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[FREE WSO] Why Every marketer should have one of these
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Tired Of Struggling To Create A Facebook Fanpage?
Discover The Easiest Way To Create An Engaging Fanpage
In Less Than A Week

You’re about to discover how you can cash in on a simple step by step guide I’ve created to create an engaging fanpage.

Let me tell you a bit about my story.
Before creating this guide I attempted to create a couple of fanpages. I made a lot of mistakes. I bought products to create them for me. I gave up on them and let them die. Thanks to the help of a fellow marketer and a few Skype sessions I was able to pick their brain and learn from their success. I also talked to friends who have fanpages for their e-books, photography and skincare businesses with their permission I wrote down all of the things they’ve done and spent 3 days figuring out what makes a successful fanpage tick. The result. This illustrated step by step guide.
Do You Suffer From Any Of These Experiences?
  • In spite of your desires, you don’t know anything about Facebook.
  • You put in the work, but your options thus far have let you down.
  • Trying to create a Facebook Fanpage seems to take too long, and your efforts have yield zero results.
  • You’ve paid for multiple guides on creating a Facebook Fanpages.
  • You don’t need massively complex strategies that require you to be a rocket scientist. You just want a method that works.

I feel your pain. Personally I like simple solutions.
I created a simple a solution…

I experienced a lot of trial and error, and a lot of failure. I took all of my notes and started creating solutions to the problems I noticed. I created an illustrated step by step Guide! I made this guide so easy to read that you will feel confident enough to take action. This is a system you can replicate. I began to show friends how to get the same results. I taught them how to increase your fanbase and ways to monetize their fanpages. Those who listened and used this step by step guide have been delighted by how easy it was. Even people who had difficulty because they don’t know anything about Facebook, Social Media or Internet Marketing are enjoying wild success.
IntroducingHow To Win Likes And Influence People To Join Your Fanpage!

Here’s your ticket to effortlessly creating a Facebook Fanpage:
  • Create a Facebook Fanpage with zero experience, thanks to the illustrated step by step instructions.
  • Learn multiple ways to monetize your fanpage and increase your social reach.
  • Included are 3 Mini-guides. Two guides on how to acquire royalty free images (Using a copyrighted image could get your page shutdown and/or a lawsuit form the actual owner). Also included is a guide on how to acquire content to engage your fans
  • Everything is included in this guide to hit the ground running.
You can do this. All you need is:
  • A Facebook account
  • Time
  • Effort
  • An Internet connection
  • My Guide
Who can benefit from this guide?
CPA Marketers – With your fanpage you can reach ultra targeted leads
Affiliate Marketers – Cheaper then solo ads and once your fanpage hits critical mass people will organically join.
Offline Marketers – Create a fanpage for your clients and allow them to reach out to their clients and offer promotions and even get feedback
SEO marketers – Gain social likes.
Webmasters – Gain social signals and backlinking.
Product Creators – Give your brand a social presence on the most active social network in the world!
Freelancers- Use this guide to learn how to create Facebook fanpages and start creating them for clients or find untapped niches, create a fanpage and monetize it.
How much is this going to cost?
You can relax if you’re asking yourself “What about the cost…?” That’s fair enough, considering the high price that alternatives have thrown at you. Of course, you could try these other doomed solutions:
  • You could pay someone to overcharge you and to do it for you.
    You have to risk your money, not knowing if the person will deliver results. You have to patiently twiddle your thumbs while they ‘get around to doing your job.
  • You could pay a coach by the hour just to give you advice.
    You receive only a load of generic advice while they watch you do the hard work. You don’t actually need advice – you need the outcome! Do you even want to think about what the cost of three months of coaching will cost you?
  • You could continue the pain of self-struggle.
    Well we all know the painful experience of trying this yourself! It takes weeks to months and a whole lot of effort.
The cost of this guide? $0.00. The only cost is your time and effort You can breathe easy, know you have nothing to lose.
Is there an upsell?
Yes, but as I said before you don’t need it to create your fanpage, but using this guide will help you generate better content.
What is it?

With this upsell you will:
  • Learn how to create viral content and create a massive traffic storm to your fanpage.
  • Learn how to get the most out of running a contest on your fanpage
  • Learn the different types of posts you can use to engage your fans
  • 7 Effective Subject Swipes are included.
  • 17 elements of how to write compelling content. Mix and match these elements to create unique content.
  • 3 methods to increase the likely hood your content will go viral (which can attract more fans)

Want Social Proof?

Originally Posted by ssparks81 View Post

This guide is great for someone that has never created a Facebook Fanpage before. There are step by step instructions that will guide you through the entire process. Joel also exposes some very helpful resources along the way. Great resource for newbies!

The upsell provides helpful insight to creating compelling content. Joel reveals several important elements for creating viral content. These tips and tricks are not just useful for Facebook but would work for blogging as well. Those just getting started would benefit from this guide.
Originally Posted by Artur Golisz View Post

Joel gave me review copy - I read everything carefully and...

There are two pdf about facebook fanpages:

1. Main Guide
This is step-by-step tutorial about creating fanpage. You can find here many tips like:
  • how to find interesting topic
  • how to create elegant fanpage
  • how to get content to fanpage
  • how to get more fans

That isn't simple formula how to make money on facebook. You will learn about mistakes and opportunities. If you want save your money and you want to know how facebook fanpages works - it's for you. Joel reveal whole idea (big picture) about management. He gives you 5 different ways to monetize fanpage.

