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Warrior Payments allows sellers to easily create advanced sales funnels. Warrior Payments Sales Funnels allows product owners to maximize revenue by offering unlimited upsells and downsells to their Front End Products.

This guide will provide you with a detailed overview of how to create Sales Funnels using Warrior Payments.<h2>Understanding How Warrior Payments Sales Funnels Work</h2>
Warrior Payments Sales Funnels allows product creators to easily create upsells and downsells to your Front End Product. This is perfect if you are selling multiple products or licenses, such as a basic and a professional version of software.

</h3>Warrior Payments User Flow</h3>
  1. Customer purchases your Front End Product.
  2. Customer is offered your first Upsell. We provide you with the code that has both a Purchase Button and a “No thanks” link.
  3. If the user purchases this upsell, you can offer a new product to the user. Or, if this is the end of the sales funnel, they will be taken to a page where they can download both your Front End & Upsell Product.
  4. If the user clicks “No Thanks” to the Upsell Offer, you can offer the user a Downsell offer. Or, if this is the end of the sales funnel, they will be taken to a page where they can download your Front End Product.
Once users have passed through your sales funnel, they will be taken to a page where they can download their purchased product/s.

<h2>Warrior Payments Key Definitions & Explanations</h2>
The key terms of Warrior Payments Sales Funnels are explained below:

Front End Product:
This is your primary product that customers must purchase before they enter your sales funnel. By default this is visible within the Warrior Payments Marketplace.

This is a product that is offered after a customer has purchased a product. Upsells are not visible in the marketplace and cannot be purchased by customers as standalone products.

If your customer presses “No thanks” after they are offered an upsell, you can then offer the customer a downsell. This can be variation of the original upsell product or an entirely new product in your sales funnel. Downsells are not visible in the marketplace and cannot be purchased by customers as standalone products.

Affiliate Commissions:
For each product in your sales funnel, you can choose to offer an Affiliate Commission or not. You can also select an Affiliate Commision Rate based on the offer being presented. For example, your first upsell could offer 75% Affiliate Commission, your second upsell could offer 50% Affiliate Commission, and so forth. Both the Upsell & Downsell Affiliate Commission Rates are fully customizable and can be configured to your requirements easily. Please note that like Front End Products, Affiliate Commissions must be between 1% and 100%.

Like Front End Products, products inside your Sales Funnel must be between $1 & $10,000 USD. Please note that your profit will be the product price less Warrior Payments fees and any affiliate commissions if applicable.

Dimesales & Timesales:
You can offer a unique dimesale or timesale for any product within your sales funnel. Each dimesale or timesale functions independently of any other offer in your funnel.

  • Your first offer in the Sales Funnel must be an Upsell.
  • You can edit and configure any offer in your funnel by clicking the offer in the Sales Funnel.
  • Clicking on your Front End Offer at the top of the Sales Funnel page will open a new window where you can edit your Front End Offer.
  • How to Create & Configure Your Warrior Payments Sales Funnel
  • Creating and editing your Warrior Payments Sales Funnel is managed using one page. At any time, you may edit this funnel and view performance metrics of each individual offer from within My Offers.
<h2>Where to Create Your Warrior Payments Sales Funnel</h2>
Once you have registered as a Warrior Forum member, navigate to Create A Sales Funnel by clicking Create Funnel in the main menu. On this page, select your Front End Product. You will then be taken to a page where you can create your Sales Funnel.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-1.3d050a73.png" width="590">

Alternatively, if you have already created your product, you can follow the following steps to create a Sales Funnel for an existing product:
  1. Navigate to My Offers from the main menu.
  2. Find the product that you will be using as your Front End Product.
  3. Click “Create Funnel” to create a sales funnel for this product.
<h2>Select Your Front End Product</h2>
Select your Front End Product on the Create A Sales Funnel page. Your Front End Product is your primary product. This is the product that users must first purchase before they will be offered any upsells or downsells to the product.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-2.19cf9dbc.png" alt="Create a Warrior Payments sales funnel" width="590">

If you have already created your product and it appears in My Offers, you will be able to select this offer from the drop down menu on the Create A Sales Funnel page.

Alternatively, if you need to create a new product, select Create A New Offer (WSO) from the drop down menu.

After you have selected your Front End Product from the drop down list, you will be taken to the main Sales Funnel page where you will be able to create and edit your Sales Funnel.

<h3>How to Add An Upsell</h3>
To add an Upsell to your product, click on this icon:

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-3.4e927b74.png" alt="Add an upsell">

After you have added an upsell, a pane below the sales funnel will appear, allowing you to configure the upsell:

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-4.6c403dd1.png" alt="Configure your upsell" width="590">

Using this pane, you can select the offer, price, Affiliate Commission and add a Dimesale or Timesale to this offer.

<h3>How to Add A Downsell</h3>
Downsells are offers that are presented to customers when they click “No thanks” to the previous offer.

To add a Downsell to your product, click on this icon:

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-5.7017d2af.png" alt="Add a downsell">

Like upsells, when you have created a Downsell, a pane will appear below the sales funnel, which will allow you to configure the downsell.

<h3>How to Delete An Offer From Your Sales Funnel</h3>
Deleting an offer from your sales funnel can be done in 2 ways:
  1. Click on the cross in the top right of the offer.
  2. Hover over the offer and press Delete.
<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-6.e96f8332.png" alt="Delete an offer">

Please note that you cannot will not be able to delete an offer if there are other offers (upsells or downsells) that stem from the product.

<h3>How to Embed Your Payment Button onto Your Sales Page</h3>
After you have configured your product, click “Save & Get Payment Button”. This will generate the HTML code so that you can embed the button onto your Sales Page.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-7.ec243826.png" alt="Embed button on sales page">

Please note: While your Front End Product can be hosted as a Warrior Special Offer, your Sales Funnel Offers must be hosted externally.

To copy the HTML code, click Copy HTML Code. This will copy the code so you can then easily paste this into your Sales Page.

Once your Payment Button has been published on your Sales Page, click Verify URL. The Warrior Payments Button must be live on your website to be successfully verified.

<img src="//static.warriorforum.com/static/images/how-to/Funnel-8.6353a359.png" alt="Verify your sales page">

After you have successfully verified your Sales Page URL, you are able to save this offer to your Sales Funnel.

<h3>Launch Your Warrior Payments Sales Funnel</h3>
After you have created your sales funnel and are ready to publish your sales funnel, you can do so by clicking Launch Funnel.

We recommend reviewing and testing each step in your sales funnel prior to launching your sales funnel.

This concludes our guide to creating your Warrior Payments Sales Funnel. If you are experiencing issues creating your Sales Funnel or to submit user feedback, please contact us by clicking here. We are here to help you get the most out of Warrior Payments.

We will continue to update this article based on user feedback.
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