to leave another short review.
If you are considering using this service, do it. If you are hesitant about using this service, don't be. After a few months of using this service, I can confidently say that it is worth every penny.
Vai is working on two keywords for me, and both of them are now on page one of Google! One keyword is even at spot #5 with signs of even better rankings in the future. All of my other keywords (that I'm tracking independently of Vai's tracking) are ranking much better as well. My unique page views have improved, as have my sales.
Thank you Vai!!

Originally Posted by myweddingcaketoppers View Post

I just want to say "Thank you so much" to Vai,He is sooooo great and helpful.
My site takes about 2.5 weeks from nowhere to top 4 in google.
The resoult is fantastic, he is the best SEO guy I have ever met, will bring more business in the future.

Thank you so much !
Highly recommended.
Originally Posted by klo2383 View Post

Honest review here...
I have worked with a lot of SEO company's. The first one ripped me off, the last lost all of my rankings, and this one is a bit different. I have a tough keyword and a website with very little content. I literally have 5 original articles (I am in the process of adding articles). Somehow I popped up at 42 yesterday in under a month. Both keywords are ranking. Vai just emailed me about the status of the site and filled me in on phase 2 of the process.
So far so good. I am looking forward to see what happens when I add all of the content.
Originally Posted by grindkore View Post

Wanna give a shout out to vaital. I first contracted him in mid September 2013. The keywords were highly competitive (about 38 million results in SERPS with large corporations dominating the top page).
I'll be honest. The first month and a half I did no see any results at all. Google was indexing us but no SERPS, I was concerned. However stating early November we shot up in to top of page 2 and hoping will make it in to page 1 any day now as we been creeping up slowly.
I imagine the competition level has a lot to do with how fast your keywords will rank.
Originally Posted by Sn102 View Post

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to comeback and leave some feedback. Vaital actually asked me to leave one sooner but I have been under the weather for a past couple of weeks. Anyway, I have him working on three sites.
All of my keywords are on page 5 and above. Some of the keywords have gone from nowhere to page 3. One site was new and the other two sites I had for several months. I definitely saw positive movement. I am now in the second month. I hope that the positive movement will continue as I am looking to make a return on my investment. I will report back later.
Also, He has been very responsive in answering any questions that arise.

Originally Posted by infinite21 View Post

Hey Wf'ers,
I have been using Vai for about a month and half so far. I gave him initially about four sites to work with. Two of these had no other link building while the others had some past links built to them.
The two that had no link building Vai freakin rocked out on (they were about medium competition keywords) They started way back in the SERPS around page 20. I already have 2 front page rankings for those 2 sites for my main keywords. Can't really be more pleased than that in todays SEO economy!
The other two with previous link exposure have started inching up in the SERPS as well (they are more competitive so this is no surprise) One of my websites has a pretty difficult keyword that started at the top of page 2 but is now around the middle of page 1!
I monitor the rankings with SERPfox and I am able to see consistent gains over the past month and a half. You won't see insane rankings jumps week by week (unless your keywords are easy) I would argue however that that is a good thing. I would rather see solid consistent gains than be worrying about some black hat technique that put you on page 1 in 2 weeks.
Throughout it all anytime I had a question I just jumped on Skype and asked Vai directly. Great customer service + great service = A win for warriors!

I have other websites that are newer in the cycle that I will update on this forum with when the time comes.
Originally Posted by cbfire999 View Post

Less than a month in and all KW's are ranking well!
One very competative kw has hit page one from previously not ranking at all!
Although it has dropped back to page 2 today!
Looks good so far! Thanks Vai
Originally Posted by MillionaireMonkey View Post

Happy to update that my new site (started late september) is now at the top of page 2 for a VERY Competitive keyword...
Vai started working on it @ early October and he is the ONLY person doing any SEO for this site. I hope to report back soon on Page One!
Originally Posted by crete View Post

This service is the best on WF period. I haven't seen positive results in two years before I tried this service out and I'm thoroughly impressed, thanks vai!
Originally Posted by hya View Post

