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[MUST READ] Local Whiteboard Video Producer & Whiteboard Animation Software overview
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$200 in Free Bing Ads Coupons - Expires Jan 5.
UPDATE = Check out Matt's latest product, Video Sales Machine, that helps you semi-automatically pre-sell to business owners. It basically is a virtual sales assistant for you to sell videos through a website.
UPDATE = Todd Gross has finally released Explaindio Video Creator. With Explaindio Video Creator you can make your OWN Whiteboard Sketch videos without any technical skill. The software will allow you to do the drawing, easily place voice-overs, and more. Incredible tool that's helping many internet marketers make professional sales video from whiteboard sketches, animations, to typography...even demo videos. The Explaindio tool has huge flexibility and very easy user interface. Make sure to check out our Explaindio review and bonus in the link!

Hello Warriors,

This thread will be about whiteboard animation software and whiteboard videos. This is where you want to be if you’re interested in either of those topics; we’ll look at some of the BEST (and best value) whiteboard animation software options plus feature a Done-For-You solution namely Local Whiteboard Video Producer by Matt Bush (very interesting value proposition that has helped many make money with these videos including being contacted by a VP of a Bank – Seriously, no joke, check it out here)

This is really quite an incredible value package. Personally when I first saw the package offer it didn’t seem that impressive though looking further you can really see the Local Whiteboard Video Producer series as immense potential to help you – and probably why these volumes are flying off the shelf (converting at 10%)

1) Matt Bush has 5 years experience working with offline businesses as an offline business consultant (full-time). He knows what makes most these business owners tick and how to get them sales. These commercials are made to help sell for the business owners! He has also been making whiteboard videos since 2013 so Matt knows his way around whiteboard videos.

2) You get professional created whiteboard animation videos including a designed script, clean voice over, and of course the whiteboard videos. These are also editable with Powerpoint Slides OR an up-sell offering EasySketch Pro files.

3) Matt even includes a bonus matching set of Whiteboard videos specifically designed to sell those videos to offline businesses (so you can save on the promotional work) for these Local Whiteboard Video Producer videos. Keeping in mind that Matt has years of experiences with offline businesses and is able to sell them well – meaning you can sell videos at a high level of expertise.

Local Whiteboard Video Producer 5: We're please to announce that Matt has finally released Volume 5 of Local Whiteboard Video Producer. LWVP 5 consist of professional whiteboard video commercials from the following four niches that you can re-sell to business owners. These are high-value businesses meaning they're probably willing to fork out money for clients because of the high profit margin.

- CPA Accountant: You've likely seen the CPA ads all across the country. CPA Accountants seems to be willing to spend on advertising. Sell them this whiteboard video from Local Whiteboard Video Producer.
- HVAC: Home Vacuum and Air Condition typically hosts high margins for acquired clients; a visual explainer can really benefit this niche.
- Debt Counselling: A sensitive niche although there is some significant profit that might be made from selling LWVP 5 commercial to this industry.
- Credit Repair: Another niche that a whiteboard video would cater to significantly. Having this niche in Volume 5 is a wise decision; many prospective clients of credit repair would be more engaged with a video explanation than a traditional sales page.

With the niche selection from Local Whiteboard Video Producer Volume 5, many interest marketers will be able to spot the value they can provide to their local community and the significant margins that might be earned from these videos.

Let’s take a look at some of these hot niches being offered in Volume 4 of the done for you Whiteboard Videos in Local Whiteboard Video Producer 4:
- Pest Control Whiteboard Video Commercial:
- Home & Business Whiteboard Commercial:
- Laser Eye Surgery Whiteboard Video:
- Cosmetic Surgery Whiteboard Animation:

These are niches with wide-open market space especially security business and pest control in my opinion as Pest Control of volume 4 is a competitive industry space with few offline marketers while home security invests a lot in advertising. Adding to that cosmetic surgery is an ideal field to have a whiteboard animation for some explainer video.

I think quite personally you could use these whiteboard videos from Local WhiteBoard Video Producer as a foot-in-the-door of these businesses to sell them even more services. Consider this idea of using these whiteboard videos with their pre-made sales counter-part. Sell the video commercial for $50 to the offline businesses and then up-sell them other services you offer. This is GREAT because you can use the pre-made sales video to sell these businesses easily (effectively gaining you an advantage over all the other dull marketers trying to reach your prospective client)
There are many other ways you can use these Local WhiteBoard video Producer whiteboard videos to your advantage. (Or you can easily simply sell these videos to different cities at $99 a video as a one off sale by uploading the pre-made sales video)

Local Whiteboard Video Producer Volume 3: Let’s take a look at some of these hot niches being offered in Volume 3 of the done for you Whiteboard Videos in Local Whiteboard Video Producer 3:
- Auto Repair Whiteboard Animation:
- Painter Whiteboard Commercial:
- Daycare Service Whiteboard Commercial:
- Carpet Cleaning Whiteboard Animation:
These are some of the ideal offline business niches in my opinion (two of which I actually considered reaching myself because they are under used niches and still very profitable).

