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Coach Comeback 22nd August 2014 03:36 PM

[COACHING] "I made $1,700 in a single afternoon" click here to find out how you can too
I am looking for a select few I can make 6 Figures in the next 6 months


Originally Posted by Wizardofwisdom (Post 9455677)
I have been fortunate enough to be coached by James. Within 3 weeks I went from struggling to my first $1k payday online.

I have had several more since - and just last week I made $1,700 in a single afternoon from a Google Hangout by simply applying what James taught me.

The biggest lesson for me? James taught me to value myself and my work and to find the courage to take my true value to market.

Without him, I'd be back in the day job. (Which I hated).

He is my friend and mentor - I assure you he will bring out the absolute best in you.

And in case you're wondering, James doesn't even know I'm writing this.

No one looking for a quick $50 by tomorrow. That is pennies!

Many will apply...

Few will get in!

I need someone ANGRY!

I need someone HUNGRY!

Someone who is DRIVEN!

Someone who has set GIGANTIC goals of building a 6 figure business.

Not someone hoping to get $20 a day adsense money!

Someone who is tired of all the games and ready and willing to do what it takes to be the one MAKING all the money and not spending it.


(try not to get distracted by the HIGH IMPACT action game going on... I mean literally click the play button)


Originally Posted by asaolo (Post 9460945)
Talking with James is amazing. He's is very genuine, talking with him is more like talking to a very good friend, it is not an all logical back and forth but a very authentic NO BS conversation. His outpouring of value is just mindblowing. I can't stop taking notes when talking to him. I always thought I am smart and I already know everything.. but James gave me some advice that I never heard before.. this is very rare these days.
James, I hope there will be more people like you in the future.

During this short presentation above I also give away my secrets to how I have helped many other students like yourself go from brand new to a 6 figure earner in less than 90 days

Those secrets revealed include:

  • Seeing past the tip of your nose technique - not what you think
  • How to have explosive Hangouts that make you money - This has nothing to do with Google Hangouts.. and it's 100x's more powerful
  • The ONLY "unbreakable must" that is required to succeed online. You likely are totally ignoring this one
  • and much more!

Must watch the full presentation to be considered.

And I will know if you cheat... I'm watching you :cool:

Questions asked that are covered in the video will likely not get a reply. lol

Like I said... I am only looking for a select few. Those "Too busy" (insert sarcastic rolling eyes) to watch the presentation.... will likely be "too busy" to achieve success with the partnership with me.

That is all. Good luck to my next success story...

will it be you?




Originally Posted by natas105 (Post 9449953)
I'm one of James' apprentices and it IS as good as it gets, which is pretty AWESOME.

What to expect from James:
- Answers to your questions
- Sticks of dynamite to blow up your roadblocks
- A solid strategy
- An action plan
- Guidance
- Friendly butt kicks
- Pep talks
- Resources
- Platforms
- Attention
- A great Hangout

For the record: James has no idea I'm writing this nor did he ask me to.

It's true, It's as personal as it gets. James will personally assist you and he is one of the few marketers that is actually easy accessible. He truly cares and he always finds a way to inspire and motivate you.

I like working with James, because he knows his stuff. I haven't seen anyone asking him a question he didn't know the answer to.

In short: If you want to move forward instead of doing the moonwalk.....James is your guy!


Originally Posted by themikerogers (Post 9449707)
I'm so getting in on this.

I watched the video and it, in of itself, has a lot of good things in it. I sincerely hope that Coach accepts me in this mentorship program as I think it will benefit him as much as it will benefit me.

I, for one, have never met anyone (Coach that is) that inspires me to be better than I am. I know that his further mentorship of me will be beneficial and I wish to continue my relationship with him.

Something in his video reminds me of what Thomas Edison once said about inventing the lightbulb-

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
Thomas A. Edison

PS- Coach I am working on the Questionairre but I gotta go to work now. I should finish it tonight.

The Hoose 28th August 2014 10:54 PM

Re: [COACHING] "I made $1,700 in a single afternoon" click here to find out how you can too
Coach is the real deal. He's my friend too, just sayin...

Trey Morgan 31st August 2014 10:34 PM

Re: [COACHING] "I made $1,700 in a single afternoon" click here to find out how you can too
Just got off a call with Coach Comeback and I definitely look forward to working with him in the future. I can tell from the hour we spent on a Skype call that Coach Comeback genuinely wants to see people reach their full potential and become successful. He asks you questions that really get you to think about where you're and where you want to be. I've gotten crazy value out of our Skype call and I got some advice that will literally double my income instantly.

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie, intermediate marketer, or advanced marketer, Coach Comeback will give you advice that will help you get your business up and running or take it to the next level. Whether you decide to enroll in his coaching or not, you will definitely get some tremendous value out of speaking to him about your goals, and how you can achieve them.

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