Alright - I waited a long time before I reported back on the results. I purchased the Triple Play plan in mid August. Here are the results after 3 months:
kw#1: From #16 to #3 (has been there since month 1)
kw#2: From not ranking to #25 (it was in the 40's for about 2 months)
kw#3: From not ranking to #23 (it was in the 30's - 50's for about 2 months)
kw#4: From not ranking to #24 (this one dropped off the charts for a long time and just came back over the last 2 days)
Originally Posted by cbfire999 View Post

Felt I had better provide a further update to the one above!
Just checked one of two very competative KW's that was not even ranking two weeks ago to find it sat 3rd on page 2! How did that happen?!
Please tell me that these positions and higher are sustanable?!
If so, this is brilliant!
Originally Posted by pixelcreative View Post

unbelievable result in 1 st month..
We started almost 15-20 days ago with vai.
We chatted on skype about details..He is kind responsing..
Our website is new,with PR4,fresh content...
Now in 15-20 days time, 1st page one KW ..and others 2nd page. This is just a miracle..
very short time..very good results...Thanks a lot...Best present ever..
Originally Posted by Chargin View Post

2 softy plans and Im top 10 now in Aus for all 4 phrases, very happy.
Originally Posted by indie08 View Post

Quick update: I'm just over the 2 week mark with the twin plan. My main kw was previously nowhere to be found. Today it is sitting at #30!!
Also, Vai is a great guy! Extremely knowledgeable and always answers my questions promptly.
I'm starting to get excited now!
Originally Posted by MillionaireMonkey View Post

Just a quick update. I ordered the twin plan with Vai @ three weeks ago for a NEW blog in a very competitive niche. This niche is full of SEO experts/marketers & my small blog is already popping up on page 3 for a highly competitive keyword. Vai is the only person doing the SEO work for this blog, so I'll keep you all posted on our progress. Thanks Vai!
Originally Posted by crete View Post

Holy cow we hit page one in under a month, I had all but given up on SEO however my faith is renewed ..... Thank you vai!
Originally Posted by Ertgy View Post

Here is a quick update on my order. The third payment has just come out of my account for the softy plan so this is based on two full months of work. Neither of my Key words were ranked when I started and the main keyword now is at about #22. The second keyword is starting to show itself on google around pages 17 to 20.
Very happy with the service and looking forward to more progress and getting to the first page.
Originally Posted by khatriawais View Post

An update about my order:
Order Softy plan on 31 AUG 2013
My keywords were at about 70 to 90 positions
Today I can see one of my main keyword is at #12

Looking forward for more better ranking positions in near future.
I am very happy with the service, making a new site for next order....
Thanks VAI
Originally Posted by ucharo View Post

Yep, theese guys really deliver good results! From not ranking to taking me to top 10 and top 20 in just a few weeks. Would really recommend!
Originally Posted by sliilvia View Post

I just wanted to let everyone know how fantastic this service is! Vai was a pleasure to work with and has produced some amazing results. In the space of 2 months out our SERP for our chosen 2 key word phrases have gone from in the hundreds to number 12 and 13!

I will definitely be placing another order and am looking forward to even better results!
Thanks Vai for everything
Originally Posted by 04envy View Post

Small Update:
Customer Service
As everyone else in this thread has mentioned, Vai's customer service is excellent. Quick and knowledgeable replies!
SEO Results
Ordered on 10/15 and as of today (10/22) one of my keywords has already moved up 15 positions. Anxiously awaiting even more improvement in the future!
Will update again upon receipt of Vai's next performance update email. Thanks!
Originally Posted by dkextbmx View Post

Ordered the Twin Plan on 9/23 and my site was not ranking on Google at all. Exactly 1 month later and my primary keywords are now #20 and #37!! Great service and great support to date - I have already placed more orders and plan to use this service for many more sites moving forward. Thank you!
Originally Posted by shanekel View Post

Iv'e been working with Vai for the last couple of months and here are my findings
regarding this service.
I had Vai working on 7 sites in total
5 of them sites were hit recently by the dreaded Penguin 2.1 update and 2 continued
to hold their positions.
The 5 sites that were hit had previous seo work done before Vai began working on them
so basically he is totally unaccountable for them.

On the other hand though the two sites which survived were brand new sites with no previous off-pg seo work and these sites have continued to gain and maintain the top spots in the serps.

