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Unread 21st Sep 2014, 12:52 AM   #1
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[MUST READ] Rob Jones' Dynamic VSL - review info & D.VSL BONUS!
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Hello Warriors!

Thanks for viewing our Dynamic VSL thread. Here's what you'll find:

1) What is Dynamic VSL?
Rob Jones is at it again with another ingenious internet marketing tool specially designed to help you BOOST your conversion rate and sales to help you make more money online. It is currently being released during a pre-launch phase where Rob is looking for a limited number of early movers to take the lead and double their conversion rate. (If you follow his instructions and your conversion rate doesn't double, you'll get double your money back)

More Profits like a salesman:
Now on to what it does, Dynamic VSL is a Video Sales Letter allowing you to customize your sales pitch to your audience more effectively to boost your conversion rate. It acts like a real sales man would where you are able to know information about your audience and directly cater your pitch to their situation and environment. This will allow you to reach previously unreachable customer base. Though unlike a professional salesman, a Dynamic VSL can work 24/7 on automation once you have it set up (just like a static VSL except the 2.0)

Simplicity with DynamicVSL:
It works very simply by allowing your users to give you more information about themselves with simple answers to your questions. Base on their responses, your video sales letter automatically sends them a specific pitch to address their problem, agitate and provide a solution like a real sales men would. This rockets your conversion rate through the roof if done right - Rob being a userability expert has made sure to make DynamicVSL super simple to implement so there's minimal learning curve.

This simple to use system will revolutionize the static video sales letter as we know it. Importantly Rob Jones have made this tool intentionally simple to use YET highly effective.

2) Who is Dynamic VSL for?

Product Owners - Product owners will understandably profit from Dynamic VSL. It's hard to lose with Rob Jone's double your conversion or double your money guarantee! This essentially means that you follow through with what Rob coaches/advises you to the t and you either double your current conversion rate or you get double your investment back (investment to buying Dynamic VSL)

Rob is doing this because he's looking to develop a tightly knitted group of successful beta testers to use their testimonials for future Dynamic VSL full public launch (when likely the rest of the internet marketing will catch wind of this amazing internet marketing product to boost sales page - changing the way video sales letter are used!)

Internet Marketers - Any internet marketer will know that the main way to make money online involves some form of selling. What better way to sell than video and what better video sales letter than one laser targeted to your specific audience. Now you can turn cold traffic to sales or leads depending on how you set things up! Cool part is, like a traditional video sales letter it's automatic and passive once you set it up correctly! Dynamic VSL works in like manner.

Freelancers - Freelancers this is good news for you. Dynamic VSL will allow you to offer a customized service that will bring more for your service. This specialize service will set you apart from your competitors; perhaps get better conversion rate for your customers using Dynamic VSL which in our review of benefits will likely mean more sales for you when customers report their results base on your customized and tailored video sales promotion you make with Dynamic VSL.

Video Sales Letter - If you already have a Static Video Sales Letter, it's time you upgrade your static to a dynamic and keep up to date with your competition. Similar to how an iPhone phased out Nokia phones, you need to keep things ahead else your competitors will get the advantage.
Dynamic VSL is the next thing in internet marketing sales and your business can significantly benefit from using one.

3) Review of Rob Jones Dynamic VSL!
We hope you've enjoyed a revealing Dynamic VSL review so far though here's a quick review of Dynamic VSL all in all.

Firstly, Dynamic VSL is a new way of doing video sales letter which allows you to more specifically target and control the sales experience your customers get with your product - intending to boost your conversion rates and profits! It's a new product by Rob Jones which immediately means you know the implementation is as simple as it gets!

Secondly with our review of Dynamic VSL, you'll find that this tool can be very versatile for your use and can allow you to reach markets which might not have previously converted giving you more affiliate incentive to boost your traffic and sales.

Thirdly, Rob Jones is providing an unbelievable value to instruct you on it's implementation with his team. Dynamic VSL is something completely new to the market as it stands and you'll have a first movers advantage if you jump in on it now.

The only concern I can find with Dynamic VSL review is the action required can serve either ways (1) you can engage your audience - interaction primes them to be more interested in your sales story (2) some lazy customers may simply skip the storyline although either way these aren't likely highly converting customers still. You can create your questions and interactions to make it responded by sparking interest/curiosity.

We truly believe Rob Jones is releasing a high value service and product to make it as convincing for you to jump on board we're offering some equally high value bonuses for Dynamic VSL to fully support Rob Jone's product - having promoted Rob Jones product before we really believe this is another great service/product.

Adding to this DVSL is fully reliable being hosted on Google Servers so it can be much better than any video sales letter solution you are currently using. (stable and reliable is good with sales)

EXTRA: Dynamic VSL Bonus
We got an incredible bonus EXCLUSIVE for Warriors (and you cool internet marketing people who find this thread on Google) which you won't want to miss.

Dynamic VSL Bonus #1 - SEO Ultimate 2014 ($27 Value)
SEO Ultimate 2014 is a comprehensive search engine optimization guide you will receive with your Dynamic VSL purchase. You can use Dynamic VSL to boost your conversion rates with this effective way of selling with video sales letters then use SEO Ultimate 2014 to drive search engine traffic to your sales page.

Organic SEO traffic is still one of the best traffic because it's (1) Cost Efficient (2) High quality, converting (3) Informational buyers. See how you can use search engine traffic for your Dynamic video sales letter product.

