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humbledmarket 23rd June 2014 05:07 PM

[MUST READ!] EasyBay Pro REVIEW & Bonus + Ebay Affiliate Program Tips!
THIS IS BETTER => Click for $200 Free Bing Ads Coupons
Find out how you can get $200 in Free Bing Advertising. I've used these ad credits and they get significant amount of traffic with low CPC and good conversion rate. Use it for your EasyBay Pro sites if you like.

UPDATE: Explaindio Video Creator has finally been brought to market with internet marketer and video expert, Todd Gross. I would say this may possibly be the MUST HAVE tool for any internet marketer out there - Amazon/Ebay affiliates can create affiliate videos to promote products (upload and rank on Youtube.) The team behind Explaindio is also very experienced including EasyVideo Pro co-founder, Nick Lapolla!

On top of that, you get some incredible bonuses that will get you on your way to using Explaindio to make money online or to promote your website/services. Maybe create video content widely consumed online today. Check out our Explaindio Blog post to learn more about how you can use this new tool.

Ps. I personally think you get 10X more value with Explaindio than EBP so give it a look.

Promo Over - EasyBay Pro is currently on a deep-discount for its 7 Day launch. (Prices rise EVERY day)

Hello Warriors,
No fluff here, we know why you’re here. You’re interested in Chris Gurthie’s new plugin EasyBay Pro; here’s our EasyBay Pro review thread:

Chris can be considered a guru of WordPress monetization plug-in; he has a long line of highly successful Amazon monetization plug-in and other WordPress plug-in. PLUS unlike most WSOs you find, Chris actually maintains his plug-ins releasing new versions of the same plug-in with more functions. This is a guy that really delivers the goods and raises the bar which is why we’re glad to be promoting EasyBay Pro with our special EasyBay Pro bonus!

Read on to learn more about EasyBay Pro in a digestable manner (no lengthy sales page) simply a quick highlight of what it does and who it’s for to see if you can benefit from the plug-in. No point getting something you won’t be using or something that won’t make you money.

Here’s what you’ll find on this thread:
(1) Easy Bay Pro 101
(2) EasyBay Pro Review
(3) Why EBay Affiliate Program?
(4) Who is EasyBay Pro for?
(5) Easy Bay Pro Bonus!

What is EasyBay Pro? (Easy Bay Pro 101)
Millions of internet marketers are using Amazon Affiliate program; it’s a creditable eCommerce program that customers are familiar with and hence equals higher conversions. As well, rather than getting something digital, customers are buying a physical product they want or need so you have more options and you reach a bigger market with opportunities.

Few know however that Ebay, the other leading eCommerce auction plat-form which many of us at one time or another has used also has it’s own variation of Ebay affiliate program! This is what many internet marketers are missing out when monetizing their websites. Chris on the other hand has been using Ebay affiliate program to make money since 2010 and he’s now releasing a WordPress plugin so you can easily be successful Ebay Affiliates with your active websites already…this is what EasyBay Pro does for you.

Easy Bay Pro Functions:
- EasyBay Pro functions like most Amazon affiliate monetization plug-ins except for Ebay affiliate program
- You can list eBay auctions on your site by category, product name, verticals, and a variety of other options with Easy Bay Pro
- Easy to use, set and forget plug-in to monetize your website

EasyBay Pro Benefits:
- Helps you monetize your website through another stream (Since eBay affiliates)
- EasyBay Pro allows you to better monetize your website by using Ebay affiliate program.

Easy Bay Pro is a great plug-in for internet marketers and webmasters who already have websites being monetized with Amazon Affiliate program and want another avenue to make money with their websites. You will know that many people online will do a little shopping around, by adding eBay products on your site as an eBay affiliate you liken your chances to BOOST your Profit for your website.

Who is EasyBay Pro best for?
Don’t be fooled to buying stuff you don’t need. I suggest you read this to see if Easy Bay Pro will really help your website make more money and see who EasyBay Pro is best suited for.

Active Amazon Affiliates: I would see EasyBay Pro to be BEST suited to current Amazon affiliates. You can integrate EasyBay Pro and use the Ebay affiliate program to boost your revenue from your website. I would gather that there is a high percentage EasyBay Pro can boost your EPC because it provides another simple stream of monetization. Best of all because of how Easy Bay Pro works you don’t really have to do much except installing the plug-in with some basic set-up.

Webmasters: Perhaps you have a website already that isn’t exactly monetize. You should consider the Ebay affiliate Program and integrating the EasyBay Pro plugin to monetize your website more easily. It’s a simple plug-in to help you monetize your website effectively. As you would expect with the Amazon affiliate program, being an eBay affiliate has the benefit that you don’t have to worry as much about selling since these are recognized brands online where many people typically shop at.
It’s like getting paid for sending people to Walmart at their parking lot.

