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Q. Does the Forex LST System have monthly subscription fees?
A. No. This is a onetime payment, you will never be charged again.

Q. How much cash do I need to get started?
A. I strongly suggest that you demo trade and increase your confidence before risking real money in the market. Once you’re ready to trade live funds, you can open a Forex account and get started with as little as US $100.

Q. What type of support will I get?
A. I am a very service-oriented person and this is reflected in how I provide support to my clients: fast, accurate and unconditional service...that is my GUARANTEE to you.

Q. What currency pairs will the LST work with?
A. The LST System is based on my years of experience trading all available currency pairs. This is why it works effectively with all currency pairs and timeframes. That's one of its strong and unique qualities.

Q. What type of computer do I need to run the Forex LST?
A. An ordinary home PC computer (or laptop) is sufficient.

Q. How accurate is the LST System?
A. If you are looking for one of those "90% accurate systems" please don't purchase the LST. The LST strategy is based on proven statistic principals, as I explained in the text and video on this page. Losses will be part of the game, however the LST is designed to let you see profits even if only 34% of your trades end in profit. Of course, as you can see in the test cases and in the beta testers statements above, there are currency pairs and timeframes which display much higher success rate.

Q. Do you offer any upsells with the LST?
A. There are NO upsells, no upgraded versions to buy, or anything of that kind.

Q. How are the LST trades different from Vladimir's Forex Signals?
A. Vladimir uses completely different strategies to trade divergences in his signals club, along with other strategies which are not related to LST. The club also includes Live Trade Room mentoring, Harmonic signals and Investor Style signals, all with daily connection with Vladimir as he is trading.

Q. How is it different from Vladimir's sRs Trend Rider and Pips Carrier?
A. LST is based on a completely different strategy than sRs Trend Rider and Pips Carrier. LST trades divergences, while sRs is based on riding trends. Pips Carrier is based on various market retracement identifications, on higher time frames.

Q. Can trades be fully automated?
A. Trades cannot be fully automated as the LST is a hybrid strategy, meaning it combines the best of both automated and manual trading: it searches a large number of currency pairs and time frames, automatically identifies the trade setups, and only then requires the human eye to confirm or ignore the signal.

Q . Do I need to keep my computer open or use a VPS?
A. As long as you keep the computer open and connected to the internet, the LST will be able to analyze the market and send you the alerts.

Q. What is the learning curve to start with the LST
A. LST is simple to learn, and you can get up and running as soon as you read the user guide and watch the instructional videos that Vladimir recorded. Attending Vladimir's LST live webinars is also recommended (see schedule).

Q. How many trades will I get a week?
A. If you choose to trade the major currency pairs, on at least 3 time frames, you will get about 15 signals per week, depending on how active the market is. If you put it on more currency pairs and time frames, you will of course get more signals.

Q. What are the recommended currency pairs and timeframes?
A. The LST is based on principals that work on any currency pair, any commodities and indices chart. You can use it on all timeframes.

Q. Is there a recommended account balance?
A. The LST software is not limited in the account size it can handle, so you can use it whether you have a small or large account.

Q. Will I get updates for the LST?
A. Yes, you will be immediately emailed whenever there is an update to the LST available for you to download.

Q. How do I get the LST alerts?
A. The LST sends alerts both via email and on the MetaTrader platform.

Q. How many computers/ accounts/ VPS can I use the system on?
A. You can install LST on multiple accounts and multiple MetaTrader platforms on the same computer or VPS. To use the software on two different computers or VPS's simultaneously, you should purchase an additional license.

This system easily goes for over $3000. So get it while the price is still at a low price!

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