Local Whiteboard Video Producer Vol 2: Matt has a Volume 2 of Local Whiteboard Video Producer that was released a short while back; thankfully for you it’s still available for the time being. Here’s the list of niches (personally I am in more favor of the niches for Volume 3)
- Chiropractor Whiteboard Video Commercial:
- Computer Repair Whiteboard Commercial:
- Hair Salon Local Whiteboard Video:
- Skin Care Local Whiteboard Video Commercial:

These are all very viable niches for anyone who might be looking to get Local Whiteboard Video Producer Volume 2. A Chiropractor typically spends a large marketing budget because of their high revenue while a Hair Salon and Skin Car could really use the benefit of local whiteboard videos.

Local Whiteboard Video Producer: The original volume 1 of Local Whiteboard Video Producer is still available for a limited time. You can find the niches here though I'd suggest you consider Volume 4 or Volume 3 instead which is my personal favourite.
Plumber, Handyman, Dentist, Locksmith

These are still very opportune niches especially at a low price like $12! It may well be worth getting for a potential future use as a value added service for your client. I'm sure they'd appreciate a whiteboard video bonus!

Matt Bush clearly knows which business niches are interested in marketing and under marketed for some under-tapped businesses you can more easily target.
In case you didn’t really understood what went on up there in our thread, we’ll answer a few questions here.

What is Local Whiteboard Video Producer?
Local Whiteboard Video Producer is a well priced set of professionally scripted, recorded, and executed white-board videos for different offline business niches. This is especially useful for offline marketers to sell these finished products to offline clients.

How does Local WhiteBoard video Producer Work?
Well, Matt Bush who has over five years working with businesses as an offline consultant knows what these offline businesses want; he knows what converts for them (how to get businesses leads and sales). He also knows what these business owners typically look for.

So now Matt has graphed Local Whiteboard Video Producer as a complete solution intended with videos in a few niches for your clients that are properly written to help your client and get results/leads in a professional and engaging manner (scripted, voice over, animation all finished)

Then you even get another set of videos as a bonus to help sell these videos to those business niches in your local area. So you got essentially the best of both angles with Local Whiteboard Video Producer – videos that will help your clients, videos that will help you sell your clients. + your clients will see the value of those videos they are buying because Matt Bush has experience working with offline clients and know what they look for!

I suggest you check out the sales page to see if Matt has a Local WhiteBoard Video producer for your specific niche; if he does, it would be good to get it at the price he offers and the expertise provided. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for some things you can use to sell for profit – LWV is a good solution too.

What about Whiteboard Animation Software/Maker?
There has been no lack of whiteboard animation software after people saw the power of these videos to increase customer’s attention and conversion rates. Although there are some that are better than others. We’re going to reveal our top three favourite Whiteboard animation maker in case you wish to take a customized approach to make these videos yourself.

VideoMakerFX: This is my personal favourite because it’s an easy to use tool that can easily create captivating sales videos in under 5 minutes by putting together a variety of animation slides (choosing from over 300!) and adding your own effects, message, images. It’s quite a genius of a software actually and is more than a whiteboard animation software. It can surely create a compelling whiteboard video story though it does more than that; you can do typography, or online animation or perhaps a simple text video.

Video Maker FX is an excellent all-in-one solution if you’re looking for something more than whiteboard animation software. It works a bit like “thebestspinner” for videos.

EasySketch Pro: EasySketch Pro literally took the internet by storm! Thousands upon thousands of marketers rushed to grab their copy of EasySketchPro. Why? EasySketch Pro can easily be a leading whiteboard video software because it allows you to have flexibility of whiteboard files meaning you can take any image you want and have it sketched out on EasySketch Pro. There is a type of files (which describes the lining and coloring in the computer) that will work better although this whiteboard animation software does a really good job with most images. Excellent flexibility and easily one of the best whiteboard videos maker.

Power Sketcher: The newer kid on the blog with some impressive feature. Click here to read more about Power Sketcher.

Still despite the vast options available for Whiteboard Videos, I think if you’re looking for a simple video to sell clients or looking to use it for lead capture that it’s best to go ahead with using a done for you video by Matt Bush’s local whiteboard video producer package .

Why Whiteboard Videos?
In case you haven’t already caught wind of it, Whiteboard videos are widely used by many best selling internet marketing products and online products, even by some of the big 500 companies. Whiteboard videos tell a story and seem more to be an informational and entertaining story than a sales pitch or an ad.

Buyers are more attentive to your message and if you do whiteboard videos correctly, you can get higher conversion rate and lower bounce rates. This is good news for you and your affiliates so you can achieve higher EPCs and help your customers. (providing your product is actually good)

If you have a great product and a reasonable story, whiteboard videos can be an effective tool to communicate your message and help convince prospective buyers to hop on the band wagon.