From what i have seen this service is exceptional for sites with no previous seo work done and Vai has stated that many times on the thread(RESULTS DEPEND ON YOUR LINKS PROFILE) so he's not hiding anything
regarding what his offering.
I still highly recommend this service Vai is a great guy, honest and upfront and always available if i need something answered and the results speak for themselves
Originally Posted by tmnsky View Post

My avg weekly visits have increased from about 2700/wk to almost 5000/wk in less than two months!
Originally Posted by thewalkingdad View Post

Update as promised. Keywords are holding steady and i have even got some unexpected keywords appearing at page 2, unexpected but very fortunate.
Made USD 250,00 in sales the last 2 days. Thats ridicilous for a site with a fresh domain.

Good job Vai, keep it going!
Originally Posted by kauhut View Post

Vaital's service 'SEO Superpower' is amazing.
He and hist team got started 3 weeks ago, and my client's website is already consistently on the second page for one of the more competitive keywords out there.
To give you an idea how competitive it is - 2nd page is 6th place. Most of the pages are filled with ads.
Getting these kinds of results in 3 weeks, I know that in 2 months and beyond our site will consistently be on the front page for ALL keywords.
I know it because I worked with Vaital before and he had already gotten one of my clients' sites to 2nd place on Google for 2 keywords.
I suggest you give his service a go, and I suggest you don't stop the service. The SEO Superpower team get your site to the front page, and they also keep it there. I have the experience and backlink statistics to prove that there is no such thing as 'coasting along' in SEO.
To summarize, it's simply an amazing service that JUST WORKS. So give it a go, and you'll be amazed by the results like I am!
Thank you Vaital and SEO Superpower team.
- Aram Panasenco
Originally Posted by kimhannah View Post

#26 to #3 (sometimes #2)
Great result from Vai
Originally Posted by InternetTitan View Post

I wanted to give a shout out to Vai and his service.
Within 2 weeks 1 keyword is #8 on page 1 and the other is #1 on page 2.
All I can say is awesome.
Originally Posted by seowarrior81 View Post

Gave Vata two domains this month and first one is ranking at #20 from nowhere and another is ranking at #50.
I hope he will move them to page 1 very soon. I'll post a detailed review later with all the screen shots and everything. Just waiting for more high rankings to kick in.
Originally Posted by thewalkingdad View Post

Update as promised. Vai started working on my 2 high competitive keywords about a week ago. I own a Dutch based website and the keywords are both targeted at the Dutch market.
I went from nowhere to position #23 with one high competitive keyword (40.000+ results in the Netherlands).
Nice job so far, Vai - Now we got to push the other keyword and go for the 1st page!
Originally Posted by thewalkingdad View Post

And hit the second page now with my main keyword and third page with my second keyword. I know Google likes to dance but this looks good already!
Originally Posted by eminent View Post

My review after placed the order nearly two weeks:
One of my keywords from #17 to #12 and another keywords from #28 to #10. I would like to talk with Vai and order again.
Originally Posted by mtolbert View Post

Wow you guys do good work!! I have 3 of my kws in the 10 page 1. That was after I had other SEO work done on them and they fell back to the 100s. The results are within the last 2 days! Thanks looking for #1, page 1! Thanks Vai and crew.
Originally Posted by Ertgy View Post

Awesome! Its only been a couple of weeks using Vai's services and for one of my keywords I went from not ranking at all to page 7! I am looking forward to getting to the number one spot for my keywords! Better yet, no more need to pay for google adwords.
Originally Posted by gabriella0426 View Post

Hi warriors! Just wanted to let you guys know that my website went from absolutely being found nowhere for ANY keyword to page 4 of Google for my main keyword in 3 weeks!
Thanks Vai. You guys are amazing, I was begin to think I would never breach the Google Fortress of Doom! Thanks for the leg up. You are worth every penny... Actually you are worth way way way more!!!
Originally Posted by Neil Forry View Post

Thought I'd just pop a quick note here to let you know that in just over a week, most of my keywords are already hitting #1
Admittedly, they are not the hardest keywords but they are where they need to be!
I have another keyword, which has a boat load of monthlies, that is creeping up nicely too. From nothing to #43
Let's get that one up there too Vai!
Originally Posted by Neil Forry View Post

Hi all
Just a quick update to say that I've had ~#1 rankings for my three keywords for a few weeks now.
Superb work from Vai and the team! Not sure what they do but they do it well!
Originally Posted by sliilvia View Post