Dynamic VSL Bonus #2 - Press Release Writing ($27 Value)
What better way to promote your new, highly converting, video sales page than a press release to get the word out. We'll help you write a professional press release about your product or some other spin; this Dynamic VSL bonus will be useful for anyone who may need extra exposure of their sales page (and who doesn't!).

You will receive a 400 words professionally written, search engine optimized press release with free revisions to get it the way you like it! You don't want to miss this DynamicVSL bonus.

Dynamic VSL Bonus #3 - Social Promotion ($27 Value)
Our next Dynamic VSL bonus will get your sales page buzzing on the social networks. We will help you attain a variety of authority social votes on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Adding to this bonus for SEO purposes we'll provide you Authority Social Bookmarks which have helped our own sites rapidly rise on the SERPs (with traffic). This will add more value to your Dynamic VSL package!

EXTRA Dynamic VSL Bonus - $150 Bing Ads Tutorial!
If you're targeting US Traffic, Bing Ads is a cost-effective and easier way to get instant traffic with PPC. We'll walk you through how you can set up your account with $150 worth of Bing Ads credits for your advertising. This amounts to hundreds of new eyes on your DynamicVSL sales page!

Claim your DynamicVSL bonus here


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Unread 24th Apr 2015, 06:57 PM   #2
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Re: [MUST READ] Rob Jones' Dynamic VSL - review info & D.VSL BONUS!
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FAQ & More Resources:
Video Motion Pro - If you're using Dynamic VSL be sure to check out the new video editing software by Josh Ratta, VideoMotionPro, as well. It'll help you with your video sales letter making screencasting and editing those videos much easier. There are some key features that will allow you to use videos more powerfully and do your work quicker. It's a good new tool recently launched on April 21, 2015. An excellent complement to DynamicVSL.
Virtual Studio Simulator Review - You don't want to miss this VSS thread. It's very useful for anyone who wants a studio set to impress on their video. This makes green screen editing easy and adds authority to your video. I think it would be very useful for certain niches using Dynamic VSL (though not necessary for all - if you're in a niche requiring some authority and some credibility having a news studio-like green screen can help you)
Instant Video Machine (IVM) - IVM is a new program by Todd Gross the video guy. It's making waves on the internet because Matt (the guy behind Instant Video Machine) is known to really deliver the value. He goes out of his way to make sure what he pushes out helps people. This concept uses Fiverr to make money online selling videos as a video agency. It's interesting, simpler than most and it has worked in other industries importantly.
Swift Member - Maybe make your next product a membership product? Swift Member is the plugin you want to do so. You can even wish to make your product more sustainable by adding a membership feature to your website with Swift Member.
Explaindio 2.0 - Explaindio 2.0 is the PERFECT complement to Dynamic VSL. Dyanmic VSL (video sales letter) relies largely on videos to interact with your customers in a sales page format. Now with Explaindio 2.0 you can have the options of creating the videos how you like it. It also is great if you're going to outsource the video development such as with testimonial videos and have a platform to edit your videos adding in lower third messages and call to action! Either ways if you're using a video sales letter then Explaindio 2.0 can help you make your message into a video at a fraction the costs by doing the video yourself!
Whiteboard Power Kit - If you're using a video sales letter then Whiteboard Power Kit would be a useful kit to get. WPK is a large collection of whiteboard graphics from Joel Comm with Easy Vector Editor which allows you to edit whiteboard images. This helps you if you're using whiteboard videos for your video sales letter, of which many VSL are currently made from whiteboard video. Dynamic VSL users would greatly benefit from Whiteboard Power Kit graphics.
TubePilot - Tube pilot is a new video marketing tool that can help you get more traffic to your video sales letter through Youtube. Tube Pilot will help you to spin your videos and upload it to Youtube with spun description and titles. Subsequently you'll be able to automatically post to social channels with your video link using TubePilot. Overall, you get more videos on the Youtube search engines with the purpose of getting more backlinks and traffic.
Explaindio Local - Explaindio Local is releasing a free webinar about how to use it's Explaindio software to sell videos to offline businesses hungry for the value of videos. It's an info pack webinar that would help anyone interested in video marketing or making the most of the video creation software they already hold. If you're using Video Maker FX, Explaindio, or Easy Sketch Pro for your Dynamic VSL videos then you'd certainly be interested in Explaindio. If you do not currently own Explaindio, getting the Explaindio Local package will provide you with 12 months of Explaindio Platinum license which is basically version 2.0 with more perks!

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Unread 4th Feb 2016, 04:31 AM   #3
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Re: [MUST READ] Rob Jones' Dynamic VSL - review info & D.VSL BONUS!
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Dynamic VSL users will be ecstatic to hear that Explaindio Video FX is now released by Andrew Darius and the team at Explaindio.

It'll be great to add some unique video effects to your video sales letter to make it stand out or themed to your product (for example if you're trying to sell a guide teaching about making comic book sketches then have a cartoon effect).

Give it a look if you're going to jump for Dynamic VSL too.

YouZign 2.0 - YouZign 2 is now here. | MemberFactory - Read our Member Factory review and bonus. Don't miss it. SEO Small Business Package!|SyncLeads review - Read our Sync Leads bonus and review. |VidProtect
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