Local Whiteboard Video Bonus:
So now you are already aware of the option for creating highly converting whiteboard videos. To make things even better deal for you, we’re going to offer you an incredible bonus package for local whiteboard video producer here.
- SEO Ultimate 2014 ($17 Value): Learn how you can get search engine traffic for your websites and your clients. We go into basics about onsite search engine optimization and get creative with offsite promotional techniques
- 2 Extra videos ($10 Value): We’ll toss in an extra two bonus videos we got specially from Matt Bush to your Local Whiteboard Video Producer package. This is for the SEO niche; you can even use your local whiteboard video producer as the foot in the door to your clients as mentioned.

More BONUS internet marketing offers from HumbledMarket:
Hostdime Coupon Codes: If you're looking for web hosting be sure to check out our HostDime coupons thread for some exclusive, active HostDime coupon codes that will help you get cheaper web hosting. We also have ServINT coupons available!
Explaindio Review & Bonus - Explaindio Video Creator is a must have tool for any sales page. Create your own whiteboard sketch sales video and animation video easily in minutes.
Free Bing Ads Coupons - Bing is giving out free Bing Ads coupon codes. Find out how you can get $200 in free Bing ads you can use to promote your whiteboard services or find more offline businesses
Video Motion Pro - If you're using Local Whiteboard Video Producer than you NEED VideoMotion Pro. Josh has released VMP to help you make video editing easy. It allows for outro and intro animation as well as green screen editing. You can edit these LWVP on a timeline and cut and paste things as you need. Maybe take one of those LWVP videos and customize it with your clients' information easier! Be sure to check it out!
Virtual Studio Simulator: For those of you who have Local Whiteboard Video Producer, you need VSS. VSS is a new product by Todd Gross (known also as the video man). It caters to a real need that people want professional studio quality video. VSS provides a virtual studio set to use along with a host of other plugin features to make video marketing easier for you to impress your clients.
Explaindio 2 - Explaindio is BACK! Version 2.0 has been released on July 1, 2015 (today!) and it's quite impressive. Andrew Darius has been busy updating the software to offer more with Explaindio version 2. If you're using Local Whiteboard Video Producer to sell commercials to small business you can now use Explaindio 2 to create videos VERY simply with the video creator software for unique videos to represent your client's business (and what they want to convey in the message) OR simply edit these Local Whitebaord Video Producer videos from Matt Bush in Explaindio with overlays of text and images as you desire with a good call to action. If you need a whiteboard animation software then you should certainly consider Explaindio 2.0 as an option too!
Marketing Inc 2 - Read our review on Marketing Inc 2 and find a Marketing Inc bonus on our thread. A must read for anyone.
Video Drill review - Video Drill is a good SAAS to use with local whiteboard video producer. What better way to get clients by finding them on video if you're selling them a video service. Now you can upload the Local Whiteboard video Producer selling video onto Youtube and use Video Drill to make Youtube advertising easy for you to sell whiteboard videos with Matt Bush's carefully crafted sales video. It's a complete SYSTEM that you can use with the two (Video drill + Local Whiteboard Video Producer) together!
TubePilot by Sam Bakker - Sam Bakker is out with a new SAAS, Tube Pilot, which helps with your video marketing campaign. If you're looking to help your clients get more from their video you can help them with TubePilot by getting spun variations of their whiteboard videos posted on Youtube. This will provide more visibility of their video on Youtube search engines; it can also be used to generate more backlinks to their website or online links.
6 Figure Explaindio Local Webinar: You must watch this 6 figure Explaindio Local webinar if you're using Local Whiteboard Video Producer to re-sell videos to your customers. Learn how to effectively sell to businesses that need video for easier profits; pick the right niches with Explaindio Local. Then learn how to up-sell these businesses for more profits. With Explaindio Local, you get Explaindio Platinum edition to easily create customized videos for re-sell. check it out!

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Re: [MUST READ] Local Whiteboard Video Producer & Whiteboard Animation Software overview
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To claim Local Whiteboard Video Producer bonuses please email


Ps. Matt Bush is out with Instant Video Machine. Those of you who have gotten Local Whiteboard Video Producer know the amount of value that Matt delivers. Matt miraculously have consistently helped many people make money online with what he provides. Instant Video Machine is another winner that has gotten the attention of man which allows you to set up a done for you video commercial agency reselling fiverr videos which means you can make profits with Fiverr easily.

Another new product launch to consider is Swift Member which is a WordPress memebership plugin that you can use to set up a membership site in minutes. It can be useful if you're reselling Local Whiteboard Video Producer. Create a membership site to resell these LWVP videos or perhaps create it for lead generation to offline businesses. An elite membership site with Swift Member for businesses to learn how to do search engine optimization and online marketing; you can easily create content fairly basic and update once a month for a small $5 fee as after what you want is to build the trust and rapport.

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