How To Add A User to Ignore List

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Warrior Forum is not just a well-known marketplace, but an online community where people can share different ideas and views. As an open community, members would encounter trolls and provocative members from time to time.

Now here's an article that will provide you an outline on how to add a user to the Ignore List. ​

To add a user to the Ignore list, you can follow the steps below:

1. View the profile of the user that you'd like to ignore

2. On the profile page, click to open the drop down menu.
3. In the drop down menu, choose add to Ignore List .

4. Then you'll be redirected to a page to confirm your action, click Yes to proceed and you're done.

Here's how the thread would look like, if a member added to your ignore list is also participating in the thread you're in.

You have the option to peek at the ignored post by clicking the View Post link. And a link there wherein you can remove the user from the ignore list.

If you want to review all the users added to your ignore list, click the ignore list link in the thread.


Adding a user to your Ignore List is just like a band-aid solution. We encourage all members to report any activities or posts that are violating the forum rules.

This can be done with the red triangle on the lower left side of each post or via the Warrior Forum Support Helpdesk, located at - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software.
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