Just received my initial report from Vai. It was really helpful and pointed me to a few errors on my site that I wasn't aware of
I am now looking forward over the next months to seeing the results of Vai's work!
Originally Posted by duoduo View Post

nice service, keywords from nowhere to 30's, within 2 weeks
Originally Posted by jspmedia View Post

Amazing Result - Brand New Site, New Domain - Local Lawyer Keywords are Ranking - This Hot KW Showing up in Page 1 in 2 Weeks .. Great Job Dude..
Originally Posted by kimhannah View Post

from #35 to #3 => AWESOME
Originally Posted by richie311 View Post

This guy must own G or something cause he got me to the first page in just 6 weeks for a difficult keyword that 20 other services could not. Hoping to see top 5 by the end of the 2nd month!
Originally Posted by KateP View Post

More great news to report - #4 in for one of my kws (18k exact searches per month) hoping to rise even further, if anyone can do it, Vai can! Other kw is gradually climbing the ranks too...will report back when on page 1 for that one, I know it won't be long!
Amazing service. I think I have finally found an SEO expert I can trust!
Kate x
Originally Posted by shanekel View Post

Quick update folks.
Signed up for a twin pack on the 25th of July.
As of today less than 2 weeks Vai has achieved pg 1 rankings for both
of my chosen keywords. #4 & #6
, the domain for this site was purchased by me July 8th
if you doubting Vai's seo skills think again, in this game results do the talking and it's results i'm getting.
Truly appreciate your efforts mate, your the man
Originally Posted by flyingseo View Post

A quick thank you to Vaital! Ordered the softy plan a month ago and have hit page 1 (7) already (from nowhere!). This is despite lots of previous bad links. Hoping to see more gains soon as well.
I have been using other SEO services from this forum, but they are no longer working, and have caused a number of my websites to drop badly. I'll be using Vaital and his team from now on!
Great service and great support. 5 Stars from me.
Originally Posted by viaticus View Post

Hi All,
An update on the softy plan that I made on the 22 July.
The team has done an amazing job!!!! My two key words, which would have a moderate to large amount of competition have improved faster and better than I could have ever expected. One keyword moved from around 108 to 12 since Vai and his team started. Amazing!!!! The weekly reports that have been sending me, although only 2 so far (2weeks), have been detailed and have outlined what work they have done and what work they will do. I am seriously impressed, so much so that I will be buying one of his bigger packages!
If you need SEO, get these guys to do it! AMAZING!
Originally Posted by Izethas View Post

Quick update! Yesterday I left a review for Vai's SEO service, I'm using his cheapest plan for a medium difficulty keyword. Well, today I was pleasantly surprised to see that the main keyword moved up to #3 from #13 and 2 other important keywords moved up to page 2 from literally page 6 & 8. Kudos for you! Keep it up!
Originally Posted by Elmar View Post

Just wanted to write a few words about Vaital's service.
First of all are the results. My site was hit after panda 2.0 and gone from page two to page 12 overnight. 3 weeks after hiring Vai the site is back on its old position. Now looking forward to moving to the page 1.
Second, Vai is super responsive to all the questions and emails in general. Very knowledgeable guy.

Originally Posted by Svetislav View Post

Need to share my successful results with this service, I sign up with Vaital SEO service Jun 20 and gave him 2 tough kw in "Weight Loss" niche with 14K exact searches, as of yesterday first kw is on top of page two and second is on page one already, this is the Best SEO service at warrior forum... I will soon place another order for another niche and site THANKS Vaital....
Originally Posted by Freddie69 View Post

I subscribed to Vai's triple deal and in just 8 days I've moved from #7 to #3 position in Google for my main keyword! My other keywords have also jumped.

My main keyword is in a highly competitive niche and I just beat Amazon to get into the #3 spot!