Make Money Online: Lastly, if you’re looking for a way to make money online, EasyBay Pro can help with making monetization easier. Many people are setting up authority niche sites monetized through a variety of means. This is a proven system that you can consider

If you’re not listed or fitted into any one of the top three categories above, EasyBay Pro may still be able to help you although please post in the comments bellow so we can discuss about it!

Why Ebay Affiliate Program?
You might still be wondering, why would you want to sign up to be Ebay Affiliates; why do you want another monetization plug-in especially if you’re already using Amazon affiliates?

The simple answer is to MAKE More Money with your websites using EasyBay PRO. If you had to invest a lot of time into integrating the usage of Ebay affiliate program then perhaps the returns might not be as worth the time.

Although with EasyBay Pro you can easily do what you’re doing with Amazon and add another monetization option with Ebay Affiliate.
1) People Shop Around: People shop around when shopping online. They may end up buying from eBay instead of Amazon or another site. The more options you offer people to cache your cookie, the more likely you’ll catch the affiliate commission you deserve for your website.
2) Another monetization option: You wouldn’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. This allows you to add another monetization option to your website with minimal work.
3) Better user experience: Using eBay affiliate program as another function on your Amazon review sites can help your readers find more options and make you more money.

In conclusion, why someone should consider using the Ebay affiliate Program is because it will very likely increase their revenue. If the reader continues to buy from Amazon, great you get the commission there though should they click out and consider eBay you can still get paid as an eBay affiliate.

Either way you look at it, it seems using EasyBay Pro can help you better monetize your website.

EasyBay Pro BONUS:
We’re going to offer a few Warrior members (and even if you’re not it’s fine) some special EasyBay Pro bonuses simply from getting EBP through our link. To make sure we can fulfill all orders there’s going to be limit of 50 people (As long as you see this offer on the EBP thread the offer is still valid!)

1) SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value): Now that you get EasyBay Pro to monetize your website, you need to get the traffic there. Unarguably. Search engine traffic is still one of the best (semi-passive) for of quality traffic available typically at affordable, profitable costs if you know what you’re doing! (unfortunately too many people waste their time and money because they go with a blind eye)

What you get with SEO Ultimate 2014 is a simple and comprehensive guide to teach you the basics of onsite search engine optimization and offsite promotion for getting more traffic to your website and ranking higher. This is instrumental for you to BEST utilize EasyBay Pro as an Ebay Affiliate.

2) Social Promotion ($20 Value): The misconception that social bookmarks are useless low, quality link is downright a myth. If you do it correctly, Social bookmarks can be very powerful as Google emphasizes more towards social trends and social buzz. This will help you with using EasyBay Pro to monetize your website.

Social promotions and Social bookmarks are a GREAT way to get started with promoting any website because it can help you get traffic and it’s SAFE! (Trust ME – Google is REALLY Good at finding suspicious activities. Thrusting your website with backlinks out of no where doesn’t help you…social bookmarks in a sense “prime” your website for more promotions and traffic with EasyBay Pro to turn the traffic to cash)

This is what we do for you! We’re going to offer you 100 Social bookmarks done manually although this isn’t the typical service. Typically a 100 social bookmarks itself is great although what’s even better is “authority” social bookmarks. We’re offering 100 social bookmarks by having 10 votes on 10 high authority social bookmarking sites. This makes your website using EasyBay Pro to be more socially accepted and liked.

We hope this EasyBay Pro bonus itself will already give you a head start with your SEO and traffic game or perhaps push you further along the way. What you need to know is this SEO work takes time although it will help both FRESHLY NEW sites and AGED Authority sites.

Chris Gurthie's Easybay Pro here

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Google Sniper 3.0 - Are you looking to make better profits with your websites? EasyBay Pro may be an excellent solution to help you make money with the eBay affiliate program although you should consider Google Sniper 3. The bullet proof module in the updated Google Sniper can teach you to turn your niche site into an authority site. It's quite valuable solution to consider.
Go Bonanzas - Read our review of Go Bonanza which is a course teaching you how to make money online. It's quite a comprehensive course and very interest; I think much better value than Easy Bay Pro when looking dollar to dollar if you're hoping to make some money online with these products.
Instant Video Machine WF - Learn more about Instant Video Machine on this WF thread. Similar to Easy Bay Pro, Instant Video Machine comes with a plug-in that is a done for you website where you can install the plugin and have your website running. The website created with INstant Video Machine is designed to help you sell videos to offline businesses and outsource them for $5 on Fiverr. It's a concept that has been proven and used for other industry but Matt Bush is now bringing it to the video commercial niche which is booming largely.
OptimizePress 2.0 - OptimizePress 2.0 is a sales page theme that pushes the boundaries you may expect with a sales page theme. OptimizePress allows you to use videos effectively in your sales page and every other possible feature you might need.

humbledmarket 24th June 2014 11:11 PM

Re: [MUST READ!] EasyBay Pro REVIEW & Bonus + Ebay Affiliate Program Tips!

