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HanifQ 15th April 2014 08:53 AM

UNCUT 'Mobi 911 Leads' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Tactics
Can the Mobi 911 Leads System REALLY Help You Setup 2 Income Streams By Selling Beautiful Landing Pages & Profitable Leads to Hungry Business Owners?

Is Mobile Emergency Leads Truly a Fast Money-Making System?

(read on for my exclusive review & bonus tactics)

Mobile marketing can sometimes be way over-hyped. Its not a 'holy grail' traffic source, and doesn't convert very well into Sales. But, for local businesses it can be quite powerful...

Because people DO use their phones to lookup and call local businesses in their area. Problem is, its not easy to sell 'mobile marketing services' to local businesses because its very difficult to prove the value to them.

The Mobi 911 Leads system promises to give you 'irrestible' mobile landing pages in high value local niches that are easy to monetize. So lets take a quick tour of this package to see how it works and if it can actually help you setup multiple income streams quickly:

Emergency Niches with High Customer Values

If you're not sure about which local niches to target, this package solves this problem straight away...by giving you 9 niches that are 'desperate buyer' based.

In other words, people are looking for immediate solutions to their problems in these markets:
  • Locksmiths
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • DUI Attorneys
  • Car/Auto Repair
  • Pet Clinic
  • Pest Control

Also, the value of 'leads' in these markets is pretty high. Business owners know the value of traffic in these industries because they make good money from their customers.

High-Converting Mobile Landing Pages

The best way to sell to business owners is to show them something real, and thats where these landing pages come in:

There are a total of 9 landing pages you'll receive...

These are super easy to setup and customize. With the 'Tap to Call Us Now' feature, it maximizes the number of leads captured from these pages, because it makes it really easy for a visitor to call the business.

Another cool thing about these pages is the 'html 5 slider' technology, so you can have rotating images to make the pages even more attractive.

Most business owner who see these pages will be attracted to them immediately. Your job is simply to tell them how many 'leads' they can generate from these pages...

PayPerCall Marketing Blueprint Webinar

So here's how you actually close the Sale and show the business owner the real value in these mobile landing pages.

Part of what you'll be learning on this webinar is how to setup a 'pay per call' agreement with business owners, so you get paid for every phone call they receive from a potential customer.

This makes it completely risk-free for the business owner, because they only pay you for real performance. Its pretty much a no-brainer. The webinar will also cover how to sell these pages for a one-time cost and the script & marketing strategies you can use to land more clients.

Mobile Redirect Script & Quick-Start Guide

With the Mobile Redirect Script you'll be able to send clicks from your mobile landing pages to any offer or page your want. This is helpful if you're doing affiliate marketing or need to send the visitor to an email form.

The Quick Start Guide shows you the fastest way to get these pages live without any technical knowledge.

Membership to Private SqueezeMobi Facebook Group

These guys have been in business for many years, so they have some of the top mobile and local marketing consultants hanging around in this group.

Needless to say, you'll be able to get ideas, network with people and stay on the cutting-edge of what's working now!

Ok, so now that you've seen what this system includes, the real question is, what are the biggest benefits of applying it?

The BIGGEST benefit of Mobi 911 Leads, by far, is that it makes it much easier, and much faster for you to start making consistent income as a local marketer.

And another huge advantage is having ready-made marketing materials in some of the hottest, and most profitable local niches where business owners understand the value of leads & traffic.

My Exclusive Mobi 911 Leads Bonus Will Help You Make More Money With This Software and Make It Faster

I'll get a commission if you purchase through my link, so to add value, I've personally created the 'Mobi 911 Leads Fast Cash' Academy, which is a series of regular short lessons and quick tips, delivered to your email one at a time.

Here's how these short lessons and quick tips will benefit you massively:




Here’s How to Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Step 1: Click the Link Below to Buy Mobi 911 Leads
(make sure to clear your cookies)

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Step 2: Enter Your Name & Email to Lock in Your Bonuses:

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Once I verify that you purchased through my link, I'll send you access to the bonuses.

Of course, I can’t offer this exclusive Bonus for too long. There's only so much consulting time available, and the prizes are limited as well.

So if you want to build a strong online business, buy this product now while there's a steep discount being offered (great deal).

Get started by picking up Mobi 911 Leads here and then entering your name & email here to reserve my awesome bonuses.

Any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post on this thread or PM me.

I’m excited to help you scale up your online business & PROFITS... FASTER!

Hanif ‘Your Right Hand Man’ Quentino


HanifQ 17th April 2014 05:39 PM

Re: UNCUT 'Mobi 911 Leads' Review & Bonus [Fast Cash] Tactics
Hey Sajid, the niches are given in my review and these templates are specifically built for the mobile platform...

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