Many thanks to Vai and his team. I'm looking forward to the #1 spot.
Originally Posted by amirzulkafli View Post

Thanks Vaital.
I have subscribed to his service and since then I have gain a great results. My first page gain cemented and it should be on the 1st position in the future I believe. For this one site I got from #100 to #23 now.
For the rest of the sites I am expecting massive gains in the future.
Originally Posted by WittyT View Post

OK, it's now been around 1 month that I gave Vaital the task to care for my SEO... and I must say that I'm more than pleased with my choice!
I started with 2 Starter Plans... which did wonders for my site... then switched to a Five Star Plan, and it already seems like my new sites are beginning to climb the ranks though it's only been 2 weeks that I've been under this plan! Really impressive!
So, thanks Vaital for your great work. It's much appreciated
Originally Posted by celebrate View Post

First off, he remained continually in communication with me and even helped me improve my site, it was a mess... He informed me that seo work had started on my website May 22. On about May 27 the site was indexed and at position 180. In less than 2 weeks my site jumped to #46!!!! I was so Anyway, my second keyword went from 183 to 88! The 3rd keyword went from 170 to #42!!! Vaital thank you so much, because of you my first experience in internet marketing is an exciting one! This penguin thing people are crying about didn't even matter. Hey "V" you should post the results, I know you want to. Guys, it's a no brainer here
*** UPDATE ***
I've got news for you... That was yesterday - Today You're Main KW Is At #11!! That's from 180 to 11 in 2 Weeks! I've posted the image in your post below. Congrat's celebrate!

Originally Posted by Ethan F. View Post

I'm here to drop this man a quick word or two, as he is well deserving of it.
I gave Vata a site that had some slight drops from Penguin 2.0.
Roughly 30 days later it is recovering nicely for the 8 keywords. Some are back to where they were and some even higher. I am still waiting for a couple of them to get their rankings back, but all are showing positive movement.
The most notable recovery was a keyword that was #3 and dropped to #13 after the update. It is back to #3 now and has been holding for the past 5 days.
His customer service is great as well. He seems to be online whenever I need to chat with him, and he responds promptly and professionally. A rare combo these days as far as SEO providers go, results+great customer service+he really cares about your campaign.

Thanks for the work thus far man!
Originally Posted by 1medic View Post

I'm using the triple campaign on advice from Vaital due to the nature of the keyword.
Keyword 1 at the start of the month was at 38 in Google UK.
Now: 16
Keyword 2 at the start of the month was at 71 in Google UK.
Now: 24
Those results are badass!

Keep up the good work!
Originally Posted by mikez View Post

Guys, I bought his service on 18/7 and now my 2 keywords have hit page 1 on 22/7, can you see that? I subscribed for twin plan and keywords much more competitive...
Will post review after few weeks then! Good job vai!
Originally Posted by Willis View Post

Amazing results so far! I was a little worried that my 2 med-high competition KWs weren't going to rank but they are. They went from nowhere to #27 and #34.
The communication has also been wonderful!
Looking forward to seeing even better results.
Thanks Vaital
Originally Posted by shanekel View Post

It's pretty rare to see good seo providers emerging on this forum, but this service is most definitely worth my review.
I started working with Vai almost a month now and he has brought one of my keywords
which has 1600 e/m/s from #287 #15 pretty impressive

I am also seeing some other great gains on other keywords so i can confidently say
this service works and works very well, that's why i'm happy to fully endorse it.

On top of that the customer service is second to none, whenever i have a quiry Vai
is always available which says it all.
I'm very thankful so far and really impressed
Originally Posted by mtolbert View Post

Just wanted to say that I purchased the service being just a little skeptical. Vai started and sent me my site analysis report on 7/11. Just got my initial results status back from him on 7/21 and my 2 keywords went from not ranked anywhere to being ranked 23. This appears to really work and he still continues to work my keywords. Very good service!
Originally Posted by KateP View Post

A quick update from me - I signed up on 3rd July to the starter plan for 2 pretty tough keywords - only 10 days later I am already seeing changes.
For the really hard kw I have gone from 500+ to #224 in Google & the other kw from #75 to #34. It all seems really promising to me. Vai you really are a genuine seo guy and I am so pleased to have found you
Originally Posted by KateP View Post

A quick update - my tough kw (with 18,000+ exact local UK searches per month) has gone from 500+ to #15 in in just 10 days. I can't tell you how absolutely wowed I am by this service. Thanks so much
Originally Posted by SherimanAF View Post

My feedback on Vai's SEOSuperPower Team performance:
I got in on 30th June 2013. One URL and 3 KWs.
On July 13, I received an update from Vai -
KW1 is already at position #4 (it was at #8 before Vai's)
KW2 is also going up
Traffic has increased by at least 30% - Targeted Traffic!
I am very pleased with this SEOsuperPower team's service.