EASY BAY PRO HAS NOW FINALLY LAUNCHED! Go grab your Special launch day discount now! (and our EasyBay Pro Bonuses!)

How to Claim your EasyBay Pro Bonuses:
After your purchase of EasyBay Pro through the link in post #1, then please email seotprosperity [at] gmail.com with your transaction ID and EasyBayPro welcome email. We'll set you up with your bonus from there on! Thanks

More Internet Marketing Products:
Instabuilder - Get your copy of InstaBuilder 2 today and make the most of your website traffic. The new WordPress plugin by Suzanne Theresia helps you create landing and squeeze pages that converts with a whole host of features. It works with a WYSIWYG editor and editing your page by dragging and dropping what you want where you want it! Add a split test or count down timer to find better conversion rates! ([UNCOVERED] InstaBuilder 2.0)
Free Bing Ads Coupon - Get $200 in free Bing Ads coupon. They are still working and recently tested although expires on January 5, 2015. Bing Ads have been performing really well for us and have provided a good ROI for many internet marketers. get $200 in free ads with these coupon techniques.
VideoMotionPro - Video Motion Pro may not be directly associated with EasyBay Pro although personally I think it's a must have tool for any video content marketer. It delivers a bigger punch than EasyBay Pro any day.
VasQ VideoPress - VasQ VideoPress is a Video WordPress theme. It would be fitting for some Amazon niches to be fitted with EasyBay Pro. For example you could use VasQ Video Press to create a video site for niches like cooking and use EasyBayPro to monetize the site with amazon products used in those cooking demos. Another niche to consider might be make-up or fashion. The two would fit very well together with good monetization and traffic generation options!
Explaindio 2.0 - If you liked the initial version of Explaindio then you'll like 2.0 even better! 2.0 comes with significant upgrades that will make it even more effective for Easy Bay Pro users. (you can now create green screen videos to promote your amazon product if you want some simple content to your EasyBayPro auto blog). We highly recommend you check out the Explaindio 2.0 thread for more information on how Explaindio can help your EBP website.
Whiteboard Power Kit review - Get Whiteboard Power Kit on the WF review thread. Whiteboard Power Kit would be useful for Easy Bay Pro users who implement videos to promote their website or products. WPK comes with Easy Vector Editor which would allow you to edit images for whiteboard graphics. Very cool product and good value.

Guv 25th June 2014 01:46 PM

Re: [MUST READ!] EasyBay Pro REVIEW & Bonus + Ebay Affiliate Program Tips!
Are there any OTO's and if so what are they and the price?

humbledmarket 25th June 2014 05:06 PM

Re: [MUST READ!] EasyBay Pro REVIEW & Bonus + Ebay Affiliate Program Tips!

Originally Posted by Guv (Post 9308515)
Are there any OTO's and if so what are they and the price?

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your comment. Yes there is an OTO although it isn't in relation directly to the EasyBay Pro product (more of an extra).

1) 1K Blog = This is a video blog where Chris will go through how he creates blogs that provides him 1k in revenue per month. Priced at $47 includes private facebook community group access, case studies, and on going updates.

This is the first OTO for EasyBay Pro monetization plug-in. While it has some good information, you don't need the course to use EasyBay Pro on your site; more suited as an option if you're looking to learn how to create income generating websites. (with genuine information and real case studies)

2) Boost WP = The second OTO for EasyBayPro is BOOST WP. This is Chris Gurthie's special access to a whole array of traffic generation, lead generation and increasing monetization WordPress plugins.

They release at least 1 new WordPress plugin per month for members and it's priced at $1 for the first month with a humble $27/month thereafter (which isn't bad value for a new plug-in) I guess they are able to do this and offer such value. because of the sheer volume of members they get from their high retention. As you can see, these OTO are not necessary with EasyBay Pro though simply an extra offer of value.

I hope that answers your questions! Thanks for your comment.

Final note:
The front-end special for EasyBayPro already includes developer license BTW

thinredline 26th June 2014 10:24 AM

Re: [MUST READ!] EasyBay Pro REVIEW & Bonus + Ebay Affiliate Program Tips!

Since eBay affiliates work on something like a PPC program you get paid PER click regardless if not every buyer buys)
This is not correct. EPN no longer pays affiliates by clicks but by sales. It has changed the payment structure since last year.

podman 3rd July 2014 08:16 AM

Re: [MUST READ!] EasyBay Pro REVIEW & Bonus + Ebay Affiliate Program Tips!
how does it handle listing that expire? when you post ebay listing into your blog post and then they expire (auction times out), what happens to the listings? Do we have to manually remove / replace them? or does it have an automated solution for that?

MightyWarrior 2nd May 2015 12:49 PM

Re: [MUST READ!] EasyBay Pro REVIEW & Bonus + Ebay Affiliate Program Tips!
How did you find out about VasQ Videopress?

When I go there VasQ Videopress says its doors are closed.

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