[Warrior Payments] How to earn affiliate commissions by promoting WSOs

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Warrior Payments sells thousands of products that all approved Warrior forum members can promote to receive affiliate commissions. Follow the following steps to become an affiliate for any Warrior Payments product.
  • Note: To be able to promote a Warrior Payments product as an affiliate, you must be a member of the Warrior Forum. If you are not a member, you may sign up by clicking here.

1. Sign into Warrior Payments at https://payments.warriorforum.com/. Click Log In. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it by clicking here.

2. Click “Marketplace” in the main menu to be taken to the buyer’s marketplace.

3. Click “Affiliate Marketplace” to be taken the Affiliate Marketplace. Once you are inside the Affiliate Marketplace, you sort and search for offers that you would like to promote.

4. Once you have found the offer you want to promote, click the silver Request button to request to be an affiliate:

<img src="https://dtqn2osro0nhk.cloudfront.net/static/warrior/2014-02-25/AffiliateMarketplace.png" alt="WSO Affiliate Marketplace" width="620">

A pop up will appear where you can enter any notes that will be sent to the product creator:

<img src="https://dtqn2osro0nhk.cloudfront.net/static/warrior/2014-02-25/RequesttoBecomeAnAffiliate.png" alt="Request to become a WSO affiliate" width="450">

We recommend that you include any details about how you are going to promote the product so the product creator knows how his or her product will be promoted by you.

5. Click “Request”. This will send an email to the product creator notifying them that you would like to be an affiliate. In this email to the product creator, the product creator will provided with a link to either accept or reject your affiliate application.

6. If your affiliate request is approved, you will receive an instant email notification with your unique affiliate link to promote the offer.

7. You can also log into Warrior Payments to get your unique affiliate link by clicking in My Offers then clicking Affiliate Stats.

<img src="https://dtqn2osro0nhk.cloudfront.net/static/warrior/2014-02-25/AffiliateStats.png" width="620" alt="WSO Affiliate Stats">

Then, click the green “Copy Link” to be shown your unique affiliate link that you can use to promote the product and earn affiliate commissions:

<img src="https://dtqn2osro0nhk.cloudfront.net/static/warrior/2014-02-25/AffiliateLinkWarriorPayments.png" alt="Affiliate link for Warrior Payments WSO" width="450">

Whenever you are promoting the product, make sure to use your unique affiliate link to make sure any sales are attributed to you and you receive applicable commissions.


When will I receive my affiliate commissions?
You will receive affiliate commissions as soon as someone purchases the product through your link.

How will I be paid?
Payments will be sent to your Paypal account instantly. When you apply to be an affiliate, you are able to set what Paypal account you would like these commissions to be paid into.

I've lost my affiliate link! What can I do?
Simply go to the Affiliate Stats page and you'll be able to get the link again.

How can I track the performance of my affiliate links?
You can easily check affiliate stats including clicks, conversion rates, revenue and more in Affiliate Stats.

Can a product creator cancel my affiliate status at a later date?

What products should I promote?
We recommend promoting products from reputable sellers with consistently high feedback scores for their products. You can check product reviews and star ratings for each vendor by clicking on the product creator's name. In the Affiliate Marketplace, you can also see the performance of the product, including sales, refund rates, earnings per visitor, conversion rates and more.
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    Thanks for this, I have been looking at this and have seen some things I would really like to sell as an affiliate, especially the lower offers as a starter, or to a couple of lists I have are not really buyers, that is, they would buy a $5 product, but not anything at a higher price. I have seen some good $5 deals in here.
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    is there any alternative to PayPal for nigerians?
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    Can you explain what all this "granting access to PayPal" stuff is? Why can't I just give you my PayPal address? It says it wants access to issue refunds and all kinds of things. Never seen anything like it.
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      Originally Posted by shuttermuse View Post

      Can you explain what all this "granting access to PayPal" stuff is? Why can't I just give you my PayPal address? It says it wants access to issue refunds and all kinds of things. Never seen anything like it.
      In order for the affiliate system of Warrior Payments to work and have payments go through your account, you would have to grant Third Party Permissions to Warrior Forum/Freelancer to your account. This enables the system to give the commission offered and input it directly into your account.
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