Thank you very much!
Originally Posted by SherimanAF View Post

I would like to update on my site performance.
Keyword #2 has moved to position 1 on Google. Superb!
Great Work Vai & Team.
Excellent work!
Originally Posted by Izethas View Post

I've been using Vai's service for the last 2 months and I'm getting real results for my local client. One of the main keywords was pushed to the 3rd page after Google's most recent update and today the site's ranking #13, so it must be Vai's work, since I didn't do any work on the site and didn't use any other service. Google is a different beast now, I've used many other backlinkig services on the WF, only to get my sites penalized, so I very rarely recommend anybody, but Vai deserves one IMHO.
Originally Posted by WittyT View Post

Not much to add to what's already been said: Vaital has probably the best customer support you could find on the WarriorForum. I've never seen anyone answer your questions or try and find solutions to your problems as quick as he does. He's totally invested in your sites as if they were his own!
Really a great guy to work with.
Originally Posted by costasn View Post

Thank You Vai!
He managed to locate a URL on my site pointing to a porn site...
I have no idea what this caused to my site over time!
Cant wait for the real results.
Originally Posted by Neil Forry View Post

Just thought I'd drop in and say how superb Vaital's communications are. He really takes time to understand your requirements and offers great advice too.
Too early to comment on results yet as it's only week one but if the service matches the comms, it's going to be very successful!
Originally Posted by pwtmike View Post

I have had the privilege of working with Vai in the past and I can share that he is serious about business, providing honest solutions to the marketplace and internet marketing in general. Vai also is really great to work with simply because he is a great communicator. From my past experience I'm positive you will be in good hands with his offers!
Skype us at: vata.nilo

In Order to Meet your Performance Expectations, it is Crucial to Choose Plans According to the Difficulty of your Keywords.

If you're not Sure about the Difficulty of your Kws, Please Contact Us & We will Help You

Skype me at: vata.nilo

Note: Results can be Adverse or Vary for Sites with poor SEO Done Previously or in the Future.
Note: New sites or URLs that have very little seo previously done can sometimes take more than a month or so to see the rankings show up in the serps & rankings usually pop in and out of the top 500 for a week or two, this is very common & normal.
Note: We are now blocking link tools from finding links because in the past, competitors tried reporting links in hopes of de-indexing the properties & hurting their competition - so we put an end to it. You will still be getting the great results people have come to love from our service.

Please Read FAQ Below

Purchasing Our Service Means that You Agree to Our Terms of Service

After Ordering
Please Complete the Checkout Instructions Below After Ordering
We Thank You for Your Purchase!

Twin Plan $191
(Includes Complete Site Structure Analysis)
Any # of Urls Totaling 2 kws
Different Domains OK!


Triple Play $261
(Includes Complete Site Structure Analysis)

Any # of Urls Totaling 4 kws
Different Domains OK!


Five Star $399
(Includes Complete Site Structure Analysis)

Any # of Urls Totaling 6 kws
Different Domains OK!


Custom Orders?

Please Contact Us at:
Skype us at: vata.nilo

After Ordering
Please Complete the Checkout Instructions Below After Ordering
We Thank You for Your Purchase!

Important Ranking Info:
If your On-Page Factors or Previous SEO Work is Done Poorly, Results can be Adverse or Vary.

Please Read FAQ Below

Purchasing Our Service Means that You Agree to Our Terms of Service

Contact us at:

Skype us at: vata.nilo

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Re: 100% Manual Superpower SEO Service - Fast Consultant Level SEO! Look At WF Member Reviews & Resu
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Interested, but hoping to see some reviews.
Does the site structure analysis include onpage recs?

Founder of a virtual agency in Alabama. Roll. MFin. Tide.
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Re: 100% Manual Superpower SEO Service - Fast Consultant Level SEO! Look At WF Member Reviews & Resu
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Originally Posted by Honest Tune View Post

Interested, but hoping to see some reviews.
Does the site structure analysis include onpage recs?
Hey bud, all the reviews are on our original warriors for hire thread here:


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