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DS Domination Review of Pro, Elite, Monopoly & Genesis: How to Make Money on eBay & Amazon
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DS Domination Review by 6-Figure Income Earners

Hello, it's Chris & Xiomara. We want to show you the results we and others have been getting selling on eBay & Amazon. Now you might be thinking, will this business actually earn me the right amount of income or just small profits? That of course depends on you, what we are here to show you is what has been done by us and other people who have never made any income online.

Our team has special bonuses with you work with us including: Google Hangouts, Secret eBay & Amazon Selling Techniques to sell your items faster and make more profit
Plus learn secrets from other members who are having massive success.

Affiliate Bonuses: Traffic, List building Secrets, Autoresponder, Follow up Emails, Affiliate Training Course, Custom Capture Page & Sales Funnel and how to Domination Facebook PPC/Facebook Marketing Tricks

Lets dig right in:

What is DS Domination?

DS or Dropship Domination is a training platform (which includes software) for effectively listing items on eBay & Amazon to make maximum profit. In DSD you will learn what items to sell, what not to sell and of course what items sell fast and will make you the most amount of profit.

DS Domination goes from very basic to advanced techniques that even include starting your own fully functional business on Amazon (DS Domination Genesis)

Here is a video I shot (This business does require some work, this is not a get-rich scheme)

DS Domination Pro

DS Domination Pro only costs $19.95 a month to get started. Pro is the very basics where you will learn the fundamentals of dropshipping and making profit. Typically at the Pro Level the average profit per item sold ranges between $5 to $10. The training and webinars will guide you in the right direction of what to sell, how much to sell it for and how to list your items effectively so they get seen.

There are many great selling and titling techniques, also be sure to attend the weekly webinars and training. There is a lot of support and help in this business, there is no reason to fail or not make profit. As long as you are willing to put the time in the success will follow.

Proof of results:

DS Domination Elite

DS Elite will take your business to the next level, you will learn how to get your items listed on Google and make even more profit for each item sold (it comes down to exposure). In the Elite training you will get access to additional resources and software to help you list products with a higher markup from new sources and suppliers. On Average those at the Elite level make $30-$50 profit per sale, once again your success depends on you and how much time you commit to your business.

More Proof of Selling Results Using Elite:

Keep in mind these are just regular people on our team who made it happen.

We did not do it for them, we did coach them and give guidance just like we do for everyone.

But ultimately it was them who made it happen.

DS Domination Monopoly

Okay so now we talked about selling on eBay which receives thousands of transactions daily and millions of visitors. DS Monopoly introduces a entire new perspective, and that is listing products on Amazon and dropshipping. There is much more traffic on Amazon, its actually easier than eBay and highly profitable because in this arena you will be making many more sales and higher profits.

DS Domination Genesis

Genesis in my opinion is the absolute game changer. You won't be dropshipping with Genesis, instead you will be running the show. Genesis will teach you how to source items (name brand items) and then you will ship the items into Amazon where Amazon will take care of the fulfillment and orders for you. Example: You source some headphones that only cost you $2 a piece, then youll ship them into Amazon where the same headphones are selling for $100 or more, you list your product and every time the item sells you receive an insane amount of profit. DS Genesis will give you access to the suppliers and how to make safe transactions, in addition if you are in Genesis DSD will then add the items you are selling on Amazon to the entire DSD database where you will have thousands of users promoting your item on eBay as well. This means TONS of sales for you and Insane amounts of Profit

As you can see its possible. And over 85% of those in DSD are making profit, that is HUGE!

Team Bonuses when you join:
  • Live Google Hangouts and Training
  • 1 on 1 Support from us and other successful sellers
  • Access to our eBay & Amazon Selling Tips
  • Facebook Support Group (24/7 Help)

Affiliate Bonuses

Look at our list growth & sales (high converting product, build a solid buyers list)

  • List building secrets
  • Paid Traffic & Coop Access
  • Custom high converting capture page (over 68% opt in rate tested*)
  • Custom Relationship sales funnel, videos
  • How to brand yourself
  • Facebook Marketing Training (PPC/New Feed Marketing)
  • SEO secrets
  • Access to our team affiliate website

If you are ready to work with us Click the link below:


Chris and Xiomara Groves (Team Leaders and Marketers)

Email: for your free capture page, autoresponder and access to the team Co-op- Only when you JOIN WITH US Today
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