Have WSO Start at a specific date & time

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It's been a while since I last posted a WSO, and I notice things have changed a bit since then. In the "old days" you submitted your WSO, it got approved by the moderators, they sent a pay link, you paid and your WSO went live. If you wanted it to start from a specific date and time, you waited until around that time to pay. So far, so simple.

Nowadays they ask for payment right away. Does anybody know if this means my WSO will go live right away, or will I have to wait for it to be approved? If so, how long? Can I set a specific date and time for my WSO now?


Has the procedure for adding a YouTube video and HTML into a WSO post changed? On preview all I get is a link and the raw HTML code.

It's all very confusing and unclear - especially if you're not using Warrior Payments.
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