Sellers: Tips for a Successful Warrior Special Offer (WSO)

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The WSO Marketplace is where sellers can offer high quality products and services for buyers to purchase.

While posting a WSO on Warrior Forum is easily done by following this article, the question remains, how to make sure my WSO is a success?

While a lot of factors will determine how successful your WSO is, these are some of the best practices our top sellers use.

1. Bump your thread as often as you can

Bumping your thread means that your thread will be pushed to the top of the WSO Marketplace. This advertises your thread. When people visit the WSO Marketplace your thread title will be one of the first things they see.

Bumping your thread is the most popular way sellers advertise their products on Warrior Forum.

When bumping your thread, you can also choose to automatically bump your thread every time it falls off the first page, which ensures you will always have your WSO on the first page of the WSO Marketplace.

More information about bumps can be found here.

2. Subscribe to the WSO thread

Subscribing to the WSO thread means you'll be notified when someone comments on your thread. By replying quickly to member questions or comments, you'll show potential buyers that you are online and responsive to customers.

We suggest subscribing to the thread as soon as your WSO is live. Find out how to subscribe to a thread here.

In short, press Thread Tools > Subscribe to this thread.

3. Stay on top of your private messages

What many first time sellers don't realize is that many Warrior Forum members like to ask questions privately, and not just in the thread. Stay on top of these to show customers you're good at support.

If you are a War Room member, your private message storage is increased from 10 to 500 private messages. This means more capacity and that you'll be able to receive significantly more questions and leads from your offer.

4. Increase your Warrior Forum reputation

Contribute to the community selflessly. Help others. Offer free advice and free War Room products. Become a War Room member. All this helps increase your credibility when selling on Warrior Forum.

5. Be street smart

Be sure to become familiar with the WSO Marketplace rules. Abide by these rules to ensure long term success as a WSO seller.

Read the rules before posting your offer. We periodically update these rules; you need to be aware of these. If you break the Marketplace rules, we may remove your offer without notice.

6. Get more views on your offer

Banner advertising is the best way to reach all Warrior Forum members, not just members browsing the WSO Marketplace. Banners start from $50 per day.

More information about banner advertising can be found here.

Submit your banner ad here.

7. Choose your payment processor carefully

Warrior Payments is the only platform fully supported by Warrior Forum. Others such as JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior Plus have nothing to do with Warrior Forum. If you experience issues with your listing such as product delivery, we're not able to assist if you're using a third party.

8. Handle thread replies quickly

Being on top of support helps buyers know you're good at customer service. Whether customers message you via private message or leave a thread reply, you can impress buyers with fast, concise responses to their questions.

9. Get More Exposure with Sticky

What's sticky? Your thread remains on the top of the WSO Marketplace listings for 24 hours. This is one of the best ways to grab the attention of everyone who visits the WSO Marketplace.

10. Incorporate Video

Video sales letters can significantly improve the conversion rates and sales from your offer. Usually we'd recommend placing this above the fold as an introduction to your offer.

11. Incorporate Testimonials

Testimonials are proof that your product is worth the purchase price. If you have unsolicited reviews of your product or service, you'll often find adding these to your sales letter will improve your conversion rate.

But be warned, there is such a thing as too many testimonials in a sales letter.

Feel free to add your tips for WSO sellers below!
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