[Warrior Payments] How to Automatically Invite & Approve Affiliates to Your Product

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Today we’re announcing a new feature for Warrior Forum sellers. If you use Warrior Payments, we can automatically approve and invite people to promote your offers.

The idea is that we help sellers make the transition to using Warrior Payments as well as helping sellers get the most by launching using the only supported payment processor on Warrior Forum.

We have been using this system with great success privately and are now releasing publicly.

How exactly does it work?

Currently, to become an affiliate for a WSO, you need to find the offer in the Affiliate Marketplace, send a manual request to the seller to promote the offer, then the seller needs to approve your application.

Affiliate Invitations makes it a lot easier for sellers to bring their affiliates across.

1. You provide a .csv of pre-approved affiliates.

2. We send them an email advising them that the affiliate has been pre-approved to promote your offer:

<center><img width="550" src="https://dtqn2osro0nhk.cloudfront.net/static/warrior/nov2015/AutomaticallyApproveAffiliatesWSO.png"></center>

3. If the person ignores the email, then nothing happens. If they click “Get Affiliate Link Now”, they are taken to this page:

<center><img width="550" src="https://dtqn2osro0nhk.cloudfront.net/static/warrior/nov2015/Step1AffiliateInvitationWarriorForum.png"></center>

On this page, existing Warrior Forum members will log into their account. Alternatively, if they don't have a Warrior Forum account yet, they will be able to create one here.

4. The only thing the person needs to do to start promoting your offer is to add their payment method for affiliate commissions:

<center><img width="550" src="https://dtqn2osro0nhk.cloudfront.net/static/warrior/nov2015/Step2AffiliateInvitationWarriorForum.png"></center>

If they have already set up a payment method, the affiliate only needs to select the Paypal account that they’d like commissions paid into.

5. Once they have confirmed what Paypal email address they would like to receive commissions into, the affiliate will then see this page:

<center><img width="550" src="https://freelancer-marketing.s3.amazonaws.com/static/warrior/nov2015/Step3AffiliateInvitationWarriorForum.png"></center>

Your new affiliate will also be emailed the normal confirmation email providing them with their unique affiliate link and the link to manage their account inside the Affiliate Dashboard.

As you can see, this makes things a lot easier to bring your affiliates across to Warrior Forum! Below is the guide on how you can get this started for your account.

How to automatically invite and approve affiliates to promote your WSO

1. Prepare a .csv of affiliate email addresses. Please note: by providing this list, you are confirming you have an existing relationship with every person in this list.

2. Send a support ticket to support@freelancer.com or via http://support.freelancer.com/. We will then send the invites on your behalf. Include the following details:
- Your Warrior Forum username
- The name of your offer in Warrior Payments that you would like to approve affiliates for
- The link to the CSV on a service such as Dropbox or provide as an attachment to the support ticket.

3. We will then send these invites to your pre-approved affiliates. These will be sent within 24-48 hours.

Suggested Use & Best Practices

- Send a warm email to your list of affiliates prior 1 day before providing us with the list. This gives your affiliates a heads up on what to do. You can also include details of any details such as JV prizes for your launch. Feel free to provide a link to this article so they know exactly what to do.

- This feature is only available to sellers with existing relationships with the list they are providing. If we become aware that any member is abusing this feature, we will take swift action on their account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if the affiliate doesn’t accept the invitation?

Nothing. They’re not added to a list, they won’t be emailed again.

If you do want them to promote the offer, we suggest contacting them personally, perhaps including a manual registration if they are more comfortable doing this. (For reference - an article about how to become an affiliate manually here).

2. Who should I send invites to?

Only people who you have an existing relationship with and that you trust. Remember, these are people that will be promoting your products and they will be paid instant commissions if they make a sale.

3. If I don’t want to do this, how else can I bring my affiliates across?

If you’re not wanting to automatically approve and invite affiliates, the best alternative is to provide them with your listing in the Affiliate Marketplace where they can manually apply to promote your offer. When they apply, you’ll be sent an email stating that they are requesting to be an affiliate. To approve their application, simply click Approve.

Please note: If you choose to allow affiliates when creating your offer in Warrior Payments, this will automatically appear in the Warrior Payments affiliate marketplace when your offer is published. The only exception to this is if you Hide your offer in the Edit WSO page.

Wrap Up

So ends this guide on how the automatic approval process works. If you have a question, feel free to comment below or email us at support@freelancer.com if you are including any sensitive information.
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