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This thread will serve as a reference for basic How To's in the Forum.

Q: Why are my threads not showing?

A: All threads submitted are now subject to approval, and will be reviewed by the moderators before it gets posted. This is one of our major steps to eliminate the blatant spammers, and to filter valid threads.

To assure the approval of your thread, please make sure that you abide by the forum rules: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...rum-rules.html

Q: I submitted a WSO and even paid for it, why is it not showing on the Marketplace?
A: https://www.warriorforum.com/warrior...-approved.html

Q: Why is my signature now showing?
A: Signatures are disabled in the WSO section. It is the reason why you may not see your signature file on paid sections, like the WSO section. This restriction has been posted to solely give the "advertising spotlight" to the user who paid for the WSO thread.

Q: I'm posting on the discussion but my signature is still not showing
A: First, you need to subscribe for the Signature. Refer to your User CP link below.


Toggle the Signature, and once payment of $5 has been completed (lifetime fee), you can edit it here.


If you still need help please follow the link to our HelpDesk
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