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How to ensure your Warrior Forum Accounts remains safe?

At first it's very important that you are choosing a password that others cannot easily figure out.

Pick a password that has at least 8 or more characters. A longer password is usually more secure. Add numbers or special characters like punctuation and symbols to make it even more secure. It is also recommended to use a variation of upper and lower-case letters.

Examples of bad passwords:


Examples of good passwords:


You can also use an online password generator like this one:

General Password Tips:

a) Do not use plain dictionary words like "tablespoon" or "calendar" even if you add numbers
b) Do not use your own name or the name of your wife/husband along with your birth date
c) Change your passwords periodically or whenever you have the feeling it may have been compromised
d) Do not use the same password for multiple sites. Select a unique password for each account
e) If you cannot remember your passwords use a Password Manager like 1Password, RoboForm or LastPass
f) Never share your password with anyone.
g) Store your password in a safe place and away from your computer

Lost your Password?

You can any time reset your password but you need to remember your registered E-Mail address.
Go to the password recovery form at Warrior Forum - The #1 Internet Marketing Forum & Marketplace - Lost Password Recovery Form

Enter your E-Mail address and the captcha to request a new password. You'll then receive a password reminder E-Mail along with a link to reset your password.

How to keep your account safe?

1) Don't click on suspicious links on websites or your E-Mails even if they look like they are coming from someone you know.
2) Don't give out your account password to anyone! Moderators and Administrators will never ask you for your password.
3) Regularly scan your computer for Malware and Trojan infections.
4) Never share your Warrior Forum account with another person.
5) Always make sure to check the websites URL in your browser before you login to the forum.
6) Frequently update your browser and computer with the latest patches and bugfixes.
7) Don't check "Remember Me" when you login to the forum from a public computer.

Immediately contact the Warrior Forum support if you think your account has been hacked or if you have any questions about your account security.

You can contact the Warrior Forum Helpdesk at
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