2. Upsell product
This is really valuable stuff. If you do not know how to get Involved your fans you will be delighted. There are many tips about emotions and feeling which you can use! Part about launching a contest and viral give you new look to your fans. There will be ready for "call to action" signal.
Originally Posted by MaxForKing View Post

Got a review copy of this and read it from cover to cover.

Joel teaches you a great method of making money with facebook.

Not only does he show you how to setup your fan page, But he also shows you how to monetize it. He shows you how and where to get your graphics so you can pull in more fans and make more money. Not only that, but there's an amazing guide included showing how to get and create addictive content to have your fans coming back for more.

Get this and start making money with facebook as soon as you implement the knowledge contained inside.
Originally Posted by cjbmeb14 View Post

Here is my review:

Compelling Content:

The compelling content guide was a very interesting read it certainly gave some great ideas to help a Facebook fan page possibly go viral. Includes a list of types of posts to share which I had never thought about. The guide is written well and is in an easy to read format. The author is obviously a true professional in the art of creating and marketing viral Facebook pages.

Main Guide:

I asked to review this Facebook Fanpage Guide because being very new to Facebook I hoped that it would help me improve my own Facebook page. It is a pity the guide was not available for me earlier, my newbie mistakes could have been avoided.

The guide gives great tips with everything related to Facebook including finding a topic and creating a Facebook fan page from scratch. The important area of how to monetise Facebook fan pages and how to avoid mistakes. A really good section in the guide I thought, was what to watch out for with using Fiverr services.

Originally Posted by loads16017 View Post

My review Of guide on Facebook Fanpages

well, no much to express, if you are new to FB marketing or not, I think this guide will be more helpful for you guys to make an online empire. Everything is clean & clear within the guide.
I highly recommend this for our WF members, just buy this guide & learn something important.

Start making money with this today.
Originally Posted by savidge4 View Post

If you are new to Facebook, or are struggling with the concepts of making your Facebook page work for you, this is the one to buy. There are no hair brained schemes to getting loads of traffic, just straight forward fundamentals that will increase and multiply what you have.

All in all a good solid read!
Originally Posted by Vickcarty

Dear Joel

I must say that all your hard work is seen in the content. This product is worth buying if you want to understand the basics of Facebook marketing. It provides valuable information for creating a Facebook Fan page to promoting it the right way and driving traffic or monetising the whole campaign the best way.

I totally recommend it from the core of my heart!

Good job Joel!

All the best!

Vick Carty
Originally Posted by MsDebra

First of all, I thank the creator of Facebook Fanpage for allowing me to review this product.

This 27-page pdf product seems to be very basic at first until you continue reading. The basic question of why you need a Facebook fan page is answered and then it proceeds to break down the process into 5 steps including finding a topic, creating the actual fan page, adding content and monetizing your fan page. There are plenty of screen shots to help you set it up.

My favorite part of this product is finding content to place on your fan page. Everyone knows that if you want to maintain followers as well as attract new followers, your content has to be useful and engaging. There is a separate 12-page pdf guide on writing compelling content. The author has taken you step by step to creating a fan page that will help you in marketing whatever product or service you have. Even if you have other products that teaches about Facebook fan pages, I would suggest you get this one, too, especially if you need simple, basic steps to take. I highly recommend that you get it.
How To Win Likes And Influence People To Join Your Fanpage is a Complete Guide to start a Facebook fanpage.

Nothing extra to buy. The upsell is only here to reduce your creation time, increase your productivity.
Facebook has 1.28 Billion Users
There are over 50 million Facebook pages
Over 50% of those are owned by Small Businesses
How often have you seen friends on facebook ask for a reference for a service or product.
How often have you seen friends on facebook share a contest?

In this day in age a facebook fanpage is as important as having an website. My guide is so easy to use that you can succeed whatever your previous experience.

No longer do you have to struggle to create a Facebook Fanpage. When you use How To Win Likes And Influence People To Join Your Fanpage you’re getting:
  • The unrivalled, certain, easy-to-implement approach that is verified by others to get you past the frustrations of creating a Facebook Fanpage.
  • Guidance on how to find content for your fanpage.
  • Learn how to find Royalty Free Images to use on your page so you’re not sued or shutdown for violating terms of service.
  • You are on your way to create an engaging fanpage in as little is a week. Simply click the link below.
If you’ve read this far you are apparently interested in creating a Facebook Fanpage. Download the guide and I look forward to hearing about the results you experience.
P.S. Wait, you’re still reading and you haven’t downloaded yet? What’s the risk of downloading it? It’s free after all. If your instincts are telling you that this is a good idea, you can feel safe in trusting them and giving this a go. Download Now. You will thank yourself later.

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Reserved for FAQ
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Reserved for FAQ

Can I have a review copy?

No. No you cannot. It's already been reviewed.

Is this newbie friendly?


Is there an upsell / OTO?

Yes. A guide on creating viral content

Where do I get support?

Here - do NOT seek support on this thread. Thank You.

Last edited on 5th Jun 2014 at 04:52 PM. Reason: change title
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Re: [FREE WSO] Why Every marketer should have one of these
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Would be nice if I could use other than Facebook email to get it.

Anne L

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Re: [FREE WSO] Why Every marketer should have one of these
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I turned off the Facebook option

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